I Couldn’t Keep Yelling At the Television

By December 2009 I had been to dozens of Tea Parties, three Townhalls and several California Tax protests.  Around August SCIU started sending bus loads of counter protestors to our Tea Parties.  Talk about “Astroturf”.  They were bused in, they wore T-shirts that identified them, they had an organizer with a clip board who took attendance and they had mass produced signs.  The organizer had boxes of extra T-shirts, signs and, thoughtfully, bottled water. 

In the beginning I tried to engage them in conversation.  I asked them how they felt about certain points of the bill passed by the House of Representatives.  They would look at me as if I had two heads and say there was no bill.  They’d say there were several bills floating around but there was no bill yet.  I suggested they google it, as it was on the internet and had, in fact, been passed by the House.  I realized there was no point in trying to discuss this with people so uninformed.  I wondered why they would come out and protest something they knew nothing about.  These people were the “Astroturf” Nancy Pelosi was talking about…trouble is, they’re on her side.

In November there was a large Healthcare Protest organized by doctors at the Federal Building in Los Angeles.  I talked to dozens of doctors.  Talk about people not comfortable standing on street corners protesting…..but there they were.  It was encouraging that most of the cars that drove by, honked and gave thumbs up.  I was actually suprised by that, this being the Soviet Socialist Republic of Los Angeles. 

As the vote for the Senate version of the bill neared, I got more and more angry and frustrated listening to the moronic media coverage of the bill.  The lack of probing questions, the cult-like support of the President, who clearly had no idea what was in the bill but kept trying to sell it in staged Townhalls with hand picked audiences.  The press should have been pointing that out, if nothing else.  I couldn’t believe the outright lies.

When Obama started his push for Healthcare and ABC had a day long infommerical for the Healthcare bill, from GMA to Nightline, I wrote ABC and told them I was outraged at their involvement in such propaganda and that no one with other solutions was allowed to speak.  I told them, as if they cared, that I would never watch their network again…..and I haven’t.  After working more than 20 years in Network television, I no longer watch any of the networks.  Nothing.  Not American Idol, not Dancing with the Stars, not Lost, nothing.  I only watch cable television, now.  What is hard to understand is that they still don’t get it.  They don’t understand why their ratings are droping like a stone.  And newspapers?  Please.  The LA Times is losing readers daily.  They feature stories on their front page about the plight of the poor  illegal aliens.  I wrote a letter to the editor asking why they didn’t feature the plight of the poor Americans (in some areas of Calif. 22% unemployment) whose jobs were stolen by the illegal aliens.  I asked them why they didn’t mention the $10 BILLION plus the illegal aliens cost the California taxpayers every year.

I had read the House Healthcare Bill.  I knew what the intention of the bill was.  It’s not about Healthcare.  It’s about control.  Control of us and control of one sixth of the economy.  It’s right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.  The bill gave the government “real time access” to our bank accounts.  It requires all our medical records to be downloaded to a federal data base.  Didn’t the liberals have a hissy fit over wiretapping suspected terrorists phone calls?  Weren’t they outraged at the infringment of our right to privacy?  What is more of an infringment of our right to privacy than the government having access to our medical records?  The media mocks the idea of “death panels” but the Stimulus Bill already provided for the federal data base and the panel (Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research, page 190-192 of the Stimulus Bill) that will decide what is “cost effective treatment”.  Do you think this will not result in people being denied treatment that would result in their death?  Obama wanted Tom Daschle to be head of the Health and Human Services Department (overseeing the Healthcare Bill) until his tax problems prevented it.  Before you argue with me about the Healthcare Bill, read Daschle’s book “Critical: What We Can Do About the Health-Care Crisis” to see what this administration intends for us.

By December I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I wrote, e-mailed, faxed and called not only my representatives but most of Congress on a daily basis.  All the polls showed American citizens didn’t want the “fundamental transformation” of the Healthcare system.  Yes, we want reform, but not a government take over.  There IS a difference.  In spite of what the media reported, no one was suggesting “statis quo”.  Yes, the Republicans did have a plan.  No, they weren’t just trying to be obstructive.  They had a plan that wouldn’t require a government take over nor would it cost any money.  Gee, how outragous!

A week before Christmas and missing my oldest daughters birthday, I used my Christmas bonus (K Street, where are you?) to fly to Washington, D.C. for the CODE RED RALLY.  Organized by Americans for Prosperity and Tea Party Patriots, we met in the park across from the Senate Office Buildings.  We were to go to our Senators offices and sit in them to show how long we’d be sitting in our doctors offices if the bill passed.  I spent the morning in Barbara Boxer’s office with Mark Mechler, one of the national coordinators of the Tea Party Patriots.  About an hour before the Rally was to start back in the park, we heard Senator Leiberman had changed his vote from no to yes.  We went up to his office (you can see who is in or out of favor with their party….Boxer has a very large office with three desks for staffers and several large couches….Leiberman has a tiny office with a counter for staffers and three chairs in the waiting room).  We were told by Leiberman’s staffers that he wasn’t available to talk to us and we said that’s all right, we’d wait.  The staffers told us we couldn’t wait.  We said, thank you, we’ll wait.  A staffer came out and told us if we didn’t leave, he’d call the police to remove us.  We said, thank you, we’d wait.  Six police officers arrived.  I had a flip video camera with me and held it in my lap and recorded the event.  The officer told us we had to leave.  Mark (who is a lawyer) asked the officer if he was asking us to leave.  The officer said the staff was telling us to leave.  Mark told the officer if he asked us, we’d leave because we didn’t want to cause trouble.  The officer finally said he was asking and we left.  Mark was thrilled I had gotten it all on video.  We went to the Rally and told everyone what we had gotten.  We were introduced to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Congressman Steve King and they told Mark and the rest of us they wanted to work with us.  I met Jenny Beth Martin who is also a national coordinator for the Tea Party Patriots.  After the rally we went back to their hotel and downloaded the videos I had taken and put them on the Tea Party Patriots website. 

At the end of the day, even though we didn’t stop the Senate from passing the Healthcare bill, this was the turning point for the media to stop ignoring the influence of the Tea Party movement.  The liberals were now afraid of us.  They went from mocking us as ignorant rubes to attacking us as dangerous. 

Bugga-bugga!  Oooww, I’m so scary!


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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