Many Conservatives are madder at the Republican party than they are at the Democrats. Some people say there is no difference between the parties. They don’t like or trust either. They don’t think there will be any difference no matter who is elected. Some believe the Republicans need to be taught a lesson.

Have both parties had a hand in the financial mess we find ourselves in? Sure. Is there corruption on both sides? Sure. Have both sides supported policies that weren’t in the best interest of the people they represent? I have no doubt. But, I can tell you there is a vast difference between the parties.

Over the last, at least, 20 years the Republican party has been moving farther and farther left…..but then so has the Democrat party. The Democrat party has gone so far left they happily embrace Communists in their party (and the White House for that matter). Congressman Allen West said there are 78 Communists in the House of Representatives and he is correct. There are 78 members of the Progressive Caucus. Progressive is another word for Communist. Liberals love to change what something is called so you win’t know what they are doing. They think we’ll forget what it really is. Progressives have the same goals that Communists have. A rose by any other name…… I always believed Americans believed in freedom and fought Communism around the world. When did that change?

The Republican Party moving to the left is more responsible for the birth of the Tea Party than the election of Obama. Most Conservatives I’ve spoken to had been feeling for a long time that we were going in the wrong direction. We had become more and more concerned about the slow erosion of our liberties as government intruded more and more into our lives. Concerned about the Republicans being so willing to “reach across the aisle” to pass legislation that expanded entitlements while restricting freedom. For me amnesty and the Medicare drug plan were the final straw. When President Bush appointed a housewife (the wife of a staffer) as the head of ICE, I cried because I knew he wasn’t serious about securing the border. I cried because it became so clear to me that we had gone too far. I had always believed in the principals of the Republican party, those of personal responsibility, self determination, fiscal responsibility and limited government. I realized the Republican party no longer represented those principals. Unfortunately, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Republicans realized the power in DC was in the hands of those who had control of the money and most of the money is in entitlement programs. Those who give out more entitlements get more votes.

So, what about the Democrats? They’re for the “working man”, for the “underdog”. They are the compassionate party. All you have to do is look at the cities and states that have been run by Liberals for generations. They are bankrupt, have the highest crime rates, highest gang activity and most poverty. Look at Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, etc. Democrat policies have enslaved people and resulted in higher and higher numbers of single parent homes. In the 50’s the percentage of out of wedlock children in the black community was less than 10%, now it is over 70%. And why is that? Because as long as a woman has no job or husband the government will send her a check….and another for each additional child. What incentive does a man have to take care of his children if the government will happily do it? Every Democrat policy that I can think of erodes freedom, expands government and costs more than it should.

While Republicans had become Liberal lite, a lot has changed since Obama was elected. The election of Obama and the Democrat control of both houses emboldened the Democrats to go for the changes they have been wanting to make for a long time. They took their masks off and let us see who they really were. Most were Communists. Agenda 21, Global Warming, Sustainability are all programs adored by Democrats because they all lead to the government control of everything we do. They are determined to get us out of our cars and into public transportation. They are determined to redistribute wealth. They will tell us how to live, where to live, how and when to travel.

While both parties were looking pretty much the same, things have changed. The Tea Party has caused the change. It has been caused because Conservatives who have been working to build careers or businesses, who weren’t asking the government for anything, left their comfort zones and went out to the streets to protest. We surrounded the Capitol in DC. We had protests across the country and we kept protesting. Republicans in Congress paid attention (not all but a majority). They came out to our rallies and told us they heard us and they stood with us to bring back limited, Constitutional government. Tea Parties have been responsible for taking back the House of Representatives and the end the Democrat super majority in the Senate. The sleeping giant woke up. We have become informed, organized and energized.

The difference between the parties now couldn’t be clearer and farther apart. Democrats want central control of our lives, our industry and our wealth. They want socialism at best, communism, IMO, is the goal. Republicans want limited, Constitutional government, self determination and most important, liberty.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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