My honorary daughter, Sue, gave me front-row center tickets to this year’s Townhall for my birthday. The speakers were Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Ben Shapiro, Hugh Hewitt, and Katie Pavlich. We met them all at the VIP party before the event… And had pictures taken with our favorites!

Elisha Krauss and Brian Whitman, who are on the Morning Answer with Ben Shapiro, were the moderators. As an aside, I can never understand how Brian Whitman could listen to all the rational, reasonable arguments Ben, Elisha, and all the panelists at Townhall made, and still be a lefty. I was pleasantly surprised that the theme of the discussion seemed to be that we aren’t having a war between Republican and Democrat parties. Rather, we are having a cultural war, which is, as Ben Shapiro pointed out, a war between good and evil.

Most of the panel agreed that gay marriage is not a fight for “gay rights”. The left understands that they can use the “gay rights” issue to undermine our religious liberty. Years ago, several conservative pundits warned that churches would be forced to perform gay marriages, and the leftists mocked and ridiculed them, saying that would never happen. But now it is happening. Just this week, two ministers are facing prison if they don’t perform a gay marriage. Ben Shapiro warned against being relieved that the Hobby Lobby case was won; he said the left will come after it again. Katie Pavlich pointed out that the left thought Roe vs. Wade would end the abortion discussion, but in the decades since that decision, people have become more pro-life, not less. Katie suggested that even though it may appear that the gay marriage issue has been won by the left, as the consequences of their agenda set in, the repercussions will be similar to Roe vs. Wade.

Dennis Prager gave another insight into gay marriage. He said, no matter what position you take on the issue, what should concern us all is that it hasn’t been decided by the people (every time states have voted on traditional marriage, it has won by large majorities), it has been decided by leftist activist courts. That is not what our Constitution intends. This is a representative government that is supposed to reflect the Will of the People. The courts have said, the Will of the People doesn’t matter, and the Supreme Court lets that stand. Dennis asked the younger members of the panel what percentage of their families, friends, and co-workers agreed with them on gay marriage. It ranged from 20% to 40%.

Michael Medved said something that didn’t sit well with the audience. In a slightly mocking tone, he said he very much disagrees with people who call him to say Obama is trying to destroy the country. He said Obama is nothing more than a leftist politician who believes his utopian ideas are good for America. Katie Pavlich took issue with him (to wild applause!) She pointed out that Obama explicitly promised to “fundamentally transform America”, and that he believes America should be no better or richer than any other country. Michael Medved then followed up with another unpopular position. He said if the Republicans take the Senate in November, one of the first things they should do is put an immigration bill on Obama’s desk. He and Hugh Hewitt believe the illegals should be given “legal status” (which is, somehow, not citizenship). How either of them can believe, for one second, that the border would be secured once illegals had legal status is a mystery to me! Michael is an historian, he knows the 1986 Immigration bill promised to secure the border and enforce employment laws, but nothing but amnesty was enforced. Why, on earth, would highly intelligent men like Michael and Hugh believe that the same thing wouldn’t happen this time? For some reason, they also believe the “legal status” would hold. In reality, five minutes after illegals were awarded legal status, the leftists would rise up and start screaming “civil rights” about the millions of people living in this country without the right to vote. I’m mystified at how any conservative can support rewarding law breaking (everyone knows that anything you reward, you get more of!) and actually believe the border would ever be secured under that scenario.

The panel was asked about the 2016 election, and who they thought could beat Hillary Clinton. Ben Shapiro said “any Republican with a bucket of water”. All the members of the panel thought we had many who would be able to beat Hillary. Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Mike Pence, Ted Cruz (the GOP establishment hates him, but he is a man of the people, and wins all the straw polls), Ben Carson (this got big applause), Susanna Martinez, Paul Ryan, and a few others. Someone said Mitt Romney. The candidates they thought couldn’t win were Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Rand Paul. Michael Medved said he believed Mitt Romney would be the candidate. They asked everyone in support of Mitt Romney to stand up, and, surprisingly, about half the audience got to its feet.
 Katie was taken back by that response, as was I.

The panel also discussed what the Republican party needed to do to win in 2016. All agreed that the GOP is abysmal at messaging. We ALL know that, so why doesn’t the RNC hire some competent PR people??? Dennis said if Hillary is the candidate, she will run on the “war on women”, and we need to ask, what war on women? To believe there is a war on women, you’d have to believe that men treat them badly all the time. What an insult to men who adore the women in their lives! What an insult to all the successful women who actually make more money than the average man! What an insult to women who own businesses. Are all women incapable of taking care of themselves without government intervention? Katie pointed out the left’s obvious disrespect for women in “The Life of Julia” video. After all, they didn’t follow that up with “The Life of John”.

We live in dangerous times. Now is not the time to stay home and not vote. We can’t afford for Obama to appoint another Supreme Court Justice. If he does that, it won’t matter who is in the White House. VOTE EARLY and VOTE OFTEN! Just kidding ~ only the left does that.


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Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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1 Response to TOWNHALL 2014

  1. tbdancer says:

    I am glad you got to see TownHall 2014. Thank you for “reporting” on the event.

    Michael Medved’s answer to any argument (Obama’s eligibility, the need to disband the EPA–he thinks the EPA is a good thing, Obama’s religion, etc.) is to state that the person who questions him is not looking at the facts, and then says there is “no evidence” that Obama was born in Kenya or is a Muslim. He’ll say, “He was born in Hawaii” and then said, “He WAS!” as if that emphasis makes his assertion correct. He is a liberal who became a conservative so he could get on the radio. He thinks Obama’s family is “beautiful.” He is blind, too.

    Hugh Hewitt calls anyone who questions Obama’s citizenship or religion or “evil intent” a “nutter.” IF you mention Marxism or Fascism, he won’t let you continue. He suggested that minors coming across the border (at Obama’s invitation) should be fostered here in the US. Of course, he stopped that nonsense when people suggested he lead by example. He is arrogant, claiming that he “knows all about polls” but got his hat handed to him after the polls claiming Obama would win in 2012 were correct (he did not believe them). He had Candy COWley on his show regularly until she showed HER true colors after the second debate between Obama and Romney–Hewitt defended her until she refused to come on to defend herself. He also laughs with Karl Rove about the Cuyahoga County results in 2012 ( where nearly every registered voter in that county voted for Obama. Statistically impossible, but it was okay with Hugh and Karl).

    I like Romney because he can get us out of this economic cesspool. A Keynesian like (pick the liberal) cannot make that economic theory work. Even John Maynard Keynes himself knew his model was false. Ben Carson may be eloquent, but he is not presidential. Ted Cruz needs a vocal coach. Bobby Jindel needs to speak more slowly. And the GOP needs to stop taking the high and silent road to defeat. When the Dems talk about the GOP being the party of Jim Crow and the party in favor of starving children, where is the IMMEDIATE pushback? We have Lindsey Graham voting for the two fat broads on the SCOTUS to “show support of the new young president. We need conservatives unafraid to stick to their principles, values and core beliefs, NOT a bunch of appeasement-minded wussies who think going along to get along will make voters happy and the MSM give them a break. We need conservatives with the courage of their convictions.

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