You say it’s been a trial for you to hear Tea Party activists “who got you elected” so upset about the Amnesty bill….and yes, its an A M N E S T Y BILL. It should be a trial for you. You have betrayed those who “got you elected”!!

You say your intentions were good, that a Conservative needed to be involved. If there was no border security FIRST, you should have bowed out and fought to stop the bill. You said you wanted us to know you believed this was best for America. Really? How?

Explain to me how bringing in 20 MILLION (and 20, 30 million MORE thru chain migration) will help a nation that has 9 MILLION FEWER jobs now than 2009. Explain to me how burdening law abiding American citizens and our resources with the support of tens of millions of mostly poor, uneducated lawbreakers is best for America. You say their fees and fines and taxes will cover those costs? What are you smoking? With $10 an hour jobs? On average every low income family will cost taxpayers $22,000 a year more than they pay in taxes.

I was sympathetic in the beginning but I’m sympathetic no more. It isn’t the people I object to it’s the NUMBERS of poor uneducated people and the FACT that the border will NEVER be secure. It’s the assault on the rule of law and that they are not held to the same standard that we are. We’d be in jail if we broke the same laws. It’s the unfairness to legal immigrants. Why would we give lawbreakers benefits even legal immigrants don’t get. And PLEASE don’t insult our intelligence by pretending they can’t unfund, ignore or wave ALL the security provisions after it passes.

I heard you on Hew Hewitt yesterday trying to explain that the illegal aliens won’t get a green card unless the border is secure. PLEASE!! The border security doesn’t even start until 2017….by then the entire population of South America could have crossed the border along with terrorists, cartels and violent gangs. Then the Democrats will cry and moan everyday about how evil the Republicans are for holding these people in limbo. Democrats, with help from the media, will say everyday how the GOP hates the new immigrants and the Democrats are good guys championing their cause. In the debates in the 2014 elections they will ask Republican candidates why they are standing in the way of these poor immigrants getting benefits and voting rights. You ACTUALLY think this can go well for the GOP? If you do, you don’t belong in office.

I live in California and have all my life. You say the immigrants will see big government isn’t good for the country and become Republicans. Again, what are you smoking? Since the 1986 Amnesty California has become a Latino majority state. They’re the ones who get the benefits, they LOVE big government. California has been ground zero for illegal immigration and it has destroyed the state. Illegal immigration has turned California from a Red state to a Blue one. Please tell me how it has benefitted California? In California an American pays around $300 a unit for State Universities….illegal aliens pay $65. How is that fair? Amnesty will do to the rest of the country what it’s done to California and there is no fixing it once you amnesty 20 million mostly Latinos. This will be a third world Latin-American country with NO BORDER.

You said you will be fighting with us on the other issues. Too late. The country will be gone if amnesty is passed and none of the other issues will matter. I’m sorry Senator Rubio because I was one of your most enthusiastic supporters…..but I will work to replace you in the next election.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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