What is “fair”? What is fair for you may not be fair for me. Obama says the rich don’t pay their “fair share”. Is that correct? According to USA TODAY the top 10% pay 70% of the taxes. And we know the bottom 47% pay no income taxes at all. What is “fair” about 47% benefiting from police, fire, welfare, roads, schools, military etc. without contributing a dime?

One of the most famous Fabian Socialists, George Bernard Shaw is a hero to the progressives who are pushing for “social justice” and their version of “fairness”. However, Shaw believed citizens should have to justify their existence. They should have to explain how they contribute to society and if they can’t they don’t deserve any benefits from it. This doesn’t fit into today’s progressive plan because the unproductive are dependent on government social services and therefore vote for them. Progressives today see people who produce and contribute to society as the problem because they aren’t dependent on them. The only way to control the producers is to take away their ability to produce. And that’s what all this “fairness” is about. Social justice is about bring the producers to the level of the non-producers so they have the same standard of living.

I heard today actor Nick Nolte said it was a good thing America was losing it’s position in the world. He thinks it’s good for other countries to have a chance to be more successful than we are. What the hell is he talking about? Does he actually think American has to fail for other countries to succeed? Does he actually think there is one pot of money and if America is rich it leaves less for other countries? What a useful fool he is. Why on earth would he want America to be less than it has been? Do you want your family to have less than it has had? America is not evil because we have a higher standard of living than other countries. We have it because we worked for it. Nor have we prevented any other country from increasing their standard of living.

Obama just said we have 2% of the oil reserves but use 20%. He wants you to believe we “unfairly” use more oil than we should but he’s LYING. We have more untapped oil than the Middle East. We don’t need to be buying oil from our enemies. We have more than we can use in hundreds of years. But even if we didn’t, our buying oil doesn’t prevent anyone else from buying it too. We use more because we have the highest standard of living for all our citizens. Do you want to lower your standard of living because limiting our use of oil will do just that. Do you want to live without air-conditioning? Do you want to line dry your clothes? Do you want to be limited to watching television only certain hours? That’s the social justice plan. Progressives believe we have to experience what it’s like to do without. Why? What did you do to deserve having your standard of living reduced? Do you employ people? How does that make you evil? How does that hurt anyone?

Those of you willing to have Obama serve a second term need to understand what he is capable of. He lied to the Catholic Church. Lied. There is no sugarcoating it. Obama met with the Cardinals to get them to support ObamaCare. He assured them they would be exempt from the parts that conflicted with their religious beliefs. In fact, a Cardinal said Obama was offended they even doubted him. Then once the bill passed they met with him again and were told the religious exemption was off the table, period.
If he will lie to the Catholic Church and ignore the Constitution, we can’t allow him to be reelected.

The fact that some people are rich and some are not isn’t a question of “fairness”, it’s a question of how hard you are willing to work and what sacrifices you are willing to make. If someone mortgages their home, borrows money to start a business, works 24/7 for years and finally makes a success of it and someone else drops out of school, has no job and has several babies out of wedlock, what is fair about taking money from the first to support the second? Welfare mothers, as long as they have no man or job get between $1000 and $1500 a month per child. Four children could mean $6000 a month. Explain to me how that is “fair”.
And what is “fair” about a union toll booth worker retiring at 50 on $120K a year? What education did they need to collect tolls? What sacrifices did they make to collect tolls. Why do they deserve to have taxpayers support them on more money than they make? Last year in California we paid ONE union retiree $900K for “unused vacation days”. This is on top of his more than 6 figure pension and benefits. Are you paid for unused vacation days? I’m not. How is that “fair”.

This President wants as many workers unionized as possible because union dues fund the Democrat Party and because he can bus union workers anywhere to protest or commit voter fraud. The Republican Party has no access to this kind of money or labor. Is that “fair”. State Employee Unions donate money and man power to get politicians who will support them elected. They then negotiate their contracts with those politicians. That is called a “conflict of interest” in the private sector and would not be legal. How is that “fair”. ObamaCare calls for the unionization of ALL medical workers. ObamaCare is more about unionization and control than healthcare. Do you really want people whose loyalty is to the union and not the medical profession? In Michigan it is illegal for your child to bring a homemade lunch to school. All the cafeteria workers are unionized so if your child brings lunch from home they won’t need as many union workers. How is it “fair” to ban homemade lunches?

What is “fair” is for all of us to be free to pursue the life we want. What is “fair” is for each of us to earn what we have. I believe most of us would agree we don’t appreciate what we haven’t earned. What is “free” has no value. People don’t care for or value what is free. Ambition is sucked from the human psyche when they don’t have to work for what they have. Aspiring to improve your life is what inspires innovation. The ability of anyone from any walk of life to acquire wealth gives all of us something to aspire to. In centrally planned countries only the ruling class has wealth and there is nothing the “masses” can do to acquire it. How is that “fair”?

Life is not fair and there is nothing anyone can do to make it fair. In fact, the more people try to make it “fair” the less fair it becomes. What IS fair is for everyone to take responsibility for themselves, their families and their futures.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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