I’m just going to jump into this. Progressives love to use the terms “fairness” and “common sense” so let’s talk about both in relation to the Boy Scouts.

Starting with the question, “Is it fair to ban good, decent gay boys and men from the Boy Scouts”? I say, no, it isn’t fair. But that isn’t the end of the discussion or the only question. In order to be fair to gays is it fair to compromise 95% of Boy Scouts that aren’t gay? Is it fair to possibly destroy an organization that has been so valuable to so many boys for about 100 years, to be fair to the small number who are gay?

What might be the concerns for parents if the Boy Scouts accept openly gay Scouts and Scout Leaders? They might be concerned that their boys could be sexually abused. Does that mean we believe all gay men are pedophiles? Of course not. But how do you tell who is a pedophile and who isn’t? Are you willing to take that risk with your child?

Certainly not all gay men are pedophiles. But we would be irresponsible not to acknowledge that pedophiles are attracted to jobs that give them access to children. Common sense would tell us the Boy Scouts would be very attractive to pedophiles.

As parents we do everything we can to protect our children from harm. Even though we grew up riding bikes without helmets, we put helmets on our kids because we know there is a possibility they could fall and hit their heads. We put knee pads and elbow pads on them even though we never broke a bone skating. We have play dates instead of allowing our kids to run around the neighborhood because we know, no matter how remote the possibility, there are people who would harm them and they look like you and me. But, in order to be “fair” to gays, we’re now supposed to be blind to the possibility that our child could face unwanted sexual attention.

Let me ask you this…..why aren’t men allowed to be Girl Scout Leaders? And why is no one jumping up and down about the unfairness of that? I’m sure there are many Dads of Girl Scouts that would love to be leaders of their daughters troop and would do a fine job. But even if we don’t talk about the reasons why it’s not a good idea, common sense tells us why it isn’t.

Canada removed restrictions against gay Scouts and Scout Leaders and it has nearly destroyed the organization. Membership dropped as parents weren’t willing to put their boys in a situation that could harm them. If parents have their kids wear helmets and knee pads even though they were never harmed by not wearing them, why is it so unreasonable for them not to want to put their child at risk of unwanted sexual contact?

Boy Scouts is a private organization that receives no taxpayer funding. They are funded by private donations. They have every right to set their own rules and the Supreme Court upheld their right to do so. What is happening, however, is that this administration has decided Boy Scouts need to accept gays and is using the Scouts large Corporate donors to coerce them. The only reason Scouts are considering allowing gays is because Corporations are threatening to withdraw their funding. Is this the way we want America to work? Never mind what is “fair”, never mind “common sense”, in order to treat a small percentage of the population fairly, the Boy Scouts are being treated unfairly.

Our founders never intended the government to be in the business of “fairness”. It is impossible to make things fair because when you make something fair for one person, you make it unfair for another. I’m sorry that it is unfair for the Boy Scouts to ban gays, I really am, but I’m less concerned with being fair to tiny percentage of gays that want to join the Boy Scouts than I am with protecting the Scouts and their right to decide without threat what they want their organization to be about.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Joe says:

    For what it’s worth, I think priests in the Roman Catholic Church who molest little boys are more dangerous than the boyscouts.

    • Priests have been stopped. At this point would any parent allow their child to spend time alone with a priest? But we are supposed to allow our children to spend time alone with gay scout leaders? Not all Priests are pedophiles nor are all gay men pedophiles but as a parent, would you put your child at risk?

  2. Cry and Howl says:

    I don’t mean to intrude on your blog, but I wanted to say you did a great job with this subject. If the Boy Scouts cave to this pressure I believe the organization will suffer immensely. About 70% of the support they receive is from faith based groups, churches, etc. Also your point about are we as parents willing to take the “risk” is right on.

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