Where do I begin? Unless you live on another planet, you’ve heard of the Robertson family, and their A&E show, “Duck Dynasty”. You know that it’s one of the highest-rated shows on television, and you’ve heard that A&E just fired the patriarch of the clan, Phil Robertson.

According to GLAAD and the leftists, Phil Robertson committed a sin so egregious that he doesn’t just need to be silenced, he must be destroyed. Scorched earth! What did he do, you may ask? He did something he does quite often ~ he spoke his mind. And what shocking, unforgivable thing did he say this time? He said that a woman’s vagina is more attractive than a man’s anus. OMG! Vagina!! Anus!!

Do I need to remind you that vagina is the anatomically correct name for a woman’s body part? Or that there is a play, one that toured the entire country, called “The Vagina Monologues”? I didn’t see the leftists being shocked and dismayed over the word “vagina” then.

It may be true that this is not a First Amendment issue, since it isn’t the government that’s punishing Phil Robertson. And, certainly, A&E is within their rights to fire him. However, it is very much a free speech issue. If people are going to be publicly vilified and condemned (here, we may remember the case of Paula Deen) for saying something artless or even offensive, people are going to be afraid to open their mouths. While the government isn’t doing the censoring, the tyranny of the minority is. There is no law against being offended, and it’s high time we all grew thicker skins. The First Amendment wasn’t written to protect our speech, it was written to protect speech we don’t like.

Let me also ask this: did Phil Robertson say that gays were evil, or that we should discriminate against them? Not at all. He said it was up to God to judge them. What he said was not hateful. He simply quoted the Bible. So, should Christians not be allowed to quote the Bible? Do we not have the capacity to love the sinner, but hate the sin? This is an attack on Christian faith as much as it is one on free speech. Phil Robertson is a self-admitted sinner, who turned his life around, and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

For some people, any mention of what the Bible says about homosexuality is a dog whistle and a euphemism for homophobia. It must be silenced. Eighty-six percent of the country self-identifies as Christian. We are now called bigots if we believe in traditional marriage. Have we really become so narrow-minded that we can’t accept that people who believe in traditional marriage are not anti-gay? It has come to the point that San Antonio city council passed a law prohibiting any city employee, or anyone contracting with the city, to speak of, or support anything they see as anti-gay.

Is GLAAD so myopic, they don’t recognize the full spectrum of human beliefs? They want us to be tolerant of their lifestyle (which, I believe, we have been), but they remain wholly intolerant of ours. I believe their position of zero tolerance for anything they perceive as anti-gay will bring them more opposition, not more tolerance. When people are forced to comply with something they object to, they resent and resist it. Shutting people up won’t change what they believe.

Let’s look for a moment at Alec Baldwin. GLAAD and the leftists weren’t the least bit upset when Alec, on numerous occasions, used homosexual slurs against reporters and paparazzi. I suspect they didn’t express outrage and demand he be fired because publicly he supports the gay agenda. But think about what he really feels. When he lost his temper, he wanted to say the most offensive, insulting thing he could come up with. He called them faggots, queens, and every other homosexual slur he could think of. That’s what he thinks is the most insulting, offensive thing someone could be called. That’s what he feels deep inside, or it wouldn’t have come out of his mouth. So, if someone with love in their heart quotes the Bible verses on homosexuality being a sin, they need to be destroyed, but if someone who truly believes calling you a homosexual is the most offensive thing they could call you, as long as they publicly support gays, it’s all good. If this continues, we’re going to need a LOT of psychiatrists.

Phil Robertson also spoke about blacks in the South. The NAACP went ballistic. Phil spoke of his experience, working alongside black people. He said he was white trash, and worked in the fields, and never heard them speak against whites. He said they sang and were happy. The NAACP accused Phil of saying blacks were happy under Jim Crow laws. Did Phil really say that? No. He didn’t mention Jim Crow laws at all. He spoke of his personal experiences. Once again, the leftists put words in people’s mouths, and ascribe to them intentions they never had. Blacks back then had strong families, and were devoutly religious. Humans are resilient, we can find joy even in the most difficult of times.

Phil Robertson is an open book. He’s a preacher, and his sermons are on YouTube. A&E knew exactly what they were getting when they signed a contract with him. Based on A&E’s other programing and the Hollywood mindset, I believe A&E put “Duck Dynasty” on television to mock the Bible-clinging gun owners of the world. I doubt they expected it to be the success it became. I think Americans are hungry to see wholesome, happy families on television, instead of all the “Housewives of Wherever”, Kardashians, and all the other examples of ugly Americans the networks can conceive. I have news for A&E, Hollywood, and the drive-by media ~ there are other states besides California and New York, and the people living in them are philosophically closer to the Robertsons than the Kardashians. But let this be a lesson for us all. The left is going to ask Conservatives about nothing but religious and moral issues. We must be prepared to answer them intelligently.

If it’s a war against religion and free speech they want……BRING IT ON!!


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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