Do you know how to capture wild pigs? You put their favorite food in a clearing. They come eat it and run back into the forest. The next day you put their favorite food in front of a section of fence. They come eat and run back to the forest. The next day you put out food and another section of fence… day, another section of fence… day, another. Finally you shut the gate.

Do you understand what is happening to this country? Much of it under the radar but far too much right in our faces.

There have been a number of very serious forest fires. Texas had the worse fires in their history in 2011. 3.7 million acres were burned and 1915 homes lost. But our President refused to call it a national emergency or provide aide. Why? Because it’s a Red state. Now in Arizona we just lost 19 firefighters fighting an out of control fire there. Are you aware that our government won’t allow states to thin forests or clear brush under trees? We can’t even remove dead trees that have fallen. Federal agencies are also tearing up roads in the forests so that fire equipment can’t access remote areas. Did you know that? Here in California six Northern California Sheriffs are fighting against this. They say the government has no right to tear up roads in their districts. They are saying the roads are necessary for public safety. Of course they’re right. Our firefighters, our homes, our lives are being put in danger due to this. They are also populating the forests with large carnivores. It has nothing to do with endangered species, it has to do with keeping us out. They are cutting off our access to forests, mountains and wildlands.

Also in Texas, as we speak, a teenager, 18 year old Justin Carter, is in jail for making “terrorist threats” on Facebook. He’s been in jail for four months. He was joking. He said in the post he was joking. So, sarcasm can now put you in jail. He isn’t in jail because anyone thinks he’s a threat, he is being used to pave the way for criminal prosecution of political descent. Our right to free speech isn’t just under assault, it is being shut down. Look at what happened to Paula Dean. She used the “N” word 30 years ago. I doubt you could find a single Southerner 30 years ago who didn’t use it. She stopped using it many years ago and apologized for using it. But the Progressives are using her as an example to the rest of us of what will happen to us if we say anything they don’t approve of.

Our grade school children are being suspended or kicked out of school entirely for pointing their finger and saying “bang, bang”. It’s on their permanent record. This is absolutely normal child’s play. Even if you never give your boys toy guns to play with, they will make guns out of anything. I have twin grandsons. From the time they could walk, they pretended to shoot each other. Our children are being trained like Pavlov’s dogs to be afraid of guns. You may be against guns but factual debate is how we should address differences of opinion, not reward/punishment psychological indoctrination. But for those in charge today, taking away our right to own guns is the goal and the means don’t matter.

With the support of our President, there is talk of blasphemy laws to criminalize speaking against Islam. No such laws are being considered for speaking against Christianity. Only Islam. Why? How is this equal protection under the law?

In Egypt this week our President told Christians in Egypt to stop protesting. Christian churches are being burned and Christians are being decapitated but he wants them to give up and allow it. Without the ability to have political descent there is no freedom. I’m pretty sure he knows that.

Our Constitutional rights are being shredded on a daily basis. This President just announced that he is going to go around Congress and the will of the people to implement Cap and Trade to regulate CO2. Cap and Trade was voted down in Congress. Polls show regulating CO2 is not a concern of the public. We want jobs and the economy to rebound. But with 9 million fewer jobs now than 2009, unemployment higher, longer than ever in my lifetime, this President wants to shut down our coal plants (that provide 48% of our energy). The general public think that’s OK because they think wind and solar are better. That’s what the main stream press and this administration is telling them. The truth is that wind and solar will only provide 4% of our needs by 2030 and are ten times MORE expensive and much less reliable. Also their production produces some of the most toxic waste in the world. But the wind turbines and solar panels are being manufactured in other countries so no one cares. If 48% of our energy is shut down and replaced by 4% that is ten times more expensive, what do you think that is going to do to the economy? How often do you hear this President or anyone in his administration talk about the 9 million fewer jobs? Or show concern about the high unemployment or gas prices? Remember when gas prices were high during Bush? There were reporters at gas stations asking people how they could possibly afford the prices. This administration said they wanted gas prices at $10 a gallon. And the new Secretary of Energy said prices are not going to go down. As far as I’m concerned I’m being robbed every time I fill my car. There is no need to ration our use of energy. We have more oil than the Middle East. We have more than we could ever use. We are in NO danger of running out. Why are we buying oil from countries that hate us? Making them rich enough to destroy us. Why?

And of course, there is the NSA gathering data on everything we do, the IRS intimidating opposing political groups, ObamaCare collecting all our medical records and having access to all our financial records. There isn’t anything they won’t know about you, what you think, where you go, who you know, what drugs you take, what you own, etc. I can’t see how that could be used against you, can you?

The Progressives are about to shut the gate and most of us are too busy eating to notice.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. tbdancer says:

    ” … he is being used to pave the way for criminal prosecution of political descent. ”

    Should be “dissent.”


  2. callyjo11 says:

    The first is that we need to reorder our priorities and start talking about the things that are most consequential for our families, communities, nation and world. That starts with how we’re going to power the global economy at a time when the planet is on track to grow from seven billion to nine billion people in 40 years, and most of them will want to live like Americans, with American-style cars, homes and consumption patterns. If we don’t find a cleaner way to grow, we’re going to smoke up, choke up and burn up this planet so much faster than anyone predicts. That traffic jam on the Beijing-Tibet highway in 2010 that stretched for 60 miles, involved 10,000 vehicles and took 10 days to unlock is a harbinger of what will come.
    “In reducing coal’s historic dominance, the president is formalizing a market trend that was already taking shape,” remarked Andy Karsner, who was an assistant secretary of energy in the last Bush administration. His bigger message, though, was “no matter where you find yourself on the political spectrum, it’s useful for the nation to discuss, debate and consider a strategy for climate change. The consequences of inaction are potentially greater than all the other noise out there.”
    Sadly, many Republican “leaders” rejected Obama’s initiative, claiming it would cost jobs. Really? Marvin Odum, the president of the Shell Oil Company, told me in an interview that phasing out coal for cleaner natural gas — and shifting more transport, such as big trucks and ships, to natural gas instead of diesel — “is a no-brainer, no-lose, net-win that you can’t fight with a straight face.”
    But, remember, natural gas is a fine gift to our country if, and only if, we extract it in a way that does not leak methane into the atmosphere (methane being worse than carbon dioxide when it comes to global warming) and if, and only if, we extract it in ways that don’t despoil land, air or water. The Environmental Defense Fund is working with big oil companies, like Shell, to ensure both.
    But there is one more huge caveat: We also have to ensure that cheap natural gas displaces coal but doesn’t also displace energy efficiency and renewables, like solar or wind, so that natural gas becomes a bridge to a clean energy future, not a ditch. It would be ideal to do this through legislation and not E.P.A. fiat, but Republicans have blocked that route, which is pathetic because the best way to do it is with a Republican idea from the last Bush administration: a national clean energy standard for electricity generation — an idea the G.O.P. only began to oppose when Obama said he favored it.
    Such a standard would say to every utility: “Your power plants can use any fuel and technology you want to generate electricity as long as the total amount of air pollutants and greenhouse gases they emit (in both fuel handling and its electricity conversion) meet steadily increasing standards for cleaner air and fewer greenhouse gases. If you want to meet that standard with natural gas, sequestered coal, biomass, hydro, solar, wind or nuclear, be our guest. Let the most cost-effective clean technology win.”
    By raising the standard a small amount every year, we’d ensure continuous innovation in clean power technologies — and jobs that are a lot better than coal mining. You can’t make an appliance, power plant, factory or vehicle cleaner without making it smarter — with smarter materials, smarter software or smarter designs. Nothing would do more to ensure America’s national security, stimulate more good jobs and global exports — the whole world needs these technologies — than a national clean energy standard. And, of course, the climate would hugely benefit.
    Improving our energy system plays to our innovation strength. Clinging to our fossil-fuel past plays to the strengths of Russia and Iran. Why would we do that? Why would the G.O.P.? It’s already losing young voters. Question: How many college campuses today have environmental clubs and how many have coal clubs?
    “The Germans and the Chinese are already in this clean energy race, and we’re still just talking about it,” said Hal Harvey, the chief executive of Energy Innovation. “The question is: Do we want to control our energy future, or continue to rent it from other countries?”

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