This morning, as I was driving to Los Angeles City Hall for a protest against Mayor Garcetti’s welcoming of illegal alien children to the city, I heard about our President’s meeting with the presidents of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Supposedly, they were to discuss a solution to stop the illegal flood of those countries’ citizens into the US. Apparently, our President thinks the best way to stop this invasion is to grant all these illegals refugee status, and to send our planes to bring them here from Central America. Really? Can someone, please, explain to me how that will stop the invasion? If they don’t have to pay “coyotes” and travel across Mexico, it’ll be easier, not harder, for them to invade America… And on OUR dime!

That’s Obama’s solution? That’s the best he can do to stop illegal aliens from flooding our country? I’m not a world leader, but even I can come up with a better idea than that! I’d tell those presidents they need to go on television and tell their citizens they are being lied to, that America has not changed its laws, and they shouldn’t spend their money traveling across Mexico, because they’ll be sent right back! I’d tell them that until they stop their citizens from violating our sovereignty, they will receive no foreign aid, and all trade with them will be stopped. You and I know that if Obama really wanted this to stop, he could stop it NOW.

When I got to the City Hall, I was more than disappointed. There were no more thantwenty protestors. Not one from the numerous groups we sent notices to. Except for a Latina anti-amnesty woman and me, the rest were all from the black community. It’s very disheartening. This is such an important issue. Los Angeles is broke, California is broke, the United States is broke. We have our own homeless children to take care of, we have homeless Veterans who are not getting medical care… It’s as if Mayor Garcetti knocked on your door and said, here are ten children, they’re yours to raise now.

I made a sign that said “No Border, No country”. All the reporters wanted to take pictures of it. There were more reporters and camera crews than protestors. I’m sure they will point out how few of us cared enough about this issue to come out today. They interviewed most of us. After the camera was off, one of the reporters from Channel 62 wanted to talk off the record. During the interview I had said the people most hurt by illegal immigration were blacks. They didn’t come here illegally, they didn’t come of their own free will, they were brought here as property. I said if we owed anyone jobs, it was them. The reporter asked how many blacks I’ve seen working in the fields. I asked him why we would want to see them working in fields? I told him Americans were educated and skilled, and didn’t need to do manual labor. We don’t need illegal immigration to get farm workers. We used to have the bracero program that bussed workers from Mexico to work in the fields, and then bussed them back. That worked just fine. I pointed out that illegal immigration costs California $25 billion a year, but illegals only pay $2 billion in taxes. California contains one-twelfth of the country’s population, but it pays ONE-THIRD of all welfare, because of illegals. I also reminded him that America has the most generous immigration policies in the world. We allow twice as many legal immigrants as all the other countries in the world combined. I asked why people whose first act is to break our laws are more deserving of largesse than the millions who have already applied to immigrate and are waiting in war-torn countries?

The reporter said that if you told someone there was a job available, the first thing they’d ask is how much it paid, and then they’d tell you they’d rather get unemployment. After my head exploded, I told him that if we didn’t pay people 99 weeks of unemployment, or give them never-ending welfare, people would take jobs. I told him that if not for the endless flood of illegal aliens driving wages down, there would be a labor shortage, and businesses would have to offer better pay. I told him I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my country just so businesses could get cheaper labor.

We had circulated fliers about this event for several weeks, and I know most of us understand the grave threat this illegal alien invasion poses to the sovereignty of our nation, but people are becoming less and less likely to show up for protests. I understand people are overwhelmed by how fast this country is changing, they are burned-out and discouraged. Many are disillusioned, because it doesn’t seem as if anyone is listening. Many are just plain afraid, and have given up. I get it. It’s exhausting. But now is not the time to give up!

We have an election in November. Don’t get complacent just because the media and both parties keep telling us Republicans will take back the Senate. I’m not convinced that is true, unless we all get out and help elect Republicans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Republicans have the answers, too many of them don’t, but the only people who do have answers just happen to have an (R) behind their names. Once we have the majority in the Senate and the House, we can worry about influencing the RINOs to vote the way we want. But in the meantime, we HAVE to stay involved. It’s only four more months. You can do it!!

If we don’t elect a conservative president in 2016, then I won’t blame you for giving up, but for now, just hang in there. History has shown that when it looks like we can’t win, that’s when we do. The odds were against General Washington and his army. They were shoeless, freezing, hungry… And yet they won. Remember the old adage, it’s always darkest before dawn. I beg all of you, stay engaged ~ we can still stop this!

New Zealander Trevor Loudon was on a speaking tour here a few weeks ago. I heard him speak several times, and he kept telling us that we didn’t understand our own power. We seem to have forgotten that we elected more Republicans in 2010 than ever before. We gave the House to the Republicans. We elected scores of Republican governors and legislatures, and those states are flourishing! Mr. Loudon said the left never saw that coming. We scared them to death. He told us he went to a progressive event in DC not long ago, and all they talked about was the Tea Party and conservatives. Their demonization of us is high praise. The more we scare them, the more they demonize us. We have to let it roll off our backs. Trevor said he cares about America, because if it falls, so will the rest of the West. He asked us to work harder than we ever have before. We have to walk precincts, do phone banking, and observe the polls. We have to talk to people whenever we get the chance. Ask people questions. Ask them why they think there are so many closed businesses along every Main Street. Ask them how illegal immigration help them. Ask them if they couldn’t use the $2,000 a year it costs their family to support illegal aliens. Ask them why our public schools are doing so badly. How is the country doing? How is the world doing with a weakened America? Just ask them if they are better off now than they were six years ago.

You just can’t give up! Not now. Not yet.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. tbdancer says:

    I’m glad you spoke to the interviewer from Channel 62, but I wish it had been ON the record so others could have heard your statistics. Too many people listen to the news and believe everything they hear rather than think critically about THEIR situation–prices they pay at the grocery store and the gas pump, their tax bills every year, etc. We who live in “certain fire districts” pay an additional $115 a year for “fire protection” even though we already PAY for that in our county and state taxes. My 17-year-old SUV’s license tag and registration cost me $107 a year. Same cost for the last four years. It’s supposed to be 2 percent of the car’s resale value. I doubt I could get what the state says my car is worth, but Ahnold and others saw this as a way to gouge residents even more. People who have THOSE obligations every year know full well what Jerry Brown and his toadies are doing to this state. Sadly, we are outnumbered at the polls.

  2. Yes, we are outnumbered at the polls because illegal aliens vote.

    I actually did give the statistics about illegals costing us $25 BILLION a year/ $2000 per household and that we pay ONE THIRD of the countries welfare on camera. I was interviewed by five different stations. All were Latino stations except for Channel 4.

    I was appalled that George Will said the other day that we could assimilate the illegal children. He said if spread across the nation it would only be maybe 20 per district. The PROBLEM with that argument is that they won’t be spread across the county, they will be concentrated in areas where there are already too many. Most will come to California (ground zero for illegals) and burden us even more.

    Remember Obama said wealth redistribution was a good thing. This is yet another way. He will redistribute our wealth until there is none.

  3. Ralph Monzo says:

    I enjoyed your article, and join you in bemoaning the facts posited therein. Globalists don’t like borders, they think humanity should be “one big, happy family.’…LOL… Obama has long ago shown himself to be a globalist, as was Bush II before him, and Clinton before him, and Bush I before him. The fact that the effort to destroy America from within is bipartisan is the really frightening thing. It’s a wonder we’ve managed to retain sovereignty at all! No one shows up at rallies, demonstrations, etc. anymore because as Jefferson said, ( I’m paraphrasing) “The day is coming when Americans will be so busy just trying to survive, that they will lose their freedom before they realize it.” Those days are here, my friend. I join you in imploring my fellow citizens to NOT GIVE UP. But I wonder what it will take to WAKE THEM UP…

    • Thank you. Yes, the most frightening thing is that Global Governance is being pushed by both parties. After all Bush Sr. signed Agenda 21. I met President Klaus of the Czech Republic who had just spoken at NATO against Global Governance. He told us the NATO members are all pretty much on board with it. People need to understand that is what is behind everything that is happening today. Our economy imploding is no mistake. As Jefferson understood, it is necessary for all of us to be struggling everyday to bring down this country. And bringing down America is necessary for Global Governance to happen.

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