I can’t contain myself. I just listened to Karl Rove on the Michael Medved radio show. They were trashing one of my favorite Congressmen, Steve King of Iowa. He hasn’t even decided to run for the Senate but Karl Rove is already attacking him. I’ve had it! I’ve met Steve King and I’ve seldom met a finer man. I went to Washington twice in four months to lobby against ObamaCare and Steve King fought shoulder to shoulder with Michele Bachmann and the tens of thousands of us who were there. Steve is a true Conservative. He is criticized for being against illegal immigration and gun control. He is also a Christian and a social conservative. Apparently, social conservatives are no longer acceptable to the RNC and Karl Rove.

Medved and Rove ONCE AGAIN publicly condemned Sharron Angle, Todd Akin, Richard Murdock and Christine O’Donnell. Republicans can’t seem to stop condemning these candidates. You would think they committed murder. What did they do that deserves being constantly maligned in public? I’m sick to death of this! I don’t hear Liberals bringing them up every second, only Republicans.

Lets take each one and look at their crimes. Lets start with Todd Akin, the one most often condemned even by Conservatives that I think should know better. He said a woman’s body was capable of shutting down a pregnancy that resulted from a “legitimate” rape. Was it an unfortunate choice of words to use “legitimate”? YES! But he didn’t just make that up. What he said was a widely accepted theory in medical and nursing schools not so long ago. Is it such an outrageous theory? Obviously there is no way to prove a woman’s body could reject a pregnancy due to rape but believing it’s possible is not that outrageous. Our bodies are able to do many miraculous things. There have been numerous cases of people with incurable cancer where it simply disappeared or unsurvivable injuries that people survive. What people took such offense to, in my opinion, was his use of “legitimate rape”. Everyone jumped to the defense of women who have had babies as a result of rape and how dare we suggest it wasn’t “legitimate”. Are we really going to pretend that no woman has ever falsely claimed rape? Really? Todd Akin shouldn’t have said what he said but he misspoke. I don’t believe that is a crime. Nor do I believe it negates the many years he served in Congress.

I met Congressman Akin during one of my trips to DC. He was with Michele Bachmann and Steve King on the balcony outside Congress the night they passed ObamaCare telling us they would continue to fight. The GOP says we need to better vet the candidates. Todd Akin was a six term Congressman and a true Tea Party Conservative. He served 12 years fighting for Conservative values and is repaid by being thrown under the bus by Republicans, not Democrats. When he “misspoke” he was ahead in the polls. Republicans immediately condemned him and withdrew money and support. That wasn’t enough, they spent the rest of the campaign publicly demanding his withdrawal. They continue to blame him for losing that Senate seat. In my opinion, THEY lost that seat. And Karl Rove is MOST responsible for losing it. Rove went on FOX every week condemning Akin and demanding he drop out.

Richard Murdock said if a woman became pregnant it was God’s will. There are millions of people who believe what ever happens is Gods will. I’m not one of them. God gave us free will and we sometimes chose to do the wrong thing. In todays climate, it’s best to stay away from subjects having to do with reproduction, but he didn’t commit a crime. And again, it was the Republican party not the media or Liberals who did the most harm to his campaign. Who can win if their party not only withdraws it’s financial support but publicly demands your withdrawal every chance it gets?

Sharron Angle was characterized as a mental lightweight, completely out of her league. She was neither. She was well educated, a teacher and member of the school board. She had served four terms in the State legislature. She had been praised for her well run legislative campaigns. She was ahead in the race until the very last hours when tens of thousands suddenly decided to vote. It looks like her loss had more to do with the Liberals not wanting to lose Harry Reid and coming up with more “voters” than Sharron being inept.

Now, I concede Christine O’Donnell is a different story. While she was for all the right things and ran a good campaign in the primary, she jumped the shark when she made the “I’m not a witch” commercial. She shouldn’t have dignified the subject. It did make her look dingy. But, still, it was the Republican party who did her the most harm.

Why is the GOP so ready to throw our candidates under the bus? The GOP helped draw Michele Bachmann and Allen West out of their districts and worked just as hard against them as the Liberals did. These are honorable and principled people. They are exactly who we want and need in Congress. They are unwilling to compromise the Constitution or our religious foundation. We need people who aren’t willing to be co-opted by the Washington machine…..and that is exactly why the GOP doesn’t want them.

Liberals don’t do this. Look at Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, Al Frankin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, Shirley Jackson Lee, etc. How often have they “misspoken”? The Liberals circle the wagons and defend their candidates no matter what they do…..until they can’t deny it any longer. But even then, they don’t publicly condemn them every chance they get. In fact, they embrace them and see that they get a cushy job.

What did Angle, Akin, O’Donnell and Murdock do to deserve public condemnation every week? Did they murder anyone? Did they tweet their genitals to strangers? Did they have a baby out of wedlock while running for VP? Did they claim to be a minority to get an affirmative action job? Did their closest aide have relatives in the Muslim Brotherhood? Did they help bring on the financial meltdown? Did they have sex with underaged prostitutes?

Karl Rove can go on every show telling us how many Conservatives he supported but he is the problem, not the candidates. He neglects to mention the many RINO’s he supported against the Conservative candidates. And he neglects to mention how fast he appeared on FOX to demand the withdrawal of the Conservative candidates he didn’t like. The candidates he doesn’t like are the ones he and the RNC can’t control. That is why he is campaigning against Steve King before he even decides to run for Senate.

Rove says he wants the most Conservative candidate that “can win”. Really? McCain and Romney were the perfect candidates by his definition…….they didn’t win.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Cal says:

    Karl Rove is indeed the problem. He’s been fired from Fox, should be in jail for his role in the Iraq war and now is undermining the Tea Party. I endorse your assessment of Rove.

    • Cal says:

      I was wrong. Rove has not been fired from Fox…yet. However, he should be. The guy continues to lie about American Patriots. The new book coming out soon exposes the lies that Rove, Bush and Cheney told to get the USA into a needess war with Iraq. These actions caused our recession and mistrust of the American Congress which is at an approval rating of <15%. We need to get rid of the the current Congress and replace them with with real patriots–those who will stand up against the tyranny of those who support the common sense of our current Senate and administration. The Tea Party needs to form its own caucus and fight the GOP and Democratic Party. God Bless Madderthanhell.!

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