Are we having fun yet? Before Obama was elected polls showed 79% of White Americans thought race relations were good and so did 63% of Black Americans. Now, 5 years after Obama’s election 52% of White Americans think race relations are good and only 38% of Black Americans. Why is this? Obama has had many occasions to bring people together, to heal old wounds but instead he has encouraged division. “The police acted stupidly” when he admitted he didn’t know the details. “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon”. And, “Trayvon could have been me”.

How’s $4 a gallon for gas working for you? You’ve gotten used to it, haven’t you? Obama knows people will finally adjust to the high cost and give up fighting……just like a frog in a frying pan. Remember when it was $3 a gallon during the Bush administration? Reporters were at gas stations everyday asking people how they could afford it. Radio stations would tell us where to get the cheapest gas. Nancy Pelosi was demanding the government impose a “windfall tax” on the evil oil companies. When President Bush said we were going to “Drill, Baby, Drill” the prices miraculously went down. Obama (backed up by the press) says the President has no control over oil prices. But interestingly they went up after his election and have stayed there. Obama’s Secretary of Energy makes no secret of the fact he wants gas to be $10 a gallon. Where are the reporters at the gas stations? Where is the concern about how “working families” can afford the cost?

We now have a press that doesn’t even pretend to be objective. They have become the propaganda machine of the Progressives. They are on board for all of it. They no longer investigate anything except Republicans. They sent dozens of reporters to Alaska to find some dirt on Sarah Palin (shockingly found none), they went through all her e-mails like rabid dogs and again found nothing. But have they investigated Obama’s past? Are they even curious why his records are sealed? That he launched his political career in Bill Ayers living room? That he went to Rev. Wrights church for 20 years, that Rev. Wright officiated at his wedding, that he called Wright his mentor and used a Wright quote as the title of one of his books but never knew his anti-American beliefs. How his social security number and selective service numbers are questionable? How he traveled to countries we weren’t giving visa’s to and why he traveled there? The press isn’t interested.

Obama shoved ObamaCare down our throats with not one Republican vote. The majority of people never wanted the 2400 page takeover of one sixth of the economy and 100% of our lives. And the more people learn about ObamaCare the less they want it. Obama’s friends and supporters have asked to be exempt. Our government is supposed to govern at the “Will of the People”. Clearly he didn’t have our “will” when he bribed and threatened law makers into passing ObamaCare. With new concerns coming out daily, with insurance premiums rising, Obama illegally postpones the employer mandate until after the midterm elections. Instead of scraping this unpopular program and starting over, Obama is enlisting Hollywood celebrities to make public service ads in favor of ObamaCare.

We now have an oppressive government. Is that what you wanted? Gibson Guitars was raided by swat teams, their records, computers and materials confiscated and yet no charges have been filed against them. Their possessions have also not been returned. What was their crime? Being Republican. During the 2012 election numerous Republican candidates tax records were secretly released. Was this the “reliable source” Harry Reid got Romney’s tax records from? Romney supporters names were released and their taxes audited. Tea Party groups were harassed by not just the IRS but numerous Federal agencies. The Tea Party had been so effective in the 2010 election there is little doubt this was done to minimize their effectiveness.

He doesn’t miss a chance to encouraged class envy and say rich people aren’t paying their fair share. He takes every opportunity to cause division…..after all “a nation divided can not stand”. More and more people feel entitled to other people’s money. I always believed Americans were individuals with too much pride to ask for handouts. But food stamps spending increased 100% under Obama. Welfare reform passed by Clinton rolled back.

Government employee unions have taken over the country. Union dues fund the Democrat party and bus loads of union workers are paid to go to protests or to other states to vote……for Democrats. What government employee unions do, negotiate with those officials whose elections they fund, is illegal in the private sector. We have policemen and firefighters making six figure incomes. Government employees make 48% higher wages than comparable private sector jobs. They pay nothing for their health insurance or pensions and retire at 50 with 100% or more of their last years income. This is bankrupting states and the country but there is no intention of stopping it.

Unemployment is higher, for longer than ever in my lifetime. There are 9 million fewer jobs now than 2009. Currently legal immigration is bringing in 125 thousand new immigrants monthly. H1B visa’s bring in 7000 foreign workers monthly. But we aren’t even creating enough jobs to employ the new legal immigrants. Black unemployment is higher than ever at 14%. And Black youth (16 to 19) unemployment is 57%. More and more people are working part time and ObamaCare is causing even more companies to cut full time workers to part time to avoid the insurance mandate.

Our Department of Justice under Eric Holder has turned on the Constitution, the rule of law and the American citizens. The DOJ dropped the Black Panthers voter intimidation case even though it had already been won. They announced they would not enforce DOMA lawfully passed by the Clinton Congress. They filed suit against Arizona (a first) for trying to enforce our immigration laws. They recently filed suit against May company for using e-verify (part of the Immigration Bill). And just weeks after the Supreme Court ruled the “Voting Rights Act” was unconstitutional, Holder said the DOJ would go after Texas if they changed their voting laws without Federal approval. Holder and every elected official takes an oath of office to uphold our laws and the Constitution. Clearly they are willing to lie under oath.

This administration used “Fast and Furious” to outrage the public enough to get their support to pass oppressive gun laws. They allowed Mexican cartels and criminals to buy thousands of American guns and take them across the border without any way of tracking them. These guns resulted in thousands of deaths, including Border Patrolman Brian Terry. However, no one has been held responsible. Apparently we can’t prove Holder knew about the program. Apparently a “rogue” agent did it on his own (yeah, right). What is clear is that this administration is determined to take guns from law abiding Americans in defiance of the Constitution.

We are now being spied on in every conceivable way. There isn’t anything the government won’t know about you. We have surveillance cameras everywhere (which I’m OK with in public spaces). But now the government (NSA) is saving all our phone calls, e-mails, website visits. They can track our movements using our cell phone GPS’s and they want to attach GPS’s to our cars to charge us per mile taxes. They are mandating SmartMeters on our homes that will record everything you do in your home 24/7. What appliances you use, when you use them, for how long. SmartMeters can record the television shows you watch. AND they can turn off individual appliances at will. They can and will turn down your air conditioner. Turn off your dish washer or washing machine and dryer until certain hours. Is this how you want to live?

When Obama was first running for President he said, “My energy policy will necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket”. Did the press report on that? Did you know he said that before he was elected? Do you want your energy prices to “skyrocket”? One of the first bills Obama wanted Congress to pass was Cap and Trade (which would cause prices to skyrocket). But even a Democrat majority Congress, understanding how that would hurt an already wounded economy, voted it down. Obama just told us he would go around Congress and implement Cap and Trade through executive order and the EPA. He also recently said for the 19th time that he was pivoting to the economy. He said Republicans were distracting him with “phony” scandals. Nothing he’s done in the five years he’s been President has helped the economy and Cap and Trade certainly won’t. It will cause what little industry we have left to move to more business friendly countries.

I hear many talk show hosts who call themselves Conservative mock callers who believe Obama is harming the economy on purpose. They say he just doesn’t understand economics. They say he’s just inept. I don’t buy that. He isn’t stupid. He knows his policies aren’t improving the economy. He reads economists criticism of his policies. He formed a bi-partisan committee to make recommendations on how to improve the economy and then ignored their results. His “investments” in green energy have wasted billions or OUR money. The companies he held up as shining examples all went bankrupt. No one bought the thousands of GM “Leaf’s” he mandated be built. In his recent speech on the “economy” did he admit any failures? Did he explain why the last 18 times he said he was focused on the economy it didn’t improve? He gave the same old solutions. More money for education (we already spend enough) and more “investments” on green energy.

These talk show hosts are ignoring Obama’s own words. He has said he believes in “social justice” and that the United States has been too rich and powerful. He said he believes America’s wealth should be redistributed and our economy should be closer to other nations. Everything he is doing accomplishes that. The heavy regulations, the higher taxes, ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, etc. All make it harder for businesses to compete nationally or internationally. His economic policies are working, if reducing our wealth and power is the goal.

Benghazi is the real shocker for me. American has NEVER “stood down” when Americans were under fire. NEVER! But what is more shocking to me is that Obama, Hillary Clinton and all their spokespeople LIED to us about it. Lied to the faces of the families whose loved ones were murdered. This administration refuses to identify a terrorist attack for what it is. It is my understanding two Generals and an Admiral were relieved of duty for not wanting to “stand down”. Now our government is doing everything possible to hinder the Congressional investigation into what happened and why. Benghazi survivors have been prevented from testifying and have been pressured to sign confidentiality agreements. It’s almost a year since Benghazi and none of the survivors have been questioned. As with all of these “phony” scandals, no one has been held accountable. No arrests made.

There is now a war on Christianity. Christians are now under attack. Muslims protected. Recently a school board approved Muslim prayer in schools but not Christian. Muslims are allowed to shut down streets to pray in them but every sign of Christianity is being taken down. A country can only and should only have one rule but this administration supports Sharia law being honored. Military Chaplains aren’t allowed to have Bibles on their desks or mention Jesus in military ceremonies. When the Benghazi victims were returned home our government insisted a Muslim Imam along with a Christian minister officiate at the funerals. When the families had the Imam’s words translated they learned he damned their loved ones to hell. Why was an Imam involved in the first place? None of the victims was Muslim.

When Obama was trying to get ObamaCare passed he had a meeting with Catholic Bishops to enlist their help. They asked if they would get a religious exception to the provisions that went against their beliefs. Obama acted insulted they would even ask. Of course they would get an exception. As soon as ObamaCare was passed he told them the religious exemption was off the table. He LIED to them. Did the press report on the President lying to the Catholic Bishops? We have a President who isn’t the least bit concerned about lying to get his policies implemented. It’s the Saul Alinsky rule of the end justifying the means. But this isn’t what our founders wanted for this country and this is not how this country became the richest, most powerful country with the highest standard of living for even our poorest.

Through the endangered species (how do we know they aren’t meant to go extinct? Millions of species have) and Wildlands and Wetlands Acts, more and more of our private property has been taken without compensation (again against our Constitution). The water was turned off to the San Joaquin Valley. It was called the Bread Basket of the Nation. The reason was to protect a one inch fish that wasn’t even indigenous to the area. The fish got sucked into the water pumps that supplied water to the farms. They turned off the pumps and farms that were owned by families for generations were put out of business with no compensation. Thousands put out of work. We are forced to buy more and more produce from foreign countries instead of our own country (more redistribution). Studies of the fish have shown no difference in the fish population since the pumps were turned off, so there is no reason to keep the water off. When Senator Boxer was asked why we don’t turn the water back on, she said it was more “complicated” than that.

We now have Federal agents checking our children’s lunch bags and mandating what they are fed which has resulted in kids just not eating lunch. Our children as young as first grade are being intimidated, humiliated and suspended from school for pointing their finger and saying bang, bang. Or, horror of horrors, tearing a paper in an “L” shape that could be interpreted as a gun. Or taking a bite of a pop tart and having it look like a gun. Our government is not going to give up on taking our guns even though overall gun violence has gone down.

Nearly everything this administration is doing is without the consent of the governed and by devious means. Common Core, the new education system was in the stimulus bill. If states wanted stimulus money they had to accept Common Core. Most states didn’t even know what it was. Mostly because it was being written after the stimulus bill was passed. Why don’t people understand we don’t want bills passed that leave the details up to unelected bureaucrats AFTER it is passed. The citizens have only recently learned about Common Core. Advocates for Common Core say things like it has had international review. Yes, and other countries rejected because they have higher standards. The reading program requires 80% of the books be instructional manuals. i’m sure that will result in kids love reading. Manuals will open their minds to places and people that inspire them, won’t they? From the Common Core books I’ve seen, they promote communism and demonize capitalism. Common Core will turn out good little Collective citizens.

Right now Obama is pushing hard for Immigration Reform. He refuses to secure the border, he has implemented the Dream Act (again voted down by Congress) through executive order. He wants to legalize 20 million lawbreakers. He wants to forgive them their crimes of entering illegally, using forged or stolen social security numbers, making false statements on documents, tax evasion, driving illegally and others. He wants to invite back those who were deported. All this when the economy can’t support them. All this when we aren’t creating jobs for legal immigrants and unemployment is higher than anytime since the depression. Once again, against the consent of the governed.

People we used to look up to are now demonized. People who are Christians, believe in morality, personal responsibility and self determination are now called extreme and out of the mainstream. Tim Tebow who would have been considered a role model is mocked and demonized for being a moral man. We are rewarding bad behavior and punishing responsible people. What was wrong is now right, what was good is now evil.

Apparently this administration is accountable for none of this. They don’t seem to know how anything happened. We somehow have lots of rogue officials who act on their own. In the military and in corporate America the man in charge takes responsibility for what happens under their direction. Our President would rather you think he’s incompetent than accept the buck stops with him. Our country has never been more divided. We are in economic and moral decline. Our credit has been downgraded TWICE. We are no longer respected in the world. We are losing our parental rights over our children. Is this the change you were hoping for?

This IS Obama’s America.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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