Thank God, that year is over! It wasn’t called two-thousand-THIRTEEN for nothing.

How’s that obamacare working for ya? The leftist media is touting the “big” news that one million people have signed up. One million. Whoopeee! But didn’t they tell us that 30, 40, or 50 million (depending on who was reporting the numbers) had no insurance? So-o-o, why haven’t 30, 40, or 50 million signed up? If their lives were so devastated, so unmanageable, so deprived without insurance that the government had to take over the entire healthcare system to make sure these poor sad people had insurance… Why haven’t they signed up? And yet, five million people who had insurance have lost it. So-o-o, more people have lost insurance under obamacare than have signed up for it. That certainly is something to brag about.

We have a president who was singled out for the dubious honor of having told “Biggest Lie of the Year”. A recent Congressional hearing found Obama was acting as an imperial president. He said “if Congress won’t act, I will”. He has ignored the fact that Congress voted down both Cap and Trade and the Dream Act. He implemented them though Executive Order. The hearing concluded Obama was what the Constitution was designed to prevent, that he has committed at least TEN impeachable offenses. Would he still be in office if he were an old, white Republican?

For the fifth year in a row, gas hovers around $4 a gallon, and unemployment is still high. There are still no jobs, and the few that are available, are mostly part-time. Where is the media on this? Crickets. Energy prices going up as coal plants are closed. The Keystone pipeline is still not being built, even though it has passed all environmental regulations. In a country with more natural resources than we can use, we are still dependent on foreign oil bought from countries that hate us. We are enriching them, so they can fight to destroy us. Does that sound like an intelligent plan to you?

Have you noticed what Obama has done to the military? Take, for example, the purging of senior military commanders. More than 200 senior commanders have been fired or forced to retire. Do you believe that so many commanders were incompetent? Two Generals and an Admiral were relieved of duty during the Benghazi attack. God is also being purged from the military. I can’t think of people more in need of God than the military. Chaplains can’t say Jesus Christ or God during military services. They can’t have a Bible on their desks. They have to perform gay marriages, even if they have a religious objection. No nativity scenes are allowed on bases. But even worse are the changes in rules of engagement. Our soldiers can’t shoot unless they’re being shot at. Nor can they shoot at any building that may contain civilians. In the Middle East, how do they tell who is a civilian and who isn’t? The enemy knows these rules, and takes full advantage of them. Why would we send our boys into combat, if we don’t intend to WIN? The casualties under Obama have doubled, and I have no doubt it is because of these insane rules of engagement.

Common Core is being implemented in our schools. They are data-mining and dumbing down our children. Propaganda and political correctness are more important than facts and critical thinking. Classics are being replaced by technical manuals. Kids are being expelled or suspended for pointing their fingers and saying “bang, bang”. Six-year-olds are being suspended for kissing a little girl’s hand. In some states, kids can’t bring lunches from home, even when they have a doctor’s note. We need to sign a permission slip for our kids to go on a field trip, but not to get birth control or abortions. This is standardized government curricula, something we have never wanted.

And now the feelings of transsexuals (less than 1% of the population!) are more important than the feelings of all the rest of the children. Our school bathrooms and locker rooms must be open to transsexuals, and they must be allowed to play sports with the sex they identify with. I can’t see a problem with that at all, can you?

The new year also beings the end of plastic bags and cheap light bulbs. Why are we allowing this nonsense? There is absolutely no reason to ban either. There is no global warming. We now have to pay five dollars or more for one light bulb, when we used to be able to buy four for a dollar. And plastic bags? Why? If you are talking about things being “environmentally friendly”, it takes seven truckloads of paper bags to replace one truckload of plastic ones! And are they banning the plastic bags for produce? No. Plastic bags are recyclable AND reusable. I can carry more plastic bags than paper bags, and I can fit more of them in my car. I’m not going to carry around “reusable”, virus-infected bags even if that is their goal. I’m mad about this every time I go to the grocery store. This is government overreach AND social engineering, all at once. Don’t pretend for a second there is a valid reason to ban either.

Even with all the bad news, there is still one story that makes me very happy. There is a Russian ship stuck in ice in Antarctica. Attempts to free it have been unsuccessful. They are now sending a Chinese icebreaker with a helicopter to air lift the passengers and crew from the ship. Why does this make me happy? The ship is filled with environmentalists who were going to Antarctica to verify that global warming was melting the ice. LOL!!! What will it take for these frauds to stop trying to convince us that we are causing global warming? I’m going to enjoy hearing how they spin this one.

We have a big year ahead of us. It is an election year. We MUST take back the Senate, and we MUST keep the House. MUST. Obamacare just keeps getting worse, and it will continue that way. Winning should be easy, but Boehner and Rove could well grab defeat from the jaws of victory. We cannot let that happen. Each and every one of us needs to commit to doing everything we can to win.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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