California is about to punish all it’s citizens for living here. It is only state to impose Cap and Trade. Remember that…..the ONLY state. Cap and Trade will drive out the businesses that haven’t already left. It will be the final nail in California’s coffin. Most people think Cap and Trade only involves businesses with high energy use. That would be bad enough because businesses will pass the taxes on to the consumers, increasing the cost of virtually everything, but that isn’t close to what it will mean to all of us.

The state will arbitrarily decide how much of a carbon footprint each and every one of us is allowed to have. We will then be taxed for any additional carbon we use. The state will tell families how much square footage they can live in. If you want to live in more square footage than they allow, you can but you’ll pay for it in spades. Not only in additional Cap and Trade taxes on the additional footage, but in higher energy costs for the higher energy use.

I grew up in Santa Barbara. I never had air conditioning either in my home or car. Never needed it because Santa Barbara is on the coast and the temperature is always mild. On the hottest days you only need to open a few windows. I now live in the San Fernando Valley. It’s often over 90 in the spring and fall and over 110 in summer. You can’t live without air conditioning in the San Fernando Valley……or most inland areas for that matter. Under Cap and Trade we’ll be punished for living in those areas.

Remember, we are the ONLY state to impose Cap and Trade. It will have ZERO effect on “greenhouse gas” use. California could stop using all energy, all of it… cars, no industry, no electricity use at all and it wouldn’t effect the temperature at all. The assumption was that the other states would follow California (over the cliff) but they weren’t that stupid.

One of the regulations under AB32 is that we will no longer be able to buy coal fire energy. Coal is the primary source of our energy. So now we can only buy hydroelectric energy from Canada (we can’t supply our own because we are planning to blow up our dams….that’s a whole other discussion). Canada buys most of it’s energy from coal fire plants. So they will buy coal fire energy at a discount and sell it back to California at a premium price. It’s won’t reduce greenhouse gasses (BTW, CO2 is only 3.38% of the so-called greenhouse gases), but it WILL cost us more for energy…….again increasing the cost of EVERYTHING, while accomplishing nothing…..except to increase Canada’s wealth.

Don’t forget, Californians, you had a chance to stop this. We put a proposition on the ballot to cancel AB32 and YOU voted to keep it. You thought it was about “clean air and water”. FYI, AB32 will NOT make our air and water cleaner. We ALREADY have the cleanest air and water in the world while using fossil fuels. It’s energy use that has given us the cleanest air and water. Cap and Trade will kill this Golden Goose……and for nothing.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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