I keep hearing from Liberals how evil America is primarily due to greedy, evil BIG Business, BIG Oil and C A P I T A L I S M. They spit the words out as if they tasted bad. Are they evil?

Those who want to jump in and tell me why they are evil, walk with me a little and lets look at them. How about oil? Hasn’t the abundance of oil enabled us to create the most beautiful, comfortable standard of living in the world? Don’t you like being cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Isn’t walking out your door and jumping in your car to visit friends, go to work, run errands, the most free feeling there is? How did you feel before you got your first car? Have you checked the price of oil in other countries? We have created this way of life with the lowest oil prices in the world. If oil companies have been able to provide us with the cheapest oil and still make a profit, why is that “evil”?

Oil companies employ thousands of workers. They come to an area, build buildings and homes and employ LOTS of people….and those people buy homes, goods/services and pay taxes. They hire corporate employees, geologists maping oil fields, construction workers building platforms and structures and pipelines, drilling teams, scientists, refiners and gas stations. Drilling for oil requires a huge financial investment before any money is made. It also requires a big investment in research and development. If they made no profit, they couldn’t give all those employees raises or benefits. If they didn’t make profits they couldn’t pay stockholders dividends and a large percentage of their stock is invested in pensions. How would pensions increase in value if businesses didn’t make profits? ALL of this is good for the economy, good for individual people and good for the country. So why else are they evil?

Oil pollutes? Yes, it can and in some places it does. But we clever, innovative Americans took on the problem of pollution and now have the cleanest air in the world. In fact, it isn’t possible to make it cleaner due to naturally occuring volcanic eruptions, dust storms, etc. We all want clean air and water and we haven’t had to eliminate fossil fuels to get it. However, for those of you who think more regulations need to be imposed on businesses to make sure our air stays clean, it will just force more businesses to move to other countries (China & India) that have no such regulations to be able to compete. China is building one new coal plant a DAY….and they have no “clean coal” plants so businesses that go to China will be dirtier than if they stayed here.

Oil spills? Yes, we had a doozy. And we cleaned it up. What we couldn’t reach was eaten up by micro organizisms in the ocean. Nature is miraculous. Yes, the oil spill made a mess and yes, many people suffered losses because of it, but nature cleaned it up faster than we could. Natural and unnatural disasters are always going to happen. It’s impossible to protect everyone from every possible misfortune.

Wind and solar are never going to replace fossil fuels. They are FAR more expensive and unreliable. I’m all for finding alternative fuels but it is INSANE to prohibit the use of fossil fuels unless or until they are cheap and reliable enough to replace what we have. To prohibit the use of them will skyrocket the price of energy and consequently the price of everything. It will prohibit most of us from using our cars or cooling our homes. How will that help the poor people Liberals are always so concerned about?

Our way of life is so evil every year millions of people risk their lives to come here. How many American families have pack their kids on a bunch of oil drums lashed together to escape America over shark infested waters to Cuba? People have fled other countries for our way of life because in the USA they had as much chance of accumulating wealth as any of us. People have come here with not penny in their pockets and become wealthy (ask George Soros). That’s what BIG Business, Big Oil and Capitalism has brought us. GOD BLESS THEM.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Either you are member of the one percent or you are just TOO STUPID to get it. Then again, I go with the latter based on the total-shit wardrobe your pictures feature (BTW: there are literally websites and TV shows that can give you hints on how to not look like a cafeteria lady mixed with a greeter at a church… there are also these people called “orthodontists”… check that out)
    You’ve never worked a day in your life you privileged swine. Everyone knows you gave out parts for sexual favors.

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