Do you believe if there was a world wide ban on guns there would be no guns? Of course there would be guns. Military would have guns, criminals would have guns, cartels would have guns, terrorists would have guns. Only law abiding people would not have guns. Law abiding people would be vulnerable to anyone who wished them harm. The United Nations wants to disarm us but doesn’t care if Iran has nuclear weapons. Do you really trust that if Governments had guns and we didn’t they wouldn’t use them to control the citizens? Have you studied history? In every city and country that have banned guns they have had an increase in gun violence. You only have to look at the statistics for Washington, D.C. and Chicago. And in fact, cities with the highest gun ownership have the lowest incidence of gun violence. Criminals are much less likely to use a gun if they think you have one too.

Law abiding citizens with guns are not the problem. They are, by definition, law abiding. The problem is emotionally disturbed people who should be institutionalized. Instead of taking guns from law abiding citizens we need to examine why we can’t take dangerous emotionally disturbed people off the streets. These crazy people (I won’t give them more publicity by naming them) who have murdered innocent people with guns in the last decade or so, had behaved in ways that concerned people around them for some time before they acted. The mother of last night’s shooter was not surprised to learn her son was to blame. But even if she wanted him institutionalized there is little she could have done. People can only be held 72 hours without their consent. I have known people who were desperate to get a loved one committed to a mental facility before they harmed themselves or someone else to no avail. Many disturbed people do very well on medications but unless they are supervised they won’t take them.

Even if we banned all guns, people determined to kill others would do so by other means. Last night’s shooter booby trapped his apartment with explosives. He could have easily used explosives in the movie theater and caused even more casualties. All of the people in recent memory who have committed these atrocities were crazy people. Unfortunately I don’t know how you prevent crazy people from causing harm if they are determined to, unless you commit them to an institution. But banning guns leaves everyone vulnerable and doesn’t solve the problem of people determined to become famous by mass murder of innocent people. Last night’s crazy person could have just as easily walked in that theater and blown the entire theater up.

Why would anyone listen to these politicians calling for more gun control? Think about the loudest ones. Aren’t they trying in many other ways to control your behavior? Most of them are also calling for censored speech (but only for those whose opinions differ from theirs), rationing energy and water, redistributing your wealth, limiting your choices. How much easier it would be for them if we were unarmed.

Our founders knew how governments can get out of control. They came from countries that had had Kings and Dictators. They had just fought a war to break the control of England over their lives. They wrote the second amendment so that We the People could take back our country if our government grew out of control. They knew that wouldn’t be possible of the government was armed and we weren’t.

As the saying goes, “If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them”. I’m keeping my gun.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Julie says:

    Eric Holder would have guns.

    • How silly you are. You really think if America didn’t have guns there would be no wars?
      There will ALWAYS be guns and if law abiding people don’t have them, CRIMINALS, CARTELS, GOVERNMENTS
      AND TERRORISTS WILL! There will ALWAYS be people who will cause harm to others. It is absurd to think
      if there were no guns there would be no evil people. BTW, we have a 100% volunteer army. I have no doubt the
      children of members of Congress have guns. There are more guns in America than people and MOST of the people
      who own them never harm anyone. IN FACT, most of our police officers retire without ever firing their guns in the line of duty.

      Your argument is childish.

  2. Jack says:

    The way to regulate guns is to give them to 60 year ++ grandmothers and let them shoot that guy in the theater in Colorado. I’m certain an old granny could pull out her AKA 47 and play the hero. On the other hand, I think we should give guns ONLY to the children of those who serve in Congress. Let them shoot each other and you can bet your “bippy” that new regulations would be in place and the 2nd Amendment would be amended. Same thing with wars. Let ONLY the children of Congress be in the military. There would be no more wars.

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