If I hear one more Leftist tell us if Republicans ever want to win the White House they need to “broaden their outreach” (translation: support Amnesty) my head will explode. While I so appreciate the Left’s concern about the Republican party winning back the White House, why would we listen to their advice? When have they been right?

Republicans don’t need to be more “inclusive”. Republicans don’t exclude anyone. They welcome anyone who is for the Constitution, the Rule of Law, Free Markets and less Government intrusion. There are no race, gender or religion requirements. Republicans were the party founded on ending slavery and worked 100 years to ensure Blacks had equal rights…..because they believe Blacks are equal…..and they haven’t changed their minds. It isn’t the Republican party that separates people into groups and pits them against each other. Democrats understand there are one issue voters and they pander to them. They give carve outs to each group to buy their vote. Free birth control and abortion on demand won the woman’s vote. Gay marriage won the gay vote. Sanctuary cities and the promise of amnesty won the Latino vote.

So, people are willing to be told what to drive, where to live, what to eat, be spied on, sexually harassed, their children indoctrinated in school, the economy destroyed, their wealth redistributed, their healthcare rationed, religious freedom denied, borders unsecured, triple energy costs, the rule of law ignored and the Constitution trampled as long as they get free birth control, abortion on demand, gay marriage and citizenship is granted to criminals. Republicans can never win that bidding war.

It is said that in any election 40% will vote Republican, 40% Democrat and it’s the 20% Independents that determine the outcome. So the Republican party, encouraged by political consultants and Karl Rove, has forgotten it’s base and gone after the Independents. Independents are people who have either left the parties because they are disgusted by them both or they don’t know what they believe in. Republicans have run candidates and directed messaging to reach moderate Independents. In doing that they have lost their base. To win the 20% they have turned their back on the 40%.

Latino’s are 17.2% of the population at the moment. Why would the Republican party go against the rule of law and their base (who are against amnesty) to try to win 17.2% of the population? Why would we pander to any group? Either Republicans stand for something or they will cease to exist. They will lose both their base and the moral authority. If they support amnesty Latino’s will become the majority in this country very quickly and they won’t vote Republican. Democrats have trained them well. They have shown them they can vote for more goodies, so why wouldn’t they? In just the last 10 years the Latino population has increased 43%. Is that what we want? Have they demonstrated a respect for our laws, our culture, our language or our flag? Why are the millions waiting for legal immigration, who have demonstrated a respect for what we hold dear, less deserving?

The Republican party doesn’t need to pander to any group, they need to ENERGIZE their base. They need to stand for the principals they were founded on and not try to win gays or women or Latinos. Gays, women and Latinos will be more likely to be attracted to the Republican party if we stand on principal and explain it with confidence. Republicans lost the last two Presidential elections NOT because they didn’t pander enough to minority groups, they lost because their base didn’t feel represented. They couldn’t get excited about the candidates. Republicans stayed home.

But look at 2010 when the base was energized. The 2010 Republican candidates stood for something. They spoke confidently about what was good for the country, not what was good for certain people. The base turned out to vote. Republicans need to represent the 40% of their base NOT the 20% who would be more likely vote Republican if Republicans stood for something.

As Ronald Reagan said, we need to raise the banner of Bold Colors, No Pale Pastels. It applies even more today…..we have more to lose.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. callyjo11 says:

    Yes! We DO need to be more inclusive. The Latinos do not trust us. The African Americans do not trust us. We have people like Romney, Palin, Steve King from Iowa (a known idiot), Rick Santorum. We cannot win with these people! We cannot legislate human endeavors or their behaviors! We need someone strong like Chris Christie. He will take no BS from anyone including those in our own party.

    We lost 85% of the Latino vote. We lost >90% of the black vote. We cannot exclude these people and as you said in your well-written post about your bus trip, you were able to bond with all of these people. We need more examples like you and more actions like you are doing. But we simply have to find a way to embrace those who don’t like us very much.

    Keep up the good work. (And I don’t bother you…I just try to make you think outside the box a little more)

  2. Michael Greer says:

    Think outside the box? The “box” says we have to pander to the Latino’s. Latino’s are 17.2% of the population. We don’t have to give our country to Mexico to please them. We lost 90% of the Black vote because Obama is Black. I wouldn’t have been surprised if 100% voted for him.

    If you insult my friend Steve King one more time you will be banned from this site. Steve King is neither an idiot or an evil person. I know him and there is no one working harder to save this country than he is.

    You obviously listen to Karl Rove. Chris Christie is a globalist and supports amnesty. He just signed 10 anti-gun bills. I will do everything in my power to see that he is NOT our candidate.

  3. callyjo11 says:

    First of all, Steve King is from my home state. He is being unfairly demonized right now but after talking with him this week, he regrets saying what he did and also recognizes that the MSM took his words totally out of context and understands why people think he is an “idiot.” (He doesn’t care what people think…as I think you already know)

    If you believe in the Constitution, you believe in free speech.

    We really need to embrace the idea that you mentioned in your post about your bus tour. People are all the same and if we take the time to get to know them, they can become great friends and allies along the way. Unless we do that, we are doomed to facing the Democrats for the next two decades at least. There are so many who think we are lunatics. Some of this might be justified with people like Todd Akin saying things about “legitimate rape” and Sarah Palin saying global warming is just “God hugging us a little closer” We can’t allow these things to be taken as truth…because they are not.

    Keep up the good work! (And, I encourage both of us to try to “think outside the box”)

  4. I believe YOU were the one unfairly demonizing Steve King. I saw an interview where he said he did NOT regret saying what he said. What Steve King said about illegal aliens bringing drugs across the border came directly from border patrol records.

    Yes, it IS the MSM that spins what people say and makes it into something it was never intended to be. Neither Todd Akin nor Sarah Palin are “lunatics”. As I already explained, what Todd said was generally believed years ago. Whether or not it’s true can’t be proven, can it? Again, he may be mistaken but he may not and so what? It isn’t against the law to be mistaken.

    For the last 10 to 15 years we have had NO global warming (check NY Times). I never heard Sarah Palin say that but if she did, again, so what? What she was saying in a folksy way was that if there was warming it was an act of nature (God) not man. It’s cute, not “lunatic”. It’s the MSM and the Left that blow these things out of proportion. But that is the Saul Alinisky tact. Mock and marginalize those who oppose you. The MSM mocks all Conservatives. They call people who have moral and ethical principals “extreme”. These are people we used to highly respect. Look at how they treat Tim Tebow. Most mothers of daughters would love to have a man like him as a son-in-law.

    But you buy into the MSM narrative and throw good people like Palin, Atkin, King etc. under the bus because the Left has mocked and demonized them. At least they know there are NOT 57 states. They know corpsman is not pronounced “corPSman”. They don’t think women are “punished with a baby”. They know Georgia & the Carolinas are on the Atlantic not the Gulf.

    I suggest you not only think outside the box, you climb out of it.

    • callyjo11 says:

      Very well said! I think you have a very rare gift for stating things that more of us can believe to be true than those who refuse to believe. Good for you! I enjoy reading your blog and share it with many others. My dad was a clergyman who preached good things to people. He would be rolling over in his grave if he were to listen to those who are soured by those who believe in such things as global warming is being caused by God. (Foolish)

      Palin did say: “Global warming is just God hugging us a little closer” I think she was very right in saying this…and yes, your comment is GREAT in saying it was a little “folksy” But those non-God-fearing lefties just don’t get it. She is one of my heroes and we have our God-Children living in Wasilla, Alaska who know her very well. She banks at Wells Fargo and one of our God-children actually looks after her finances.

      I think you should write a piece about why we imprison people for petty crimes like having an ounce of marijuana on them. We jail those who do this which costs us thousands of dollars. I think the use of marijuana for medical purposes for people in severe pain is a good thing. Our son is a Neuro-Surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and tells us that the use of the plant has helped hundreds of his with their severe pain. (It would also help end the smuggling of drugs across the border for sure!)

      Keep up the good work!


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