Who are the Occupy Wall Street protesters? Look at the crowd. They are young and white (why aren’t they called racist?). They are the kids whose parents wanted to be their “friends” instead of their parents. These are the kids who’ve been wrapped in plastic. They all got trophies lest their little feelings get hurt. These are the kids who weren’t allowed to keep score. They had to wear helmets and knee pads. They weren’t allowed to play dodge ball or have teeter tawters or bars or rings. They’ve never known hunger or poverty. They’ve gown up on political correctness.

These kids are the products of an education system taken over by Carter when he created the federal Department of Education. Once the federal government took over, our schools went from being the best in the world to being nearly the worst. That alone should serve to show those who want central control, why it doesn’t work. We have one-size-fits-all programs like “No Child Left Behind” and “Race to the Top”. Standards have been lowered to embarrassing levels. Accommodations are made for non-English speaking kids (what happened to proven effective language immersion?). Excellence has been replaced with diversity. History isn’t taught, Civics isn’t taught. When I was in school every assembly had an honor guard and we saluted the flag and sang the anthem or “God Bless America”. Pride in country was encouraged. Now they can’t pray, have a moment of silence or pledge the flag… case we offend someone from another country. Some schools don’t allow the pledge, the anthem or patriotic clothing.

Our schools are teaching our children, “The Story of Stuff” (made by Soros financed Tides Foundation) that demonizes capitalism and scolds us for “consuming”. They are taught by five they have a bigger “carbon footprint” than Tanzanians have in their entire lifetime. What they fail to point out is that the lifespan of a Tanzanian is 48…..because they don’t have indoor plumbing or clean water or DDT or doors or floors. You know, the things civilized people have. Our children have been indoctrinated……and we haven’t paid enough attention. We assumed our kids were being taught what we were taught. We thought “Black Studies” and “Latino Studies” were just teaching the histories of their races. Instead we are paying for minorities to be taught Americans are racists who won’t allow them to prosper. That America stole the Southwest from Mexico. How does that benefit this country or society in general? What job are these studies preparing them for? What do you do with a “Black Studies” degree? Become a “community organizer”?

When you listen to the Occupy Wall Street protesters and what they want it is clear we’ve raised a generation of morons. They have no idea how privileged they’ve been to grow up in a free country. They have no idea what made this country great or what they have to lose if their demands were met. They completely ignore the millions who have risked their lives to immigrate to this country because of the freedom it offers….and that the very things they are demanding are the very things the immigrants fled.

Some say they want all debt forgiven. Really? So, those of us who paid for our education are out of luck as long as they get it free? So, those who now have a mortgage get a free house and those who rent are out in the cold? Those who irresponsibly charged their credit cards to the limit are forgiven while those who paid them off are screwed? And what about the people owed the debts? If you don’t pay for those gorgeous $500 boots you bought how is the store going to buy more merchandize? If you don’t pay for the lovely Hawaiian vacation you couldn’t afford, how are the hotels going to pay their staffs? If I saved and paid cash for a used car and you bought an expensive new car on credit, you get to keep the expensive car and I’m penalized for being responsible? Silly, silly me, I always thought working hard and being responsible was a virtue.

One woman said we needed a “living wage” for all. She couldn’t define what that meant but she said it should be so no one had to “struggle”. What does that mean? Not everyone wants the same thing. What is a “struggle” for her may not be a “struggle” for someone else. Some people think not having a BMW or not living in a certain neighborhood is “struggling”. And who decides what level of income prevents “struggle”? The government?

How does a minimum wage of $20 an hour work? It would eliminate all entry level jobs. It would result in many fewer jobs. It would mean few would make more than $20 an hour. Where would the money come from if the business couldn’t afford to pay $20 an hour? But then, I’m assuming these people can think critically, understand cause and effect and math. Again, silly me.

The protesters say they want to “bring down Wall Street” but when asked what they’d replace it with, they don’t know. But the SEIU knows and these kids are “useful idiots” doing the SEIU’s bidding. Are they prepared to support their parents when their pensions are wiped out? The SEIU members need to know their pensions are invested in Wall Street too.

What is pathetic is that they blame Wall Street for the financial meltdown while completely ignoring the part government intervention had in it and then want the government to “fix it”. It was the government forcing banks to make sub-prime loans to “low income families” that caused the meltdown. Yet they want to punish Wall Street for doing what the government caused Wall Street to do. They ignore the fact the SEC knew the “derivatives” bundled good loans with bad but still gave them a triple A+ rating. They’re forgetting the SEC is a government agency…….and I’m forgetting who I’m expecting to know……pass the doobie.

I heard a reporter ask protesters what they thought of “Dodd/Frank” and none of them knew anything about it. Not one of them knew if it was good or bad or what effect it might have on their lives. But they are mad at Bank of America for charging $5 a month to use their debit cards. They have no idea Dodd/Frank is the reason for the charge.

They were asked if they were for or against illegal immigration. Most of them were against…..and yet, these people are going to vote for the very party that will grant amnesty if Obama is re-elected. The very party that designed the “Community Re-investment Act” that caused banks to grant sub-prime loans they knew couldn’t be repaid (BTW, banks are still giving them). They will vote for the same party that spent over $800 Billion to “create or save jobs” when it was a complete failure.

They actually think if we “tax the rich” more the government can give them free college education, guaranteed jobs at a guaranteed income and free healthcare for every and any treatment. They’ve been smoking too much dope. If we took all the money in the world and gave everyone an equal share….we’d each get $14,000. Oh, goodie.

The MSM tries to equate Occupy Wall Street protesters with the Tea Party. Occupy Wall Street protesters think they’re supporting socialism but what they are actually asking for is communism….once again demonstrating they don’t know history.

The Tea Party does know history. The Tea Party isn’t asking the government to do anything for them. They are asking the government to abide by the Constitution. They are asking to return to the government our founders designed. They are not trying to “bring down” Wall Street, the rich or government. The only “free” things the Tea Party wants are free speech, free association and the freedom to pursue happiness.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. This article is so dead on right.

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