The media has been touting Sandy Hook as the second worst school killing in history. Wouldn’t it be refreshing for a change if they actually did their job?

In 1922 a member of the school board drove a car filled with explosives to a school and blew it up, killing 34. In 1957 a man burned down a school, killing 95. In neither case was a gun involved.

Someone posted on my blog that I was an idiot because if no guns, no dead children. I must wonder if they are capable of critical thinking. If no car bomb, no 34 dead kids, if no fire, no 95 dead kids. If no water, no drownings. If no knives, no stabbings. If no bridges, buildings, cliffs, no people jumping off. If no ropes, no hangings. If no hands, no stranglings.

It wasn’t necessary for OJ to use a gun to kill Nicole or Ron, for Scott Peterson to kill Laci, for Stacy Anthony to kill Caylee. Timothy McVie didn’t use guns. The 9/11 terrorists didn’t use guns. Suicide bombers don’t use guns. There are a multitude of ways to kill people if that’s what some lunatic wants to do. And the ONLY way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Guns are not the problem. Guns can’t act alone. The problem is crazy people. We used to be able to commit people who were a threat to themselves or others. We can’t anymore. All those homeless people roaming our streets. There were two incidents of homeless men pushing someone in front of a subway train last year. We used to put these people in mental hospitals where they had a bed and food and showers. Call me mean but I think that’s a better place for them than sleeping in boxes and digging through garbage cans.

The ACLU fights every attempt to change laws concerning involuntary commitment. When we could commit people there were abuses, to be sure. Joseph Kennedy had his daughter committed and lobotomized because she was a willful, disobedient girl who was embarrassing the family. Those kinds of abuse can be dealt with. The idea that people should only volunteer for commitment is ridiculous. Most crazy people don’t think they are crazy. They don’t volunteer for treatment and don’t comply with outpatient treatment. The idea that we can’t stop someone BEFORE they commit a violent act is absurd. Every crazy person who has committed violence has made it known to those around them that they were a threat.

My solution for preventing another Sandy Hook is simple and costs nothing. Our law enforcement officers retire at 50 with 100% or more of their last years salary. We are paying most of them for more years of retirement than they worked on the job. Most of them are fathers and grandfathers. I’m guessing most would happily VOLUNTEER a day or two a week or month to guard a school. I would. Not everything should cost taxpayers more money. If we are already paying retired cops a pension, why can’t they volunteer?

And once again, taking guns from law abiding people makes no one safer. The countries and cities with the most armed citizens have the lowest crime rates. That’s FACT. And to those idiot Liberals screaming for all guns to be banned, unless the Government, police officers, cartels, criminals etc. are going to be disarmed as well, taking guns from citizens puts them in MORE danger, not less.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. tbdancer says:

    Love the news stories where SUVs take on lives of their own and kill people in other cars. Anything the Left can do to paint villains.

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