I had to sit for a while after this film ended. I was so overcome with a variety of emotions, some of them conflicting. To say it brought me to tears is to trivialize how I felt. I’ve seen many war movies but somehow this one made war real for me.

I was overcome with grief at the loss of these strong, brave young men. Grief at the loss to their children and families of their influence in their daily lives and their presence at the important events. Birthdays and Christmas, graduations and weddings.

Overcome with admiration for the integrity, loyalty, honor and obedience of the young men and women who are willing to put their lives in danger to protect our freedoms. These are people we can count on. If they are given a job to do, they will do it or die (literally) trying. It was so clear in this film that it would be impossible for any of them to leave anyone behind. That has always been the creed of our military. They don’t leave anyone behind. One of the soldiers already wounded many times and probably suffering internal injuries from falling down the mountain, climbed back up to rescue his brother. What happened in Benghazi should be unacceptable to every American. There is no excuse that help was not sent. No excuse.

Overcome with outrage that the Left is so willing to give up the freedoms these young men and women are fighting and dying to protect. The cavalier, disrespectful attitude the Left has toward our military. The fact that both parties agreed to cut the pensions of the military. Anyone who has served in our military deserves our respect and the best healthcare. They aren’t getting it.

Overcome with outrage that our President holds our military in such contempt and disrespect. This from a man who has never worked hard enough to break a fingernail. This President couldn’t last a day of basic training, let alone the training Seals go through. I’m outraged that this Imperial President has purged more than 200 senior Officers who have served their country honorably. Outraged that this President puts our young men and women in harms way without the rules of engagement necessary to win.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has verified in his recently released book what we have suspected since this President was elected. He and his staff have contempt for our military and are condescending toward Commanding Officers. Officers who have studied how to conduct wars. Men who have had the training, discipline and experience to know how to win. But this President, who knows nothing about how to conduct a war, isn’t interested in their opinions. He has put our soldiers in harms way for purely political reasons. And under his command our casualties have doubled.

All of my adult life when ever I have been in the presence of a member of our military I have thanked them for their service. I hope those who see this film will do the same.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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4 Responses to “LONE SURVIVOR”

  1. Arch says:

    Just so you know. Mark Wahlberg is a staunch Democrat…and despises the Tea Party types.

    I am a veteran of the United States Navy…Commander in submarine communications during the Viet Nam era. I find it offensive to hear people say “thank you for your service” because they have absolutely no clue what “service” we performed and how incredibly difficult the service was. I I would rather you just say nothing and move on with you life. We know what we did and how we did it and don’t need some senior, over-weight bleached blonde to say: “thank you for your service.” It is way to trite.

    I would much rather hear about things you can speak about intelligently. You say you were a talent consultant. Please tell us about that and how it affected your life. Much more interesting!

    • My father was an officer in the Navy in WWII and my husband served in Korea. They were never offended by people thanking them for their service. I’ve never met anyone who was offended by being thanked. I don’t know what bug you have up your ass but your resorting to insults indicates to me you are a typical intolerant Liberal.

      I have no interest in talking about my years as a casting director. I fear for the future of my country. BTW, Mark is not a “staunch Democrat” nor does he despise the Tea Party but obviously you do.

  2. Arch says:

    There is really no reason for any of us to “fear for the future of our country”. We will be just fine just as we always have. It’s when the extremists on the right began their hatred of our president that our country became vulnerable. These people who call themselves the “Tea Party” are more dangerous than Al Queada in our country and also in Russia where the Olympics will take place soon,

    You need to get out more and find out what real Americans are thinking. It certainly is not the nonsense you are preaching in you silly posts. (Go ahead and “block me” and I will will let your Twitter Community know you only want to read posts from people who agree with you)

    I suppose you don’t believe in man-made global warming either when I am an actual scientist who is studying this phenomenon. Oh well, there are always over-weight, bleached blond seniors in this world. Get a husband! (male or female)

  3. My twitter followers know I have no fear of people who disagree with me.
    You have no idea what I know or who I know. I know many scientists who also study “global warming” and there hasn’t been any in more than 15 years…..such as the Professor Emeritus of Physics at UCLA. Even Phil Jones whose computer models the fraud is based on admits there has been no warming.

    I know what “real Americans” are thinking. I get out everyday and have traveled extensively. I’ve been to DC six times in the last five years. I know members of Congress. I speak about what I have learned first hand and personally researched.

    The Tea Party doesn’t hate the President, we hate what he is doing to this country. We believe in the Constitution and we believe the government is too big, too intrusive and spending too much. There is nothing “extreme” about that view. And, yes, we have reason to fear.

    You revealed yourself with the Al Qaeda remark (BTW, there is no “u” in Al Qaeda). The Tea Party is about as dangerous as Big Bird. We’ve never been violent nor do we advocate violence.

    But thank you for continuing to prove the intolerance of the far Left.

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