What is a “cultural catholic”? I’ve seen a political ad on television where a woman identifies herself as a “cultural catholic” and that she supports the mandate for free birth control. She said most Catholics use birth control. She says the Catholic church is trying to force it’s beliefs on the rest of us.

I find this ad so offensive because it is such a lie. First, you are either a Catholic or you aren’t. I don’t know what a “cultural catholic” is but I don’t believe it is up to “most” of the congregation to decide what the doctrine of the church is. The fact that “most” Catholics go against the church’s teachings doesn’t make them right. If everyone jumped off a cliff, should you? So, if Catholic women have abortions is killing an infant OK? According to this woman you can chose to follow the parts you like and ignore the parts you don’t. I guess that’s what a “cultural catholic” is.

She said the church was trying to force it’s beliefs on the rest of us, but that is NOT what is happening. It is the government that is doing the forcing. The government is forcing churches to provide something they believe is morally wrong. The church isn’t forcing anything on the “rest of us”. If the church doesn’t pay for your birth control it doesn’t mean you have no access to birth control, it simply means you have to buy your own. And, lets be truthful. Buying birth control is not breaking the bank for anyone. You can get birth control pills at Walmart for $8.00 a month. Condoms cost, what, a dollar? It means the church isn’t forced to provide for you something it believes is morally wrong. The church isn’t forcing anything on you. The church is NOT preventing you from purchasing or using birth control.

And, by the way, before ObamaCare was put before Congress, Obama met with Catholic Bishops and promised them if they supported ObamaCare he would honor a moral exemption to any parts they objected to. In fact, he was offended they would even question his promise to give them a moral exemption. But the minute ObamaCare was passed, they were told the moral exemption was off the table. Obama LIED to the Catholic Bishops. He LIED to them. If he lied to them, who won’t he lie to?


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Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Brian Horn says:

    Very poignant posting talent scout!

  2. David Breathnach says:

    You are just a typical misguided disillusioned believer. A Cultural Catholic is someone who identifies themselves as catholic and are involved in catholic traditions. The reason ‘most’ Catholics go against the church teaching is because most of the church’s teachings are outdated most of them are logical people and realize not using birth control in this day in age is unsafe. Also abortion, which isn’t even legalized where I’m from, is appropriate or necessary in some cases. In issues such as rape, illness or risk of the mother’s life. Actually if you really knew about the Catholic Church and it’s history you would know they do force their views onto people. Fighting not to have evolution thought in schools for one example? Fighting the contraception mandate for another? You need to understand that cultural Catholics have got it right and are moving in the right direction.

    • I’m neither misguided or disillusioned. I see, if you don’t agree with the church, the church is “outdated”. When did killing become in fashion? I have no objection to women using birth control but to force the church to provide it is wrong. It’s wrong to force anyone to do something that is against their beliefs. The Catholic Church wants it’s members to procreate to increase their numbers, a wise thing if they are to survive. As a nation, we aren’t reproducing ourselves.

      No one, including myself, has ever said abortions should be denied in the case of rape, incest or the health of the mother. But abortions used as birth control is wrong on every level. We know how to prevent pregnancy. And to suggest a third term baby is not human is not factual.

      We may have progressed technologically, but human nature hasn’t. You can dress it up all you like but aborting a third trimester baby is killing a human being. There is nothing “outdated” about that. As far as the mandated birth control, please explain why I should have to pay for the birth control of women who can easily afford to pay for their own? Birth control is not expensive and there are already programs for those who can’t afford it. Paying for EVERYONE’S is VERY expensive and unnecessary.

      The Communist goals were focused on destroying the morality of this country because they knew if they could, they could take over. Evolution is a “theory” not fact. Why not teach both and allow our children to use critical thinking and make up their own minds? Afraid they might not agree with you? Cultural Catholics don’t have it right.
      ObamaCare will result in the closing of Catholic Hospitals, adoption agencies and more.

  3. David Breathnach says:

    Okay, I will come back to the killing statement later. First off ‘The Catholic Church wants it’s members to procreate to increase their numbers’? The Catholic Church members account for 1.2 Billion of the World’s population, chances of them dying out are slim I reckon.Also in a world of STDs and Aids I think protection is almost necessary and it would be irresponsible not to wear any. By the way I’m not American, I’m taking a more worldly view on this argument.

    Secondly not one did I say anything about a third trimester baby? I would disagree with allowing third trimester abortions, but not on moral grounds but that the medical risk become significantly higher.
    Also Human Nature has progressed actually , Consider the death penalty and the decriminalization of homosexuality? maybe the third trimester is a grey area but the first too are not.
    Evolution is a theory yes, but then so is gravity and so is the idea that God exists. but Evolution needs to be taught because it is being accepted almost as fact because it makes the most logical sense and all evidence points towards it.
    You have made so many redundant points I just can’t deal with them all. Will just make your whole case against abortion and birth control, give me all you points so I can show why im right and we can just call it a day?

    • Positions on the death penalty and homosexuality are not changes in “human nature”. They are signs of erroding morality. One of the Communist goals. I don’t know where the “decriminalization of homosexuality” came from. I don’t know anyone who supports homosexuality being a crime. I didn’t care about the “gay marriage” issue until it was mandated that our children be taught homosexuality is normal. One school even had gays discuss how they had sex. I have many gay friends and a few family members and not one of them has ever discussed their secual practices with me. These are the unintended consequences of politicizing what should be private decissions.

      FYI, third trimester abortions are being performed everyday. When ObamaCare is fully implimented abortions will be a publically funded mandate. Doesn’t matter if you or I approve, there will be abortions on demand for whatever reason. Yes, we Conservatives don’t think that’s a good idea.

      As far as evolution is concerned, evidence does not point point to it. If any creature evolved into something different there would be generations of mutations over hundreds of years and there have never been any such remains found. Evan Darwin questioned his theory because there are no fossils or remains that prove his theory.

      In Hebrew the word for “day” also means era or period of time. The world was created in seven eras. I find no conflict between the Bible and science. And the odds of life happening spontaneously is non-existant. There is no reason both can’t be taught and allow kids to decide for themselves. Children should be taught HOW to think, not WHAT to think.
      No one is asking you to show me anything. This is my blog.

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