During the 2006 campaign Hillary Clinton asked who you’d want to take the 3:00am phone call, her or Obama. Well, Benghazi was the 3:00am phone call and both of them failed..….miserably…..dishonestly……. immorally.

What we do know is that Benghazi was so dangerous that after an attempt on his life the English Ambassador evacuated back to England. What we do know is that Ambassador Stevens asked for more security several times and it was denied. Not only was it denied but what they had was reduced. Why? Why would we deny our Ambassador the security he needed and then reduce what he did have? What is the justification? The Democrats try to tell you it was because of budget cuts but during the Senate hearings we were told by a representative of the State Department that money was never an issue (BTW, he has been demoted. That’s what happens in this administration when you tell the truth). And since the “sequester” happened after Benghazi AND is only a cut to the increase in the budget not the actual budget, the denial of more security can’t be blamed on funding. We also hear there are so many e-mails the Secretary of State can’t possibly see them all and lower level staff is responsible for the denial of more security. Do you actually think an Ambassador couldn’t get the Secretary on the phone? Or that there isn’t a system in place that makes some e-mails have more priority than others? Or that an Ambassador can’t contact the Pentagon or military commands in the area? If those things aren’t possible our leaders are too incompetent to serve.

We’ve also been told by the Democrats that there was no point in sending help because it couldn’t get there in time. Really?…….Really? Does the Pentagon have a secret fortune telling program we don’t know about? How did they know how long the attack would continue? I understand we had troops in Tripoli that were ready to go. That’s, what, an hour away? Then there were troops in Italy and Croatia that were less than three hours away. Since when do we not even try? Since when do we leave men on the battlefield? Apparently this was unacceptable to an Admiral and a General and they were relieved of duty on the spot. We’re being told an “assessment” was made and it was determined that help couldn’t get to Benghazi in time. The idea that we can’t get military help to any location within seven hours is absurd. At least we try.

Obama said when he learned what happened he gave three directives. First was to do whatever necessary to secure the personnel. But that didn’t happen, did it? Either his direct order wasn’t obeyed or he never gave that order. If his order wasn’t obeyed why is no one in trouble? It’s very serious to not obey a direct order. Second he was going to investigate what happened and see that it never happened again. Really? He used the word “happened” when it was “happening” and he knew what was happening. It was a planned and organized al-Qaeda attack on the anniversary of 9/11. It was a predictable event. It wouldn’t have happened if the Ambassador had been given the security he requested and it will happen again if future Ambassadors are refused the proper security. That means American military with bullets in their weapons. Apparently we’re so concerned about offending the middle eastern countries that we hire their people as security. How stupid is that? How do you know they’re on our side? Would they take a bullet to save an American life? How dare we send Americans in harms way without the proper security.

And third he was going to find who did this and bring them to justice. The man who produced the video is in prison for parole violations, not for making a video but have we found the terrorists responsible for the attacks? No.

This morning (5-13-13) Obama held a press conference and lied AGAIN. He once again repeated the lie that he said Benghazi was a terrorist attack the day after the attack. No, he didn’t. We have the transcript of the speech he gave and he said we would go after terrorism but he DID NOT say Benghazi was terrorism AND if he had why did he allow Ambassador Rice to go on five programs and say it was a video? If she “mis-spoke” on his behalf why didn’t he go on television the next day and say so? And why did he tell the victims families it was a video…..and weeks later the UN?

What we ALSO know about Benghazi is that the President of Libya called Mr. Hicks and informed him that Ambassador Stevens was dead. Mr. Hicks then called Secretary of State Clinton to inform her. Even though she knew the Ambassador was missing, she didn’t take the call and never returned it. Really? The fate of the Ambassador was of no interest to her? And where was the President during all this? He went to bed? He is the Commander-in-chief. The military would not stand down unless he gave that order. It is not in the training or nature of our military to stand down when Americans are under attack. Apparently the fate of the Ambassador was also of no interest to the President. He flew off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas with Beyonce and Jay Z without finding out what happened to the Ambassador OR calling the Ambassador’s family and offering condolences.

Hillary dramatically asked, “What difference now does it make” if it was a spontaneous protest due to an offensive video or a group of men out for a walk who decided to kill a few Americans. What? Neither of those scenarios were what happened…….and she knew it. It makes a BIG difference to America, Madame Secretary. If we don’t identify our enemy we can’t fight them. I understand we know exactly who was responsible and I understand they are living in plain sight in the middle east. Wasn’t one of Obama and Clinton’s promises that they would find those involved and prosecute them? The men who carried out the attack don’t appear to be concerned. Hillary Clinton looked the families of the four men killed in Benghazi in the eye and told them they would get the producer of the video and prosecute him KNOWING he had nothing to do with the terrorist attack.

Neither Obama or Clinton deserve to hold office or take 3:00am phone calls. They have shamed this country and discredited the offices they hold. They are either the most incompetent people ever to hold office or they are Saul Alinsky followers who lie as easily as they breath in order to further their agenda.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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7 Responses to THIS WAS THE 3:00AM PHONE CALL

  1. TBDancer says:

    You hit all the salient points. Well written. The Obama Administration is bringing up “witch hunt,” “vast right wing conspiracy” and “partisan politics,” but you know? I don’t think those lame excuses are working very well because even the MSM is beginning to pick up on the fact that Clinton and Obama are BOTH culpable. I don’t want them cleaning my toilets, letting alone running my country.

    • Thank you. I am hoping this will kill Hillary’s chances of running for POTUS.

    • callyjo11 says:

      I think we are in for a huge wake-up call. 2016 is a slam dunk for Hillary. Our best hope is 2024 when maybe Allen West or Michelle Bachmann will run. Although, I am hearing rumors that Michelle Obama may decide to run in 2024.

      Keep up the good work!

      • After Benghazi I don’t think Hillary is a slam dunk at all. We’re not done with Benghazi and when we are I doubt anyone will want her as POTUS.

  2. callyjo11 says:

    Well, Michele Bachmann is going to retire but I have a strange feeling she will run for the Senate. What do you think?

    Keep up the good work!

    • I don’t know but I doubt it. She wouldn’t have to give up her seat in Congress to run for Senate. She has been harassed, intimidated and threatened since she became a member of Congress. They couldn’t shut her up so they harassed and intimidated her donors, staff, friends and family. They sue her every other day to keep her busy and spending money defending herself….just what they did to Sarah Palin. People don’t understand how difficult that is to deal with….but this administration DOES. That’s why they have sent the IRS and FBI out to harass and intimidate the Tea Party, Christian groups, Pro-Life Groups, True the Vote (yeah, lets not stop the rampant voter fraud) and Republican donors. Nothing on this scale has ever happened in this country before but if it isn’t stopped they will shut down the Conservative voice completely. VERY dangerous times.

      All my life Michele was the kind of woman everyone would have admired and respected. She’d be a role model. She has moral and ethical values that she doesn’t compromise. This is now demonized. She is called evil for believing people should be responsible and honorable. This is how far this country has fallen.

      I’m sure she will do everything she can do to help elect Conservatives to Congress but I have my doubts she will run again. However, having said that, the Republican Party has NO ONE to run against Al Franken (HORRIBLE and ILLEGITIMATE Senator). I would be willing to travel to Minnesota to help elect her if she ran against him.

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