I’ve been listening to the sage critics from both parties saying what the Republicans need to do if they ever want to win another election. Apparently we should now be for amnesty, gay marriage, free birth control and abortions.

How exactly would that benefit the Republican party? We will never win the bidding war. If we said we were now for amnesty the Democrats would say amnesty plus 30 family members too. It’s pandering, it’s divisive and it’s immoral. If we move to the Left we become meaningless. We become Democrat light. There would be no clear choice between the parties.

We need to recognize that the demographics of our nation have changed. Not with our knowledge or content but they have, in fact, changed. White Americans are becoming the minority (this was the goal of the Progressives, BTW) but the next largest minorities, Latinos and blacks are people with strong religious beliefs and family values. We need for them to understand how the Democrats are destroying those things and how THEY will ultimately be effected by that destruction. They have been voting against their own best interests. Obama’s policies will hurt them first and most.

Our founders knew this grand experiment in freedom would never succeed unless it was based on religious morality. Republicans believe in self determination and personal responsibility. We need to sell our message effectively. There is no greater gift than freedom. People need to understand that. Anyone who is dependent on government to supply their needs is NOT free. How many parents have said to their children, “As long as you live under my roof, you live by my rules”. There are always strings attached. Look what those strings have done to the black community. As long as a woman has no husband or job they’ll get a check. They used to have very strong families, very high moral values. Forty years ago the rate of births of unmarried black women was less than 25%, now it’s over 72%. After the Republicans passed the civil rights bill the Democrats found another way to keep blacks on the plantation.

We’re being told our values are old and out of date. We’re supposed to ease up on our opposition to gay marriage, amnesty, abortion, etc. Really? Morality is out of date? Something is either right or wrong. If something is wrong, it’s still wrong even if most people are doing it. It simply means we’ve become more tolerant of wrong. One of the Communist goals was to break down the moral values of this country. Another was to marginalize religion, to mock and demonize the religious. You only have to look at how the press treats Tim Tebow to see how well they’ve achieved their goals.

Democrats have effectively sold the voters the idea that they are the compassionate party that is fighting for the common man. Well, lets take a look at that. Lets look at the kind of people Democrats elect to office. Al Franken, whose election is very questionable? Anthony Weiner, who sent pictures of his penis to young women? Jesse Jackson Jr., who is going to jail? Elizabeth Warren, who pretended to be an Indian to take advantage of affirmative action? Alan Grayson, who is possibly the dumbest man on the planet? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? Would you let any of them babysit your children?

Compare them to Allen West, perhaps the most honorable man ever elected to office. Michele Bachmann, mother of 5, foster mother of 23, courtroom attorney. Paul Ryan, Steve King, Peter King, Mike Lee, Tom McClintock, Trey Gowdy, etc. Highly moral and ethical. And, of course Mitt Romney, not my first choice but a man who has done more personal acts of kindness than anyone I know. A man who didn’t take a salary as Governor or to save the Olympics, donated all of his inheritance and gives 30% of his income to charity every year.

Obama, on the other hand, did his best to divide and conquer and he succeeded. He waged class and race warfare. He pitted the rich against the poor, illegal aliens against citizens, minorities against whites. This was no accident. Conservatives see us all as Americans. We don’t hyphenate people. We don’t see minorities as being inferior. We think they are as capable as we are and we know for them to thrive they need to be free.

What do Democrats stand for? Apparently they are all Saul Alinsky followers now. Any means to the end. They are fine with voter fraud as long as it benefits them……and it always has. Think about the people who were bussed in to swing states to vote. How clever they all think they are. Lying is not a problem. They circled the wagons around any politician that was under fire. They threw money into their elections and doubled down on getting them elected.

Democrats are for illegal aliens, the more the merrier. They don’t care if they break the law (or many laws), they don’t care how much of a burden they are to the taxpayers or that they take American jobs, they only care they will be Democrat voters. They don’t care if illegals vote and are against any attempt to require voter ID or purge our voter rolls of the dead. They’re against a secure border even when terrorists and cartels are crossing into the country. Americans living on the border have been hung out to dry. Their property is violated, their livestock killed, their fences broken down, trash thrown everywhere. We have areas along the border that are posted as being too dangerous to enter. Are you kidding? The one thing we DO want government to do is protect the citizens of this country.

Democrats defend Muslim’s and condemn Israel. They even think Sharia law should be practiced in this country. They are for abortion on demand. Apparently the babies have no right to life. They are for unions even as unions bankrupt the country. They are for card check that takes away the rights of those who don’t want to join unions. They are for every social service that enslaves rather than frees people. They are against war unless a Democrat President thinks it’s necessary. They’re against monitoring calls to enemy countries (as an invasion of privacy) but are for SmartMeters that will record EVERYTHING you do in your own home. They are for regulating CO2 that will destroy our economy and regulate everything we do. They are for ObamaCare that not one Republican voted for and is already destroying the best system in the world. They are for Agenda 21, ICLEI and all the Green Tyranny that will lead to the UN being the governing body for the world. They are for drones blowing people up but against water boarding that doesn’t kill or even leave a mark.

They have destroyed our schools, there is no denying it but they won’t admit it or allow us to abolish the Department of Education and return schools to local control. They just keep demanding more money for schools…..only the money goes to teachers salaries and benefits. They have taken history and civics out of elementary school. They teach our kids that Capitalism is evil and socialism is good. Public Employee Unions are bankrupting us. Would you ever have agreed to increase your taxes to give public employees salaries and benefits you don’t get? Every city that has high poverty and crime and is bankrupt has been run by Unions and Democrats but the mainstream media never points that out.

Republicans have to stand for morality if this country is to survive. The idea that if most of the citizens don’t recognize that something is evil and destructive, it isn’t, is absurd. There is black and white, there is right and wrong and if we don’t stand for moral values, we’re DONE.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Arch C says:

    Michael, I actually bring your blog to my school where I read it to my 9th grade students each morning (when you have something new to say) They actually do belly laughs when hearing your nonsense. But, it’s a free world with free speech so keep on entertaining all of us.

    • What a sad commentary on our schools. Your students are ignorant. Instead of ridiculing what you clearly don’t know, you should have them do some research. Look at both sides of an issue. Let them chose for themselves what they believe. Our children are no longer being taught how to think, they’re being taught what to think.

      Have them read the Stimulus bill and Affordable Care Act and see what they think.

  2. Arch C says:

    No “Greter” Gift…??? I’m certan you must have meant “Greater” Gift…Of course you did.

  3. Arch C says:

    @maddeerthanhell: You said: “Compare them to Allen West, perhaps the most honorable man ever elected to office. Michele Bachmann, mother of 5, foster mother of 23, courtroom attorney.”
    Just so you know, Michelle Bachmann would not allow children of color to be any of her foster children. (Look it up in the Farmer’s Almanac) which seems to be the only source you are capable of quoting. She was not a courtroom attorney. She was a tax law attorney…and failed at that too. And no, Allen West is not an honorable man. He is a dishonest man. (You can find that it one of your other sources: (Reader’s Digest)
    My kids think you are a “hoot” so keep up with this blog. We look forward to it…and BTW, your son-in-law is not a doctor. He is an osteopathic trained nurse. (I looked that up about you Michael)

    You have a nice weekend and keep on attending all those meetings with 30,000 scientists. That’s gotta be a good way for you to meet others who think crazy thoughts.

    • My son-in-law is an internist, my ignorant friend. I don’t know what you looked up but he is one of the most respected in his field. Whoever you looked up, it wasn’t me or him. My children don’t think you are a “hoot” they think a teacher as ignorant as you is pathetic. Your kids are apparently as incapable of critical thinking as you are.

      Allen West shot his gun next to a terrorist and saved the lives of many men. Didn’t harm the terrorist in any way. He immediately turned over his gun to superiors and reported what he had done. He resigned because he said under the same circumstances he’d do it again. Yes that is an honorable man. More honorable than someone who comes on a strangers blog to insult them but makes a fool of themself. BTW, he told me the story himself.

      Michele Bachmann certainly was a courtroom attorney. She represented the IRS in court. Where is your source that Michele “wouldn’t” take children of color or how that minimizes the help she provided for 23 kids? I’m sure it is as reliable as the rest of the misinformation you use as fact. I told you to look at the Farmers Almanac because you obviously don’t know how to do actual research. If you think Global Warming has been proven you are incapable of unbiased research. My sources include NASA, Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering at UCLA (specializing in fusion), Richard Lindzen atmospheric physicist, Matthew Malkan Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UCLA, Ed Berry meterologist atmospheric physicist, and MANY more. BTW, you might want to look up Phil Jones whose computer models GW is based on. He had to resign because he minipulated the data and admits there had been no significant warming in the last 10 years.

      I’ll be interested to see how funny you think all this is when you can’t afford to drive your car or heat and cool your house. Good luck to you.

      • Arch says:

        Most humans I know will look at both sides of and argument. Go ahead. Make an argument. It’s easy and is taught in Law School. Contract Law 101. Make an argument Michael. When the kids hear that you think Allen West and Todd Aikman and Richard Mourdock (and Michele Bachmann) are somehow “honest” and “worthy” people, your brain is being toasted.
        I don’t mean to be rude, but I actually thought you were writing this blog as a joke when I first read it. 30,000 scientists all suing Al Gore? It just is not happening gal!
        Suggest you actually learn the first rule of research: Make an arugment. We will be waiting to hear it.

      • Apparently you are not human.

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