I just listened to Ashley Judd speak as if she were an authority on the “fact” that Republicans want to deny women “reproductive rights”. What? Ashley, name me ONE Republican who wants to do that. One. I’ll wait……..there are none.

I’m a woman and I certainly don’t want to deny women anything. Tell me, Ashley, were women being denied “reproductive rights” before 2012? Target, Walmart and many other pharmacies offer birth control pills for less than $9.00 a month and if a woman can’t afford that she can get them free from several government programs. If she needs them for some other medical issue they are covered by insurance as hormone replacement therapy. So, exactly how were women denied “reproductive rights” before Obama mandated that all women get birth control free? And explain to me, Ashley, why I should pay for your birth control? Are you not able to afford it? I paid for my own during my child bearing years and it wasn’t a financial burden. Now, I have to pay for everyone else’s? Are you going to reimburse me for my birth control? How is it fair, Ashley, that I took responsibility for my own “reproductive rights” for the last 50 years and now I am required to pay for yours too? It’s not about access, Ashley, it’s about funding. There are VERY FEW woman who can’t afford $9.00 a month.

No, Ashley, Republicans do NOT want to deny women’s rights to anything. I have to wonder how you reconcile supporting Muslims when they deny women all rights…..but I digress. Republicans believe people are responsible for their own lives…..and that they are free to determine the life they want to lead. If a woman wants to involve herself in casual sex it’s none of my business but I certainly don’t feel responsible to pay for it. And people who are morally against some of the birth control methods should NOT be forced to pay for them. The first amendment of our Constitution protects us from that.

You also said, Ashley, that Republicans want to shut down Planned Parenthood. Once again, name ONE Republican who wants to “shut down” Planned Parenthood. No, we just don’t believe people who are morally against abortion should pay for it (I KNOW abortion isn’t the only healthcare they offer, however, they ARE the NUMBER ONE provider of abortions). We don’t want them shut down, we just don’t want tax dollars to fund them because it isn’t necessary for us to fund them. If Planned Parenthood doesn’t get federal funding they are in no danger of going out of business. Most of their budget comes from private funding. If you are such a passionate supporter of Planned Parenthood nothing stops you from donating to them. I know many Republicans who would and do donate to them. But people who are morally against abortion shouldn’t be required to fund something they are against.

Unlike you, Conservatives believe women are capable of taking care of themselves. I managed to raise two highly intelligent, responsible, successful women…..without your bleeding heart interference. My daughters worked themselves through college and graduated with honors. They have succeeded in male dominated careers without “affirmative action”. Obstacles are character building. When my oldest daughter complained that the men in her office were given advantages she was not, I told her she needed to find a way to excel in spite of it. I told, no it isn’t fair but it is what it is. I told her to be so much better than the men that it couldn’t be ignored and that she could always be proud that her success was ALL hers. Self esteem comes not from what we have but from what we accomplish. Too many waste time worrying and being angry about the “unfairness” of life. Instead they should put that time and energy into finding a way around obstacles. It has been my experience that those who are determined to succeed, determined to overcome the obstacles, DO succeed. Life isn’t fair and no one can make it fair for anyone else. Republicans don’t believe people are victims and can’t succeed without government help, we believe people can overcome whatever obstacles they encounter if the government stays out of their way.

Ashley, you said Obama inherited such a mess all he could do is triage. Let me remind you, Ms Judd, that Obama inherited the Pelosi/Reid budget and deficit and that he was a member of Congress when THEY made the budget. It wasn’t Bush’s budget and he didn’t sign it, he left it for Obama to sign. The greatest spending in the Bush administration came AFTER Pelosi/Reid took over. Obama wanted Bush to spend the rest of TARP before he took office (IMO, so he could blame Bush), but Bush said no, it was for him to spend. And what was the FIRST thing Obama did? Pass the stimulus bill for $800 billion. How does spending nearly a trillion dollars lower the deficit? And PLEASE don’t tell me that it “created jobs” because it didn’t.

You then said Obama saved the “auto industry”. Really? He closed thousands of dealerships (MOSTLY Republican owned dealerships even if successful). He gave the company to the unions who were primarily responsible for bankrupting it. He literally screwed the bond holders (who are lenders NOT investors) when people’s pensions were invested in those bonds. He also screwed the non-union employees who completely lost their pensions. And THEN, he demonizes Bain for reorganizing failing companies and causing job loses. Yes, that’s what happens when companies are failing. Don’t forget, FORD didn’t get bailed out and they are doing fine without Obama’s “help”. We’re told the car companies have paid back the money with interest. Have you seen it? I haven’t. Obama said it was “our” money. Did it go to pay down the deficit? Where did the money go?

In case you didn’t notice, Ashley, we’re BROKE! We have to cut somewhere. Where do you suggest? Don’t you think able bodied people who can afford to pay for their own birth control is a good place to start? Or would you suggest cutting help for the non-able bodied? How About Cowboy Poetry? Obama appointed a bipartisan panel to find cuts and then ignored their recommendations. Democrats won’t cut anything.

Republicans want to help those who TRULY need help, we don’t believe we should be responsible for paying for people who are capable of taking care of themselves. Why is Europe about to crash and burn? Because their governments have been giving able bodied people benefits they can’t possibly fulfill.

Ashley, I don’t object to you having a different opinion than mine, however, I DO object to you making fictitious accusations against Republicans. As an actress you are used to speaking dramatic fictitious dialogue, but this is real life and you have a greater responsibility to be truthful because your fame gives you access to the media. If you’re going to say “Republicans” want to deny women rights, prove it.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. circadia says:

    I know this is a few months old, but I just stumbled across it and am so glad I did. Very VERY well said. Though I’m not even aware of Ashley Judd’s remarks, it sounds like she was spewing the same absurd talking points as every other ultra liberal on the web. Your post was the perfect antidote for the madness.

    • Thank you. Ashley was accusing Republicans of waging a war on woman for not wanting to pay for their birth control. It was in an ad and it was very hostile. No room for these people to discuss facts and differences without namecalling.

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