Can Americans be American in America

Last week four highschool boys were sent home for wearing American flags on their shirts on Cinco de Mayo.  Their vice-principal thought the shirts might incite violence.  Why would he think that?  Maybe because Latinos have been enabled not to learn English, not to assimilate.  Maybe because they’ve been taught even in American schools that America stole the south west from Mexico and that they have as much “right” to be here as we do.  Even Mexican children born in America are encouraged to be  Mexican first, American second.  This can only result in what happened last week.  It can only result in hostility. 

I blame our government for this.  Both parties.  They passed an Amnesty Bill in 1986, never intending to enforce the “enforcement” part of the bill.  They knowingly allowed illegal immigration to continue unabated.  Republicans because they wanted cheap labor, Democrats because they had a new group of victims to champion for their vote.  Our immigration laws call for immigrants to have a background check, no criminal record, learn about our government and learn English BEFORE becoming a citizen.  Illegal aliens have no such requirements.  And once their numbers became so tremendous, well funded Liberal groups, in the name of diversity and fairness, started protesting any attempts to require them to learn English or to enforce immigration laws at all.  That has resulted in, “Push one for English” and a great deal of anger from Americans.  Latinos emboldened by well funded defenders and lobbyists, now feel any attempts at Americanizing them is “disrespectful” to them.  They have been encouraged to ignore our laws because their defenders tell them it’s racist to enforce them. 

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California.  I’ve lived in California all my life.  Santa Barbara is a Spanish/Mexican themed city.  We held a big Fiesta celebration every summer.  My mother lived in Mexico for thirty years.  I’m steeped in the Mexican culture.  I have no problem with Mexicans or any Latino.  I have a problem with not enforcing the law and with the number of illegal aliens that have resulted…..and with their growing attitude (encouraged by too many politicians) that we owe them.  I have a problem with applying the law to Americans but calling it “racist” if the laws are applied to illegal aliens.  I have a problem with liberals trying to change the conversation by refusing to call them what they are….ILLEGAL aliens.  “Undocumented workers”?  That’s like calling drug dealers “Undocumented pharmacists”.  And I have a serious problem with those who are against amnesty being called “racists”.  It’s dishonest.  I don’t know anyone who is against legal immigration.  America has the most generous immigration laws in the world.  We allow twice as much legal immigration than ALL the other countries in the world combined.  It is wrong on every level to reward lawbreakers.  Legal immigrants wait 10, 15 years to come here.  If you want to talk about disrespect, nothing is more disrespectful than allowing illegal aliens a “pathway to citizenship” when those who played by the rules are still waiting. 

In my opinion, the only way to solve the illegal immigration problem is to FIRST secure the border.  Really secure it.  Build whatever kind of fence is necessary, hire however many border patrol necessary and really secure our border.  At the same time really enforce our laws against hiring illegals.  Then wait five years to see if our boarders are secure and the laws being enforced and then see how many illegal aliens are still here.  I would allow any still here to stay but never become a full citizen.  That should be the punishment.  A fine isn’t punishment.  they don’t care about fines.  Many paid thousands to get here, if they have to pay more to stay, no problem.  The punishment should be no citizenship.  After all, in Mexico even naturalized citizens can’t vote.  My mother was a naturalized Mexican.  If Democrats couldn’t count on their vote in the future, I wonder how long they’d continue to champion illegal aliens.

In answer to one of my numerous letters to California Senators, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, they sent me letters in reply telling me of their support of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” aka AMNESTY, because they knew “many lovely families who owned their own homes and paid their taxes”.  In my reply to them I asked them if they were aware their statement supported breaking the law…..MANY of them.  Because if, in fact, they knew many lovely illegal alien families who owned their own homes and paid taxes, those people were not only breaking the laws against entering this country illegally and living here illegally.  To own a home, they had to be working and therefore would have to have either forged or stolen social security numbers.  And if they owned cars, they’d be driving without a license and insurance, or, again, with stolen or forged documents.  So, these two Senators, having taken oaths of office to uphold our laws and the Constitution, admit supporting breaking the law.  Why is no media reporting on the outrageousness of this? 

Are we not a country of laws?  Do we want our representatives to just ignore the laws they don’t like?  What is “fair” about laws applying to Americans but not to illegal aliens?  What is “fair” about Americans having to restrict our freedoms to accommodate other cultures (many of them illegal)? 

American kids should be allowed to wear American symbols in American schools any day, any time they want.  It’s the other cultures who need to learn to respect ours.  They are in our house.  I know many Latino parents.  They would (and do) tell their children that in their house they have to live by their rules.  Well, the same applies to America.  In our house, you have to live by our rules.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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