Saturday, time to relax with a cold one… Nope, sorry, time for another Townhall. This one was in North Hollywood, given by Congressman Tony Cardenas. The location was East Valley High School, which, I couldn’t help thinking, looked more like a prison than a high school. 

They went all out for this one. They had a balloon archway. Oh, my! They had a health fair where you could get tested for all kinds of things. Oh, my! But with all that, they still had a very small turnout. Maybe 50 people, at most. And then they made us fill out cards with questions before the event started. Another way to control the narrative.  

Congressman Cardenas opened by saying there was no such thing as ObamaCare, it was the Affordable Care Act. He said people don’t like change, ask any psychologist. He said the anxiety about ACA was due more to people’s fear of change than fear of what the bill means. I felt all warm and fuzzy, knowing my government knows better than I do what my fears are based on. The congressman then left without taking any questions. His chief of staff later told us he doesn’t really like the ACA. I wondered if that was because he’d rather have single-payer.  

As we suspected, none of our group’s questions or comments were read. We tried raising our hands, but were ignored. Mark was able to get the moderator to ask how they were going to get young people to enroll. The panel explained why they need them to enroll, but not how to get them to do it. They did call on one man who spoke for about 10 minutes (we wondered if he was a plant) about how he benefited from ObamaCare (which doesn’t start until January). He said he liked calling it ObamaCare because “Obama Cares”. We couldn’t help laughing out loud. A woman in front of us turned and said “Republicans only care about themselves”.  

After the Townhall, things got really interesting. Keith started talking to the woman who insulted us, and by the time he was through, she was friendly. Keith has a charming way, his Columbo technique, of asking questions that disarm people. I, on the other hand, was being yelled at by a man who kept calling me selfish. I held my hand up and told him he was a bully and to stop talking to me. I love how the “tolerant liberals” are so intolerant. Let me get this straight, if I object to being forced to pay for his healthcare, I’M the selfish one??  

Ed actually disarmed the bully by asking him what were “rights”. To which the bully replied, “What we decide they are”. Ed reminded him we have defined rights, that they don’t come from government, and  don’t include healthcare. Ed asked if he were a doctor, would he be required to provide his services? That confused the bully.  

We met Raymond, who was from Poland. He told us some of the older people in Poland miss communism because they didn’t have to provide for themselves. Even though they had very little, they didn’t have to provide it. I think we all understand even prisoners become accustomed to being prisoners. Raymond said, of course the ruling class had money, cars, and big homes, just no one else did. In America, it is possible to go from poverty to wealth, but in Socialist/Communist counties there is no way to improve your life, no matter how hard you work or how cleaver you are.  

We Americans need to think long and hard about what we are on the verge of losing. As Benjamin Franklin said, those willing to give up Liberty for Security, will get neither.  


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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