This morning I had breakfast with Archbishop Jose Gomez, at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The Archbishop was there to speak of his support for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. I was invited to this breakfast by some of my friends from the Black American Leadership Alliance.

The Archbishop began by saying we area land of immigrants, all of us are immigrants, including himself. He said he was born in Monterrey, Mexico and has been a citizen for the last 20 years. He said we are also a country of laws and that there needs to be a compromise between the two. He spoke of the children of “undocumented citizens” not being held responsible for their parents’ actions. He spoke of how the twelve million here illegally are being denied basic human rights. I wondered what basic human rights he thought they were being denied. We provide them with free healthcare, school for their children, fire and police protection. If they have a child born here, they get section 8 housing, aid to dependent children, WIC, discounts on utilities, instate tuition, etc, etc.

Basically, the Archbishop recited the same old Progressive reasons why we should grant amnesty to “undocumented citizens”. Although he mentioned (several times) that he believed in the rule of law, he had no serious solution to address the numerous laws being broken by illegal aliens living and working in America. I also wondered how his public support of an obviously political issue didn’t violate his tax exempt status. I suspect if any minister started speaking publicly against amnesty or Obamacare or the violations of our Constitution that are endangering our religious freedom, his church’s tax-exempt status would be in jeopardy.

The title of the Archbishop’s talk was “Immigration and the Next America”. He said, “Immigration is about more than immigration. It’s about renewing the soul of America”. Apparently, he believes the “Next America” is a third world Latin American country. I believe the “soul” of America is the Constitution and the rule of law.

When Archbishop Gomez finished his speech and opened the floor to questions, I suspected this room of well dressed people would be in support of his opinion. But I was pleasantly surprised. There were, indeed, some people who voiced their support, but the majority of the questions were respectfully in opposition. One person asked how we’d stop further illegal immigration if we granted amnesty again. Dr. Baker, of our group, asked the Archbishop what he’d do about the Black communities who have such high unemployment due to illegal immigration, and reminded him that Blacks have been pushed out of their neighborhoods by illegal immigrants.

Another person reminded the Archbishop that unemployment was higher than at anytime since the Great Depression. Another asked where the Archbishop got the twelve million figure. He replied that he was quoting a newspaper.

I thanked the Archbishop for coming this morning, and then corrected him. I told him we are not all immigrants. I said Blacks didn’t immigrate here, legally or illegally. They were brought to this country against their will, and are currently being harmed the most by illegal immigration. I thought we owed them jobs, before appeasing the illegal immigrants. I said California runs a $13 billion annual deficit, which is coincidently, the exact amount illegal immigration costs California taxpayers every year. I asked the Archbishop how he justified giving our most precious gift, Citizenship, to people who have demonstrated a disrespect for our laws, our culture, our language and our flag.

He gave me a standard Progressive reply about balancing compassion with the rule of law, but I didn’t really hear much of it, because I couldn’t believe I said all those things to an Archbishop. I have always been intimidated by people in positions of authority. Five years ago I would never have contradicted someone in his position. I’ve come a long way, Baby.

James Spencer, from our group had the last question. He reminded the Archbishop that the 1986 Amnesty bill was passed because we were promised there would never be another. There were only three million illegals then. He told the Archbishop he was a Catholic, raised in Catholic schools, and even attended the seminary for a few years. He said the Catholic Church also had laws. He said he, too, wanted a better life for his family, so maybe he should move into the Vatican. Everyone laughed. James said if he tried, they would stop him, because they have laws too. I thought that was a perfect end to the event.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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