Last night I went to a screening of “Hating Breitbart”. It’s a documentary made the year before he died. Andrew had not asked for final approval or any restrictions on the filming. That was gutsy. But he replied when asked if it was wise, that it wouldn’t be a documentary if it weren’t real. That was Andrew Breitbart. No filters.

It was encouraging to see the response to this documentary. The theater was “sold out”. People with no tickets were gathered at the theater hoping to find someone with an extra. Before the screening the producer said another theater was being opened to accommodate those who couldn’t get in.

The audience included so many of the local Conservative activists, friends and associates of Andrews as well as his in-laws, Orson Bean and Allie Mills. We all felt his loss deeply. There is no one like Andrew Breitbart. No one with his passion, courage, charisma and……..Chutzpah. As Andrew said, he had two modes, jocular or righteous indignation…….and his righteous indignation was something to behold.

The audience cheered and applauded as they watched Andrew take on the issues. The film covers his involvement in bring down ACORN, Shirley Sharrod, Anthony Weiner (SO good) and his challenge to the Media to prove the “N” word was made to Congressman John Lewis. Breitbart asked a reporter if he believed the numerous videos of the incident that show no evidence of such a claim. It was also claimed that the Congressmen were surrounded by hundreds of angry protestors to the point the Capitol police were concerned for the Congressmen’s safety. There are videos of the incident from about six different POV’s that show no such thing but the reporter said he believed the Congressmen’s claims. He said he considered them credible. So the reporter just gave the Congressmen carte blanche to lie as often as they want and he will never question their “credibility” even when the evidence shows they are lying. This is what the media has come to.

If the Congressmen felt so threatened by the protestors you’d think they’d avoid them, wouldn’t you? There are tunnels under the Capitol that connect all the office buildings to the Capitol. There was no reason for the Congressmen to go in and out of the buildings through the crowds. And they did it numerous times that day. The film pointed that out.

I was there at the Canon Building that day. I was taking that group of protestors down into the tunnels to lobby the Congressmen as they passed back and forth to the Capitol. I was at the top of the steps just about to enter the building. We were all chanting “Kill the Bill”. No one used the “N” word. Jesse Jackson Jr. was at the back of the group with two, count them, TWO cameras video taping the entire thing.

While in the tunnels, I was identified to the Commander of the Capitol Police as the one in charge of the protestors. He came to me and introduced himself and told me we were welcome there. He asked that we keep our voices down because it echoed down there and to please stay against the walls so as not to block the hallways. I told him to have his officers let me know if there were any problems and I’d take care of it. He said, “Oh, I’m not worried about you folks. I’ve never had to arrest one of you and you always clean up after yourselves”. Does this sound like a man who thought we had been threatening the Congressmen not 15 minutes earlier?

On top of that I have pictures of Congressman John Lewis coming through the tunnels ALONE…….TWICE while we were there. If we were so threatening why would he do that? Andrew had it right, they kept going through the crowds hoping to incite us to do something they could use to discredit us. We didn’t take the bait, so they made it up. There are dozens of videos of that day with the members of the black caucus going in and out of the buildings through the crowds. In this day and age, everyone has a camera. Breitbart, while speaking to a crowd, asked them all to hold up their cameras and smart phones and it was a SEA of cameras and phones.

Andrew would not give up on an issue and would not be intimidated. There was no filter on Andrew. He said what needed to be said and he didn’t give a rats ass if it got him in trouble. He didn’t want to silence anyone and he would not be silenced. He was a big, warm teddy bear of a man. He is deeply, overwhelmingly missed.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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