Why do we vote for a particular candidate? I’m guessing all of us, Republican and Democrat, vote for the one we think will serve our best interests. But do they?


Is it in our best interests to ration healthcare? In order to cover a little more than 10% of the population that is uninsured (many by choice) $500 Billion has been taken from Medicare and the government will now tell doctors what treatments patients can have. People in the middle will receive the treatment they need but those on either end, babies with disabilities and the elderly will not. Parents of mentally disabled children are already being told their child will not receive treatment that could extend or improve their lives because the child can never be a productive member of society. Is that in our best interest? Wouldn’t it have been in our best interest to have, at least, tried selling insurance over state lines and Tort reform before destroying the best healthcare system in the world?


Is it in our best interests to keep our borders open? Those who live along the border have their property and homes invaded,  their lives in jeopardy from illegal aliens. Sections of our country are so dangerous from Mexican Cartels signs are posted warning us not to enter those areas. We are protecting people who are breaking numerous laws and creating sanctuary cities that don’t even check the immigration status of criminals before releasing them. How is it in our best interest to have illegal aliens exempt from laws we are held to?


Our children have been forced out of the public schools (that USED to be the best in the world) that we pay for, due to non-English speaking children. The Dream Act gives college grants to illegal aliens that will be denied American students. Is it in our best interest to have to pay for the education, health, housing and welfare of people not here legally?


Is it in our best interests to have our energy rationed when we have abundant resources? Our roads are in terrible disrepair while funds to resurface and repair them are being diverted to bike paths and trains no one is asking for. Our private property is being eroded by EPA and endangered species. People are being told they can’t build on or develop property they own. Our founding fathers believed private property so vital to ensure liberty and wealth, they almost had the Bill of Rights say, “Life Liberty and property”. Are our representatives protecting our best interests in regard to our property? Across the country “regional” government groups are planning our futures without our knowledge or consent. Regional planners (not elected) are planning for us all to live in commercial/residential human habitats along transportation corridors. They are planning to force us out or our cars by making them too expensive to own and drive. They are installing SmartMeters (the greatest invasion of privacy ever conceived) on our homes that will allow our appliances to be turned off as they see fit. Consider having your air conditioning turned off when it’s 100 degrees outside. All of this in the name of “Global Warming”, a completely fabricated threat. Is that in our best interest?


Most troubling to me is that for the last nearly 20 years, our representatives, both Republican and Democrat, have been allowing the United Nations to dictate how America will use it’s resources, it’s land and it’s money. The United Nations. When has the United Nations been interested in our best interests?


We have a lot of work to do to reclaim our Liberty. We need to elect people who truly have the best interests of the United States and it’s citizens as their priority.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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