I love this country. I have always been grateful to have been born an American. I never believed for a second anything could bring down this mighty land. When we’ve been threatened throughout our history thousands of young men stepped up to fight and die to protect our freedom. We are resilient, we are generous, we are fair and this is being used against us to dismantle the country.

Right now our Representatives in Washington who are supposed to be governing at the will of the people are plotting behind our backs to pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. Instead of representing us they are representing lawbreakers. The citizens of this country have made it abundantly clear for the last 20 years that we want our borders secured and we don’t want to give 20 or 30 million illegal aliens our most precious gift, citizenship. We believe in the rule of law. We believe in legal immigration. And we don’t believe a majority of the immigrants should come from one country just because they share a border with us. We shut down the switchboards last time they tried amnesty in 2007. We scared them and to appease us they passed a bill to build a 700 mile fence (our border is over 2200 miles but that’s a start). As a testament to our Representatives commitment to secure the border, they have built only 37 miles.

In 1986 we didn’t object to granting amnesty to what they said was one million illegal aliens (which became 3.5 million) because we were told it was “one time and one time only” and that the border would be secured and there would be no more illegal immigration. As soon as the bill passed they defunded all but amnesty. There weren’t enough teachers to teach 3.5 million English so they waved that requirement too. And what has been the result of granting amnesty to 3.5 million illegal aliens? 20 to 30 million more.

There are 70 brave Conservatives in the House who have committed to fighting any form of immigration bill that comes before them. They are truly brave as they are being threatened with everything from having their chairmanships stripped from them, to having something bad happen to their families. God help them if they or any member of their families has anything they would like to keep a secret. But they are standing firm. They are afraid for our future.

They have good reason. Speaker Boehner and Nancy Pelosi have been plotting to put together a good amnesty bill that would secure the border first that could pass the Republican majority House. When it goes into reconciliation the border security will be stripped out. The leadership of our own party is working against Americans and America. If this bill passes it will be the end of this country forever. I wish I were overreacting but I’m not.

There are at least 20 to 30 million illegal aliens here now not the 11 million they like to cite. The 2000 census said there were between 8 and 11 million then. The border patrol says between one and three million cross the border yearly. Even by the most modest estimate there are at least 13 million MORE than in 2000. They underestimated the number in 1986 by 2/3rds and it looks like that’s what they are doing again. We trusted our government in 1986, we’d be insane to trust them again.

If an immigration bill is passed, no matter what it says, I guarantee you the minute it passes Schumer, Pelosi, Reid et al will go in front of a camera and say how unfair it is for the new citizens not to be able to vote or get social services. They will undo all the restrictions, fines and penalties. And if they don’t, the head of Homeland Security has the discretion to wave any of the provisions. PLUS, all our new citizens will be able to bring in their extended family through chain migration. If “fundamentally transforming America” is the goal, this is the way to do it.

NumbersUSA and the Heritage Foundation estimate Latinos will be the majority by 2030 if not sooner. America will be a third world Latin-American country. Latino’s will have invaded and taken over this country without firing a shot. And the Democrats will have a permanent majority so every progressive idea they have will be implemented.

We’re being told the illegal aliens will be a benefit because they will pay taxes, back taxes and fines and that will help the economy. I don’t know where they learned economics but the majority of illegal aliens are poor and uneducated. They don’t make enough to pay taxes. They’ll get “earned income” refunds. And back taxes and fines? How do they pay that out of $10 an hour?

We have nine million FEWER jobs now than we had in 2007. Nine million fewer jobs. Just what jobs are they going to get? Our own citizens are unemployed or underemployed in the greatest numbers in my lifetime. There is no justification for adding 20 to 30 million more to the labor pool. Especially, unskilled, undereducated who don’t speak our language.

Our Representatives are representing the best interests of illegal aliens not Americans. There is no up side to granting amnesty except for the Democrat party having a permanent majority. Even rank and file Democrats should be worried about this possibility. At some point even they will realize there isn’t any money for all these social justice programs. But there will be no way to stop them.

There is no other country in the world that would reward people who enter their countries illegally. Certainly not Mexico. Ask Lisa Ling’s sister who was sentenced to 9 years in prison for accidentally entering a Middle Eastern country. There is no crisis that needs fixing this minute except to secure the border. We’re told for National security they have to collect all our phone calls and e-mails but our borders don’t need to be secured for National security. Explain that to me. They say they need to know who these people are. Why don’t they if they have all our calls?

California was a solid Republican state until the 1986 amnesty was passed. The 2000 census said 52% of adults living in Los Angeles neither read nor spoke English. That was the result of giving amnesty and not securing the border. The golden state, the state I grew up in and love, is now an annex of Tijuana. Whole communities have been taken over by illegal aliens. Building codes ignored, 4 and 5 families in single family homes, cars on front lawns, selling tacos and jello from push carts. Along with the nannies, housekeepers and gardeners have come the most violent gangs in the world. In South Central LA Latino gangs have committed black genocide. Black families who had lived in the area for generations have been scared out of their neighborhoods by gangs randomly shooting innocent blacks.

If Comprehensive Immigration is passed it will be the end of America and the end of ever securing our borders and our own Representatives will be responsible. America will have committed suicide.

America was a grand old girl. Sadly, she won’t rest in peace.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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