Do you feel more united as a country since electing the first black President?  Do you feel race is no longer an issue in this country?  We’ve never been more divided. Why?

What did we know about this president before he was elected?  His records are sealed.  Why isn’t the press interested in why they’re sealed? The same press that sent teams to Alaska to investigate everything about Sarah Palin and went through thousands of e-mails with a fine tooth comb. We know everything there is to know about Sarah Palin but we know very little about Barack Obama.

Let’s talk about what we DO know about Obama.  His mother and father and grandparents were self avowed communists.  His father was a muslim, his step-father was a muslim.  He was raised in a muslim country and went to a muslim school.  His school registration listed his religion as “muslim”.   The only way he could have gone to school in Indonesia was to be adopted by his step-father as non-citizens were not allowed in Indonesian schools. 

I doubt you could find a child development expert who would disagree that the early years of a childs life are the most influential.  We also know he said, in his own words that he chose his friends carefully and that they included black and latino activists, feminists…and Marxist professors.  Nowhere does he mention white friends.  He said his grandmother a “typical white woman” whose fear of a group of black men would cause her to cross the road. 

He spent 20 years in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church.  Rev. Wright was not just his minister.  Wright was not a causal or insignificant person in his life.   Rev. Wright was, by Obama’s admission, a mentor.  Obama used Wright’s words, “The Audacity of Hope” as the title of one of his books.  Wright officiated at Obama’s wedding and babtised his daughters.  Do you actually believe for a minute Obama didn’t know Wright’s views?  Since Obama was elected, Wright has not kept his views from the public, so why would anyone believe he kept them from Obama?  PLEASE! In a recent interview Wright was asked if he believed he converted Obama. Wright answered that he didn’t know. He didn’t know.

Reverend Wright said in an interview that he was offered a bribe not to speak about Obama. When he refused it, Obama visited him and also asked him to be silent. As Obama left he said to the Reverend, “You know what your problem is, you can’t lie”. Oh, that’s comforting.

Even with his records sealed, we know enough about this man to know he is a socialist at best.  We know he wants to “fundamentally transform America” (his words).  We know his FCC Czar wants to censor the media.  We know his “Regularory” Czar believes in sterilazation by additives to the water supply and that children are not human until older than two.  We know his energy policy will cause energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket” (his words).  We know his Secretary of Energy wants gas to cost $10.00 a gallon. We know he wants Card Check that will take the silent vote away from union members.  We know he is against voters having to present ID’s to vote. He is suing Arizona to stop them from protecting themselves from illegal immigration when there are areas of Arizona too dangerous to enter. We know he is suing the military to prevent t hem from having extra time to vote. We know he wants to do to the rest of America’s industry what he did to GM. We know he wants to redistribute our wealth in the name of social justice. We know he cares little for the Constitution or the Rule of Law. He granted Amnesty after telling pro-amnesty groups he had no authority to do so. We know he wants a citizen army “as well funded and equipt as the military”….WHY?

As for his political ascendency, we know he won every election, not by winning the debate with better ideas and being more popular but by unsealing sealed records of his opponents and smearing them with private unproven information, thus knocking them out of the election.

We know he had no trouble getting in to the most expensive private schools his family couldn’t afford to sent him to…..when he did very little studying by his own admission. We know he traveled to Pakistan when the USA wasn’t issuing visas to US citizens to travel there. We know he was the first and only President of the Harvard Law Review not to publish a single law review. And that Obama said, “if the political winds turn in an ugly direction, I’ll stand with the Muslims”.

Finally, we don’t need to be “birthers” to know there is a great deal of controversy about his documentation. His birth certificate is at best questionable. Sheriff Arpio wasn’t the first question his birth certificate. When Trump embarrassed Obama into releasing his long form certificate, a high school teacher in San Diego asked his students to prove it was genuine (the teacher believed it was) and they proved it wasn’t. Obama’s social security number is a number issued in Connecticut, a state he never lived in.

We also know he has appointed many people to his administration that hold very radical ideas. Many who quote Mao as a hero. Some admitted Communists. I have to ask how Van Jones and others got security clearances. In fact, Obama would never have passed a security clearance before 2008. Obama’s Attorney General Holder said he wouldn’t prosecute black on white crimes and refuses to defend DOMA. Holder, Obama and those in his administration all took oaths to uphold our laws but they obviously feel no obligation to do so. That should trouble all of us.

The press is complicit but the voters should have been demanding the press question the obvious problems with Obama’s history, associations and beliefs. They didn’t….because he is black. Isn’t that racist?


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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