I have been to every Tea Party and Townhall within 50 miles since February 2009.  If there are any racists in the groups I’ve never seen any evidence of it.  In fact, it has been my experience that minorities in our groups are warmly welcomed.  I have stood next to Latinos, Blacks, Asians and Middle Easterners at Tea Parties.  I have the highest admiration for any minority who is willing to come out publicly and demonstrate against the liberal agenda.  They must face hostility and rejection from their communities.  I loved the video of a network reporter asking a black Tea Partier if he felt welcome in the group and he replied, “These are my people, AMERICANS”.  Isn’t that the way we want all Americans to feel? 

“Racist”, “Racist”, “Racist”.  It’s an accusation used when the opposition has no rational argument to make.  They think it shuts down the debate and for a long time it has.  People became so afraid of being called a racist.  Let’s all agree to stop being intimidated by this childish retort. 

We are all drawn to and most comfortable with those most like us.  That is completely normal and natural.  Anyone who shares my values and beliefs is a welcome friend, no matter what their race or nationality.  Isn’t that what Martin Luther King wanted?  For all people to be accepted for the “content of their character and not the color of their skin”?  I won’t use the trite argument that “some of my best friends” are minorities, but what I will say is that among those who have had the most profound influence in my life and among those I admire most, are people of color.  Are there people of color I don’t like?  Sure.  But it is the “content of their character” not the “color of their skin” that I don’t like.  There are also white people whose character I don’t like.  Lots of them.  Nancy Pelosi would be among those I most dislike….in fact, there are stronger words I could use to describe how I feel toward Speaker Pelosi.  What I don’t like, what I don’t believe anyone likes, are people who get in your face and make unreasonable demands.  While not respecting us, they demand to be respected.  Respect can’t be demanded, it can only be earned. 

“Racist” is being used against the 70% of the citizens of this country who are against amnesty for illegal aliens.  Our position has nothing to do with “race”, it has everything to do with the rule of law, the fact that our government has refused to secure our border (the one thing we DO want the government to do) and the overwhelming number of illegal aliens that have resulted.  That most illegal aliens are from Mexico and South America is simply a FACT due to our shared border.  What is amusing to me is that until progressives started calling those who opposed amnesty “racist”, I had never considered Latinos being a different race.  A different nationality, yes, but not a different race.  I lived in Southern California all my life and never saw Latinos as a different race.  I don’t even recall anyone referring to Mexicans as being “brown skinned”.  But then, if liberals stopped calling us “racist”, they’d have to explain why Americans have to obey the law but illegal aliens don’t.  Why they deserve to be citizens when they don’t respect our laws, our flag, our language or our culture. 

Last week a group of UCLA “Chicano Studies”, self admitted, illegal alien students held a protest at our Federal Building in Los Angeles.  Nine of them laid down across Wilshire Boulevard and tied up traffic for hours on the busiest street in the area.  They said they did it to point out the injustices illegal alien students face.  Injustices?  Please tell me what other country they could enter illegally and get free healthcare, free education, section 8 housing, social services, subsidized utilities, etc, etc?  If we are so “unjust” why do they stay here?  Why do millions EVERY YEAR (many risking their lives and/or paying thousands to coyotes) come here illegally?  No one is forcing them to stay.  They are free to go back to their own countries and make the same demands.   These students are attending college at American taxpayers expense, probably displacing more qualified white students and taking “Chicano Studies” that teaches racial solidarity, hatred of whites, that America stole the Southwest from Mexico and the overthrow of our government.  And to what end?  What does a degree in “Chicano Studies” prepare you for?  Would their country allow such a thing?  Why do they think we should? 

President Calderon of Mexico, after insulting Arizona for trying to enforce immigration laws, admitted in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, that his country would send illegal aliens home and that they enforce their borders.  He confessed even when people come to Mexico legally, they can never vote, never use social services, must pay for their own healthcare, etc. 

We’re called “racist” for believing the same thing.  We don’t accept the accusation nor will we be intimidated by it.  We believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution, pure and simple.  We believe we are a sovereign country and have the right to secure our borders.  It isn’t “racist” it’s rational, intelligent self-preservation.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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