Last night I met Bettina Viviana. She spoke at Hollywood Congress of Republicans. She is a Producer and Literary Agent. She served as Vice President of Production at Amblin Entertainment.

Bettina was apolitical. Before 2008, she had never voted or paid any attention to politics. She was fascinated with her work and, since nothing prevented her from doing what she was doing (yet), she was simply oblivious to anything outside of Hollywood.

Everything changed for her in 2008. The old saying “you can’t un-ring a bell” came true for Bettina. The bell rang. One of her clients, a documentary filmmaker, called her and told her she had been contacted by someone from the Clinton team. They told her there was rampant voter fraud happening against Hillary, and they wanted her to make a documentary to expose it. She asked Bettina if she would produce it with her. RING, RING!

What they learned was that the caucuses were being used by the Obama team to commit fraud. Members of caucuses must be present to vote. They each have a ballot that is carefully kept track of. One ballot, one vote. But, in this case, the ballots were flying around, people were bringing more than one, and many ballots were from people not present. Votes were changed on ballots and ballots were mysteriously “lost”. In one case, people waiting to sign in were told they could go home because the vote had already been taken. In another case, there were chairs set up on either side of the entrance. Young men sat in the chairs and asked members who they were voting for. If it wasn’t Obama, they would get in the members’ faces and threaten them. People had their houses and cars vandalized. People feared for their lives. Bettina didn’t know things like that happened in America. RING! RING!

As most of us know, the Hillary supporters were nearly religious in their belief that Hillary would be, and should be, the first woman president of the United States. (Sort of like the fevered devotion of the Ron Paul supporters.) They believed she had the nomination in the bag. They were staunchly devoted to her election and not willing to change their vote. But they had never faced anything like the Obama machine. Hillary supporters were left weeping on the floor in the fetal position.

Apparently, George Soros met with both Hillary and Obama. While Hillary is a Saul Alinsky Marxist, devoted to turning the U.S. into a socialist county, she doesn’t want to destroy the country. She thinks socialism will help not destroy it. She does, still, care about America. Obama, on the other hand, has no such loyalty. He believes America needs to be brought in line with Third World countries, by any means necessary. He thinks we need to know what it’s like to do without. He thinks we’re “too rich and powerful”…… Not to mention “arrogant”. That was all Soros needed to hear. He threw his support behind Obama, and Hillary was out.

I saw some of these tactics when I went to DC to lobby against obamacare. We all know pressure is often put on members of Congress to change their votes. We know bribes are made, jobs promised, better Committee positions, better offices, more campaign contributions, lucrative private sector jobs, etc., etc., etc. But this went well beyond anything I ever imagined. Member’s children and spouses were threatened. “Your son wants to go to West Point? Don’t think so”. “We will charge your wife’s charity with wrongdoing, and they’ll have to prove a negative”. “Your daughter is on her way to college? I hope she makes it, it’s dangerous out there”. “Not only won’t you get funding for your next election, we will take you down”. Death threats were not off limits. I never imagined the “arm twisting” went this far.

The documentary was never completed, although DVD’s of important footage were sent to Fox News, O’Reilly, Hannity, and other Conservative spokesmen……… Crickets. Apparently, there are issues Fox won’t touch. Bettina wanted to finish the film, but her client didn’t. She tried to buy it from her client, but she wouldn’t sell, because she doesn’t trust the Conservatives. The filmmaker is a leftist Hillary supporter. Part of the film is on Bettina’s website, and I strongly urge everyone to go there and watch it, and forward it to as many people as possible. People need to know the danger of the caucus system. It is a system highly vulnerable to voter fraud.



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Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Arch says:

    Actually there is more voter fraud going on in the “red” states.

  2. Actually, no there isn’t. I’m involved in True the Vote. I am a poll observer and have worked to verify the voter roles. We found thousands of examples of 20, 30 40 people registered at one address. People registered at a gas station, people registered at nonexistent addresses. College students registered both in their home states and at college. The swing states had more than 100% of “eligible to vote” vote. (not every “eligible to vote” is registered to vote) and overwhelmingly Democrat. We certainly found examples of Republican voter fraud but not even close to Democrat fraud.

    Sorry, but all the policies that make voter fraud easier are Democrat policies. Register to vote and vote same day are not a GOP policy, neither is voting more than one day, neither is computer voting. Bus loads of people are brought into swing states to register and vote same day. The election is called before any of those ballots can be verified. Who is fighting tooth and nail to prevent voter ID? Not Republicans. Don’t bother to make the Liberal talking point that Voter ID suppresses minorities. In states that had voter ID laws there was no drop in minority voters. And since it is an advantage to have an valid ID I can’t imagine why anyone would object to it. IN FACT, Obama had the UN oversee the last election. They couldn’t believe we didn’t require voter ID.

    • Arch says:

      “In fact, Obama had the UN oversee the last election…” Where do you get such nonsense?

    • Arch says:

      Whoops…I posted too quickly….sorry about that.

      Voter suppression is an Eric Cantor idea that won’t go away. He and those like him, don’t want the minorities to vote because they tend to vote against the Republican Party. Obama won fairly against an incompetent individual who ignored those who he deemed were somehow lesser human beings than he. (47%)

      The Republican Party is in such disarray right now that they have polluted a once very proud and distinguished party. Last week’s CPAC closed with the speech of Sarah Palin who has no validity among reasonable and intelligent voters. She has become irrelevant and is relegated to late-night talk show jokes. To have her close the convention says it all about the sad state of affairs that the Republican Party finds itself. What was the result of this year’s CPAC? Did they develop any new ideas or come up with any solutions to anything? All they did was bash Obama. And to see the crowd at the events, it was all white faces. I guess they just don’t like the fact that our president is so much smarter and classier than they are. Agree?

      Bring back Ronald Reagan? Highly doubtful as Reagan these days would be a Democrat. The Tea Party has taken this country to new lows and until we rid ourselves of them in November, Congress will never get anything done.

  3. Gee, you made so many Liberal talking points, CNN should hire you.

    Voter ID isn’t Cantor’s idea. It’s what every sane, fair-minded citizen wants. There isn’t any evidence that requiring voter ID would suppress minority voters. It hasn’t in states that require ID. Your suggestion that voter ID WOULD suppress minorities is pathetically racist. You are saying they are incompetent to get one. Republicans have waved fees for documents, have offered to drive people to pick up necessary documents but Liberals fight tooth and nail to prevent it. Why? You can’t get in a Federal building without one. You can’t fly on a plane, stay in a hotel, buy a beer, vote in a union election…………or attend an Obama event without one. People’s lives are easier if they have a valid ID. Why on earth would you object?

    Voter suppression was done to Republicans not Democrats. The attack on the Tea Party definitely had an effect on the 2012 election. When Obama was so soundly rebuked in the 2010 election he unleashed the IRS on the Tea Party. I know first hand what they did.

    Your opinion of Sarah Palin is of no interest to me. She has been Alinsky-ed as are all Conservative women and minorities. What Liberals are willing to do to slander good people is disgusting.

    The Tea Party is not close to being over. We get more members daily. We don’t want any more wealth-redistribution or job killing, so Congress doing nothing is fine with me.

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