Does anyone really think that if the Republicans support amnesty, Latinos will vote Republican? If you do, you’ve been drinking too much Kool-Aid! The left has successfully bought the Latino vote, with social services, free healthcare, Section 8 housing, free pre-school, free after-school care, free phones, utility subsidies, and so forth, ad nauseum. The Republicans can never win this bidding war.

Nevertheless, the Republicans seem determined to pass “immigration reform” before this president leaves office. Why? They admit they can’t trust the president to enforce any part of a reform bill. So, even if they pass a border security only bill, there is no reason to believe any security would be enforced. We did pass a 700-mile border fence bill in 2006….. And less than 100 miles of that fence has been built. And then there is the “virtual fence” they like to tout. They love to tell us that “with today’s technology, we don’t need a real fence”. A “virtual fence” is even better….. And the low-information voters actually believe that. Let me remind those low-information voters that a “virtual fence” can be turned OFF, and how are you going to know whether it’s on or off, unless you are willing to sit on the border 24/7 and check on it. Just as soon as the nefarious forces pushing for amnesty are willing to sit on the border and make sure the “virtual fence” is ON, I’ll consider supporting a “virtual fence”.

Yes, I know the majority of the illegal aliens in the country have overstayed their visas, but they are a mixed group of people from many different countries. The majority of illegal aliens come from south of our border. And for those of you who want to remind me about our northern border, we don’t have between one and three million Canadians crossing that border illegally every year. We wouldn’t have to “push one for English” if that were the case. Keep in mind, one to three million people crossing our border illegally EVERY year is not immigration, it’s invasion, and they haven’t had to fire a shot.

Last night, I spoke on Jamiel Shaw’s radio program about my breakfast with Archbishop Gomez. The Archbishop spoke in support of amnesty. He gave all the typical amnesty arguments. That this is a country of immigrants. That, in fact, he, himself, is an immigrant. That illegal immigrants just came here for a better life for their families. That we shouldn’t punish children who were brought here by their parents. That we shouldn’t break up families. He said there “needs to be a balance between the Rule of Law and compassion”. My head was about to explode.

Let’s take these points one at a time. First of all, we aren’t all immigrants. The ancestors of those who were here before the American Revolution, who fought to become a separate nation, are not immigrants to the nation they founded. Nor are Blacks. They didn’t immigrate. And those who immigrated to America before 1986 came here in measured numbers that we could handle. They came here because they wanted to be Americans. They came through Ellis Island and passed physical exams. They learned about our government and learned English. They had sponsors and promised not to be a burden on our country. Most coming now don’t want to be Americans, and are encouraged not to assimilate. They bring their culture, and, in some cases, their own laws, and want us to accommodate them. We are told we shouldn’t display pride in our country for fear of offending them. I have to ask, if their country and culture was so superior, why did they come here?

Illegal aliens just came here for a better life for their families? Along with the most violent gangs on the planet! Along with diseases not seen in this country in centuries, if ever. Along with drugs and drug cartels. Along with violent criminals. Along with terrorists. I want a better life for my family, but with a constant flow of illegal aliens, that’s not possible. As Milton Friedman warned, you can’t have a welfare state AND open borders. California is ground zero for illegal immigration, and look how that has “improved” our lives. California runs a deficit of about $13 billion a year, coincidently, the same amount illegal aliens cost us. Yes, they pay taxes, but every illegal alien family costs us approximately $24,000 a year more in social services than they pay in taxes. I’m sure there are millions of people around the world that would like a “better life for their families”, so why do those south of our border deserve to be here more than others? How could we possibly accommodate them all? And how can we insult LEGAL immigrants by granting citizenship to people who didn’t play by the rules?

“We shouldn’t punish the children who were brought here by their parents”? Were their parents unaware of the consequences of their actions? Do we have a Rule of Law? Yes, choices have consequences. Yes, we pay to educate your child and then they can’t get a job here. Nothing stops them from going back to their country of birth and using the education we gave them, does it? Don’t be fooled by this “compassionate” argument. If “Dreamers” are given amnesty, they can bring members of their families, so their parents are rewarded after all. I assure you, if I broke as many laws as illegal aliens do (entering illegally, working illegally, forged or stolen ID’s, driving illegally, tax fraud, etc.), I’d be sent to prison and “separated” from my family. And, please, explain to me what prevents illegal alien parents from taking their anchor babies back to their country?

What exactly is a “balance between the Rule of Law and compassion”? If you have a good reason to break the law, you shouldn’t be held responsible? In fact, by leftist standards, you should be rewarded. Don’t drug dealers, burglars, auto thieves, etc. just want a better life for their families? It is possible to find justification for just about anything, just ask a leftist. Job participation lowest since the depression? According to the left, that’s a good thing. You can spend more time with your kids. You can become a poet. You aren’t “job-locked”. We are either a country of laws, or we live under tyranny. If our government isn’t going to enforce our laws, why should we obey those laws? Justice is SUPPOSED to be blind, it is SUPPOSED to apply to all equally. If they broke the law, they should suffer the consequences. They have already demonstrated a disrespect for our laws, our culture, our language, and our flag. The LAST thing they deserve is our most precious gift, citizenship.

Most of us don’t know what is in NAFTA, but a sidebar of NAFTA was an agreement that we would not secure our borders. Why do you think Mexico’s past President Vicente Fox said there were no illegal aliens in America? And remember, NAFTA was a Clinton agreement (that Obama ran on abolishing…but didn’t), but Bush did nothing to amend or abolish NAFTA, did he? Republicans are as much at fault for what is happening as Democrats.

Amnesty is not about “compassion”. It’s not even about “cheap labor”. It’s about changing the demographics of this country, so that it can never be brought back to the successful, powerful country it once was. Every illegal alien came from a big government country. It’s normal for them to have government telling them what to do. But our country gives them more and they are happy to take it.

If amnesty is passed, the America we know will be gone forever.

I can’t tell you why the Republican party is supporting amnesty. They say their plan doesn’t include a “pathway to citizenship”, but they know ANY plan will result in citizenship. They say their plan is border security first, but they know that will never happen. Ask yourself ~ why? Why won’t our country secure its border? Every other country in the world enforces their immigration laws and their borders. Why won’t we? Do you really think we can support all comers? Do you really think this Tower of Babble we are creating will end well? Has it ever in the past? All the European leaders are warning that multiculturalism is destroying Europe and causing more divisiveness, not less.

I always believed power was the last thing people would be willing to give up. But Republicans seem to be willing to accept being a permanent minority. And accept an unnecessary decline in this country’s economy and standard of living. They know Americans are against amnesty. They also know amnesty will not be to their advantage. It will forever change this country. Why are they committing suicide??


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Arch says:

    Well, I guess it’s a good thing we were not around in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. We had the Irish, Italians, Swedes, Norwegians, Chinese, Japanese, Germans, Polish, Jews etc etc immigrating to the USA. And very few of them spoke English when they arrived. They all contributed HUGE to our way of life in the USA. The Chinese figured out a way to get water from the mountains in Colorado to the eastern plains of Colorado. (without the benefit of modern technology. I could go on and on with all of their contributions but I am certain you still will find a way to demean our foreign ancestors.

    You are old. I think we both need to be more accepting of all people who wish to live here legally. There is no such thing as an “illegal alien” They are only illegal immigrants. “Aliens” come from a different planets as you should know.

  2. Apparently you didn’t read this carefully. In no way did I demean legal immigrants. I SAID they came In measured numbers, wanted to be Americans, learned our language and assimilated. Of course they contributed to the success of our country. In no way did I demean legal immigrants. I welcome them.

    As I said, the illegal aliens are not learning English or civics or assimilating. And they are coming in greater numbers that we can’t support. Apparently, you don’t believe in the Rule of Law. If they “wish to live here legally” let them stay home and apply like legal immigrants do. No, “accepting” lawbreakers is neither compassionate or smart.

    The “old” insult demeans you, not me. But let me educate you. Websters: “alien”, a person who is not subject of the country he or she lives; foreign; unfamiliar.

    • Arch says:

      So, are you saying that people need to apply for American citizenship from the country in which they currently live? It does not work that way. They come here and then apply and take classes and pass tests. That’s how it works.

  3. You OBVIOUSLY have no idea what you are talking about. That ISN’T how it works. No, legal immigrants can’t come here until their application is approved. There are circumstances where people here under H1B visa’s or some other circumstance that can apply from here, but most apply from their home country and can’t come here until they are approved. In MANY cases that is between 10 and 15 years. Ask Bill Handle, he was born in South America where his parents waited until their application was approved. They waited YEARS.

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