Well, today’s the day! This is the most important day of our lifetimes. Today will determine the direction of this country. I was at the my polling place at 6:50am and there were a hundred people in line. There are more Conservatives than Liberals in this country. If we vote, WE WIN!

Between the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party we have over a thousand members. Each of you joined because you wanted to work with like minded people to return our country to what our founders designed for us. Their plan made us the most successful, most powerful country in the world with the highest standard of living for all, even our poorest. Today we need to take our country back from a man who has reduced our wealth 40%, maintained unemployment at 8%, gas prices over $4, is closing down coal plants that supply 48% of our energy with no replacement (solar/wind supply 3%), lies to us daily and refused to send help to our Ambassador in Libya…..then lied about it and still refuses to call it a terrorist act.

I am asking, I am begging each and every one of you to vote today. Los Angeles has the most registered Republicans in any city in the country. We have ONE MILLION registered Republicans. If they all voted we could not only take back our country, we could take back California. Think about that. If Obama wins I won’t know if you voted or not……but you will.

And for those who considering voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson (who are both fine men) I’m BEGGING you to reconsider. I know you want to teach the Republican party a lesson (so do I) but now is not the time to make a “statement”. A vote for either of them is a vote for Obama. We can’t survive another Obama term.

Valerie Jarrett said last week that after this election it was time for revenge and they won’t forget who their enemies are. She is Obama’s closest advisor and friend. Revenge. Is that why 95% of closed GM dealers were owned by Republicans? Is that why when Texas was overwhelmed with fires Obama refused to declare it an emergency? Is that why Governor Christy praised Obama, because Sandy destroyed New Jersey and Christy knew he wouldn’t get any money if he didn’t?

Remember the next President will appoint at least 2 more Supreme Court Justices. If Obama appoints them you can say goodbye to the First and Second Amendments. If Obama wins I truly fear for our future. Now is the time, patriots, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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7 Responses to TODAY IS THE DAY

  1. Al says:

    You said: “I know you want to teach the Republican party a lesson (so do I) but now is not the time to make a “statement”. A vote for either of them (Ron Paul and Johnson) is a vote for Obama. We can’t survive another Obama term.”
    I guess it was the Tea Party (FKA) the GOP got “schooled” and were taught a big lesson on November 6. Maybe next time, we won’t think rape is okay, legititmate rape doesn’t cause pregnancy, forcing our 20th century values on a 21st Century society and putting up with the Evangelicals who think God is causing global warming (when it’s a proven fact that Global warming is caused by man)
    You told us in 2008 that Obama would cause the sky to fall. It didn’t and maybe the sky will open up this time and take all of you away. Maybe then Congress could get something done. No Tea Party=Progress.
    You need to write a letter to President Obama and apologize for your ignorance.

  2. If anyone is waiting for an apology from me, don’t hold your breath.

    Who said rape was OK? Who? And FYI, the idea that a woman’s body would reject a pregnancy resulting from rape used to be taught in medical and nursing schools. I don’t know how it could be proven either way. But that was what ONE man said and obviously wasn’t the opinion of the Republican party or the Tea Party. If anyone voted against Republicans for that reason are too stupid to vote.

    Values and morals are values and morals no matter what century we are living in. The fact that we have lowered our moral values isn’t anything to brag about but no one is trying to force anything on you. It’s the Liberals who are forcing the rest of us to fund their irresponsible behavior. If you want to behave irresponsibly pay for it yourself.

    Obama IS causing the sky to fall. America’s wealth is DOWN 40% due to his wealth redistribution. Our gas and electricity cost are increasing and will continue to under Obama. You really didn’t think he’d do everything his first term, do you? He wouldn’t have been re-elected if he did.

    I don’t know any Evangelicals who think God or man is causing global warming because neither is.

    Not only isn’t the Tea Party going anywhere, our numbers have grown dramatically since the election.

    But, thank you for demonstrating how intolerent and hateful Liberals are. It’s always a pleasure.

    • Al says:

      You said the sky would fall when Obama got elected the first time. Can you give me an exact date this time? I just want to be prepared.
      A constant conservative charge against President Obama is that he is inherently anti-business. However, businesses keep defying the storyline by making larger and larger profits, rebounding nicely out of the Great Recession.

      In the third quarter of this year, “corporate earnings were $1.75 trillion, up 18.6% from a year ago.” Corporations are currently making more as a percentage of the economy than they ever have since such records were kept. It would have gone much higher if it were not for morons like Allen West, Michelle Bachmann etc.
      I am not intolerant of anyone…except gullible and ignorant people…those who believe our president will cause the sky to fall.
      Todd Akin said “legitimate rape” was okay and that women can “shut that down” if it’s a legitimate rape. Mourdock said it was “God’s will for a woman to be raped and have the child if she became pregnant. These are the people who run the Tea Party! Bachmann said 80% of Congress are Communists. Is this stupidity REALLY what the Tea Party stands for?
      Yep. I AM intolerant of that kind of thinking…your kind of thinking and you people need to find a way towards real peace because you lost the election and will lose even greater in 2014 and again in 2016 when Hillary is president. We are living in the 21st Century…not the 17th or 20th century anymore. Let’s get with the times Mike!

      • Bachmann said 78 members of Congress were Communists (not 80%) and she is correct. There are 78 members of the Progressive Caucus. FYI, “progressive” is what Communists are called now days. Mourdock has nothing to do with the Tea Party. No one “runs” the Tea Party. There is no “leader” of the Tea Party for a reason. And Obama IS destroying this country.

        Glenn Warmer, I’m done talking to you. Either you are a kid or you are the most ignorant adult I’ve ever met.

  3. Al says:

    I’m the “ignorant adult”??? You people lost and are still crying about it. Get behind our president and do the intelligent thing for a change. The Tea Party is hurting this country. Mourdock is a member of the Tea Party. Look it up in the Farmer’s Almanac.

    When you people get bested by facts, you end the discussion. Your decision to quit talking with me mirrors the exact same thing the Teabaggers are doing in Congress. It’s the facts you can’t stand, so you make up your own opinions. That’s sad Mike!

  4. Bested by facts? What facts? The one about my son-in-law being a nurse? LOL! The one from “Answers”? The misinformation about Bachmann and who leads the Tea Party? What facts?

    Obama has increased our deficit from $10 trillion to $16 trillion in three years and wants unlimited spending. He is closing down 48% of our energy. He wants to take over more businesses. Companies are cutting employees hours because they can’t afford ObamaCare. He is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. He told the military to stand down and allowed FOUR Americans to be murdered by terrorists in Benghazi and then LIED for weeks about it because it didn’t fit his political agenda. We’ll NEVER get behind this president. NEVER. You said Mourdock was a “leader” of the Tea Party. He doesn’t speak for us and we aren’t responsible for what individual members say. If you can’t tell the difference, yes, YOU are ignorant. The Tea Party doesn’t involve itself in social issues. We are only involved in limited Constitutional government and fiscal responsibility.

    This is NOT an open forum for you to continue to harass me. Go away.

  5. Al says:

    I’m gone Mike…You continue to live in your fantasy land and make up your own opinions and continue to ignore any facts…whether they come from the Liberals or the morons in the Tea Party.

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