It is said, “Be careful what you wish for”. For those of you who support the Government taking over the economy and redistributing wealth you need to understand what you are wishing for.

It takes between eight and fifteen private sector employees to pay for one public sector employee. The more government grows the more bureaucracies are created, the more public sector employees added and the fewer private sector employees to pay for those employees. ObamaCare created 158 new bureaucracies. And when the Government confiscates money, filters it through all the bureaucracies about one dollar out of a thousand is distributed. Greece is bankrupt and on the verge of collapse. Their ratio of public to private sector employees is three to one. No matter what austerity measures they take, until they cut the size of government (number of public employees) and increase private sector jobs it is impossible for them to be solvent. American has already paid them $20 BILLION. Why should we pay for their irresponsible behavior?

Those of you who believe more Government is the answer need to realize the salaries, benefits and pensions of public sector employees are paid by taxpayers. Government has no money. Government confiscates money from one group to give to another group. The salaries, benefits and pensions of private sector employees are paid out of profits made by businesses. Any raises or increases in benefits paid to private sector employees are paid because the business they work for provides a product or service people want or need and are wiling to pay for. Everyone profits from that exchange. At this point public employees make about 48% more than comparable private sector employees. Why should a secretary in the private sector pay more taxes to provide a public sector secretary twice as much in salaries and benefits than she gets? Now THAT should make you mad, not the “rich” who have made a profit by providing a product or service that people want or need.

Raises or increases in benefits paid to public sector employees are paid for by increasing taxes or borrowing from our children. The more public sector employees, the higher the taxes on the private sector. Plus most public sector employees pay nothing for their healthcare or pensions. Private sector employees pay at least half of those costs with their employers paying the other half. What that means is the private sector not only pays half their healthcare and pensions, they pay 100% of public employee’s healthcare and pensions. These public sector pensions are mostly unfunded. California has $500 BILLION in unfunded pensions for public employees. The federal employee pensions are unfunded by TRILLIONS. Unless we shrink Government and grow private sector jobs we won’t be able to pay these pensions. You NEED to understand that. Then what will happen?

Margaret Thatcher was correct when she said, “The trouble with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money”. If you grow government beyond the 8 to 15 private sector employees to one public sector employee you have run out of other people’s money. Greece has proven Thatcher right. Do you really “wish” for a similar fate?


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. This author is stupid–everyone who can read must be able to see that she has no evidence for what she claims and bends the very rules of logic to her cause. And, she likes to write dirty poems on the walls of the ladies rooms because it reminds her of the “seminal” period in her youth she spent their as a child.

  2. @The_Anti_FOX says:

    Respectfully, your theory is fatally flawed in several ways.

    In China, every employee is a public employee. Yet China is the second largest economy in the world, growing on average 9-10% per year, compared to our 2%. China is filing more patents than any other country in the world, is funding industries and companies within them – all State Owned, to compete with ours. Their objective is to replace the United States as the worlds innovator, and send their manufacturing to us! That is unnaccceptable, but, with policies and theories like the ones you are promoting, you might as well say “I want China to become the worlds largest economic power and I want to help them overtake the United States” (said to make a point. I am NOT saying you believe or want this, nor do I.

    But to prevent that, we need to invest, heavily, just as we did in the space race with Russia. Only this will hit closer to home if we loose.

    For example – China currently owns the green energy market, with technologies that significantly exceed ours 5x. Rather than reducing our dependency on foreign energy, by refusing to invest in America, and yes, that includes our government, we will simply replace one foreign country, Saudi Arabia, with another, China, as our primary source of energy. .

    Further, your assertion that “It takes between eight and fifteen private sector employees to pay for one public sector employee” is non supportable. However, if you have data from a reliable source, that supports that, please share it.

    The size of government is measured by comparing it to the nations GDP. Using that measure, government is smaller under President Obama than it was under President Bush. There is hard data available on this, and it shows the “size of government” by President and is easy to find.

    Let me be clear. I am not promoting China – I am saying if we chose to think small now, we will lose to China in significant ways. I know – this is my area of expertise. If you have data to support your theories, please share it, but without it, just because you say it doesn’t make it accurate.

    The Anti_FOX

    • Respectfully, it is your theory that is flawed. There are major differences between China and America. Yes, in China all work for the government. But in China the government ownes the businesses and the businesses are making a profit. The government employees in China aren’t unionized either. And China’s businesses pay no taxes at all. Increasing taxes on our businesses simply makes them unable to compete with China and results in more businesses going there.

      In the USA the private sector owns businesses and profits are used for pay, benefits and to expand business. In the USA the government makes no profits. All the money our government pays public employees comes from taking money from taxpayers. Most government employees, federal and local, are union and pay dues that the union uses to elect politicians that will support them. Public employees are paid approximately 48% more than comparable pivate sector employees and have far greater benefits. In California most public employees can retire at 50 with 100% of their salary. California is broke because we are paying approximately three people for every one public job. One who is actually working and two retired. I have tweeted the info on this but it isn’t hard to understand that public employees are paid with taxes taken from the private sector, not from profits and for that reason it takes 8 to 15 private sector employees paying taxes to cover one public employee.

      We don’t need to be investing in green energy. The Global Warming is a fraud. We have the cleanest air and water in the world and more fossil fuels than we can use in the next several hundred years. China is not ahead of us in green technology, they simply make it cheaper than we can here. There is no reason for us to buy energy from anyone. We have abundant resourses. We have more oil than the Middle East.

      In the last hundred years we went from horse and buggy and out door plumbing to cars, jets and computers we carry in our pockets. If left to the private sector we will make dramatic advances in making energy cleaner and more efficient. The government has no business wasting taxpayers money in bad investments.

      • @The_Anti_FOX says:

        Your comment is not worthy of a response. First, you threw in the kitchen sink. Secondly, you are illiterate. I never argue with an unarmed man (intelligence) so I’ll let you wallow in your denial and ignorance.

        I’ve been to China. I study this stuff. Responses like yours are what the Chinese are counting on from America. Congratulations – you are helping them achieve their goal. Keep it up and you’ll be aiding and abetting the enemy.

        Get an education, focus on facts you know something about. Tweeting ignorance, or blogging ignorance just spreads….ignorance.


  3. How typical of a Liberal resorting to insults instead of making a rational argument. You apparently think Communism is better than Liberty and free markets. You don’t explain why or what we should do instead. However, unlike you, I have no intention of insulting you.

    • @The_Anti_FOX says:

      The only insults I saw were from you – assumptions, then accusations but no data. No facts, and no proof. For example, you say “You apparently think Communism is better than Liberty and free markets.(assumption, and insult) You don’t explain why or what we should do instead. (not accurate) However, unlike you, I have no intention of insulting you (not true – if you knew me, or what I stood for, you’d know you had done exactly the opposite. Not that I’ll let it phase me given that its based on a false assumption.

      You would be wise not to make assumptions when you have no data to support them. I’m willing to wager I do far more to support liberty and free markets than you do – by actions, not by running my mouth on a blog.

      So, first you apologize for being wrong, and offering insults. Then tell me what you do to help American companies succeed internationally. If you do anything at all that is. But at least I’m not telling you…I’m giving you the respect you failed to provide – yet claimed you did.

      • I have nothing to apologize for. If anyone is owed an apology it’s me. You called me ignorant, illiterate and said I shouldn’t be “running my mouth”. You came to MY house and insulted me, I didn’t come to your house.

        To start, my blog was NOT about China or the “green” economy. It was about the dangers of of growing government. You changed the subject. You compared the USA to China which is a communist country and not playing by the same rules. It’s apples to oranges.

        You asked what I’m doing to help American companies succeed interenationally (again, NOT the subject of my blog, but, oh well) and I’d have to ask why I’d want to do that. I want American companies to succeed in AMERICA and I am working to help that happen.

        I suggest if you don’t like what I say, don’t read my blog.

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