On Thursday night the President defied the Constitution, the Rule of Law, the American people and the Country. This was an historic event, one I never believed could happen in this country. By his own admission, this man took authority the Constitution does not give him. http://insider.foxnews.com/2014/11/19/caught- camera-obama-called-exec-immigration-action-illegal-25-times

The purpose of immigration is to benefit the country, not illegal aliens. We have 93 million Americans who have stopped looking for work. How does legalizing five million (or more) illegal aliens, who can now compete with Americans who are working, benefit America or Americans? How does legalizing millions of mostly poor, uneducated people benefit America? In a struggling economy, why would we legalize more people than jobs created since 2009? We don’t have jobs for legal citizens.

We have a President who put illegal alien lawbreakers above the citizens of this country. He spoke at length about the hardships illegal aliens face but not once did he mention the hardships illegal immigration has imposed on American citizens, especially Black American citizens. He never mentioned the jobs Americans have lost to illegal aliens or the lower wages. Or the burden they impose on law enforcement, on our schools, on our healthcare system, on our culture or, most importantly, on the taxpayers. Illegal immigration costs California taxpayers $25 billion (with a B) a year and has turned a red state blue. Think what we could do with that $25 billion a year for our own children.

Obama pulled out every heart-wrenching, guilt provoking reason he could conjure up to justify his actions. He even quoted the Bible. I love when Liberals use the Bible to back up their socialist agenda. In an attempt to reassure people, he said he would direct more resources to the border. What does that mean? It can mean anything, but what it doesn’t mean is that a double fence will be built. And why would he need to do that when he has told us the same thing as 60,000 children and families crossed it this summer–the border is secure.

Obama keeps saying he had to do this because the House wouldn’t pass the Comprehensive Immigration bill passed by the Senate. Did I miss something? Does the Constitution require the House to pass a bill because the Senate passed it? Or that they must pass a bill the President wants? Aren’t the members of Congress supposed to represent their voters? Isn’t that how a republic works?

Let’s examine why the House wouldn’t pass the bill. They heard from their constituents. You know, “We the People. ” Aren’t they supposed to govern with the consent of the governed? The people don’t want a “Comprehensive Immigration Bill”. We don’t want any huge, two thousand page bills. We want the border secured FIRST. Period. If the President really had the illegal aliens’ best interests in mind, if he was truly driven by compassion for “people who just came here for a better life,” he would have agreed to securing the border long ago. But he won’t agree to securing the border outside of a huge “comprehensive” bill.

The House and the American people want immigration dealt with one piece at a time. We want the border secured FIRST and nothing else until it is. Why is it so “radical” to want to stop this from happening again? If you had been robbed would you leave your door open or lock it? It’s common sense. Have we lost all common sense?

This administration argues, on one hand, the border is more secure than it ever has been (as if that means anything). But, on the other hand, he claims that it isn’t secure because the House won’t pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. Why does that stop us from securing the border? Congress (both houses) passed a border fence bill in 2006 that required 700 miles of double fence. I believe only 36 miles have been built and construction stopped. Why?
Americans were fooled (as was President Reagan) in 1986 into believing the amnesty bill would be “one time and one time only” and would secure the border so that it never happened again. The border was never secured, nor did we have the infrastructure in place to do background checks, teach the new citizens English or any of the other provisions of the bill. The1986 bill brought us three million new citizens but it also brought us 20 million more illegal aliens. We might have been fooled in 1986, but we can’t be fooled again. We have made it clear to our representatives that we want the border secured to OUR satisfaction before having any discussion about what to do with the aliens.

When the talking heads tell us the newly legalized aliens will get background checks, pay back taxes and fines, learn English, etc. ask them how? Ask them how many people have been hired to do it. And ask them how they can verify any of that information. Many have numerous identities. If they have been living here for any length of time, they have false or stolen ID’s. There is an entire cottage industry supplying forged documents. Just go down to McArthur Park in Los Angeles and you can get a drivers license or social security card in fifteen minutes. The talking heads are trying to provide enough arguments to get us to agree to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”, knowing the only thing that will happen is amnesty. Remember these are the same people who repeated over and over, “If you like your doctor/plan you can keep it. PERIOD, ” and “It was a spontaneous protest over a video,” and “there isn’t a scintilla of evidence the IRS did anything wrong.”

We are in a Constitutional crisis. Professor Jonathan Turley, who supported this President, has warned us that he is doing what our founders tried to protect us from. http://jonathanturley.org/2014/05/21/a-question-of-power-the-imperial- presidency/ We can’t allow this to happen. Do people not understand if this President can take power he doesn’t have, even if you support what he does with it, another President you don’t agree with can do the same. This President has demonstrated he doesn’t care what law says, he doesn’t care what limitations the Constitution places on him, he isn’t interested in working with Congress and he certainly doesn’t care what the people of this country want. Just weeks ago we made our position clear. We voted against his policies. He doesn’t care.

This was a sad and frightening day for America.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. jack waller says:

    Do you ever wonder why our president taught Constitutional Law and obviously knows a whole lot more than you do. What he did was legal. What the Tea Party is doing is criminal. They should be deported so the country can get things done.

    • You are so uninformed it’s laughable. What the President did is NOT legal and even his DOJ says so. Try reading the Constitution. Immigration laws are the responsibility of Congress not the Executive branch.

      What exactly has the Tea Party done that is criminal? And what are you suggesting the country get done? Become a socialist country. Socialism has never been successful or haven’t you notices?

  2. jack waller says:

    How about your own personal views of the Benghazi “scandal”? I guess you were wrong about that also. Why not stick to writing about things you know about? (being a casting director) And that does not include Climate Change Michael. If you had Cancer and could go to a doctor who was 97% successful in curing Cancer would you go to him/her or go to the 3% who are not able to cure Cancer?…in other words, those 3% who deny climate change are not very smart and you would be dying of Cancer. Think about it.

    • What does Benghazi have to do with climate change? But my personal views are that we were LIED to and I don’t like being lied to. Do you?

      As for Climate Change, I am clearly better informed than you are. How many actual scientists have you spoken to? You actually believe 97% of scientists agree that man is causing “climate Change”? They are talking about 97% of IPCC scientists not all the scientists in the world. More than 4000 scientists in California alone disagree. 31,000+ scientists just in the United State signed a letter saying they disagree. I have spoken to hundreds of scientists and world leaders about this. Have you. Until you have, keep your opinion to yourself. Believe me I have not only thought about this, I have researched it at length. You are listening to the people who tole you you could keep your insurance and doctor and Benghazi was the result of a spontaneous protest over a video. Good luck.

  3. tbdancer says:

    I too love how the Democrats quote the Bible even as they boo God. Love how Nancy Pelosi took the gavel as Speaker in ’09 “for the children” (those fortunate enough to develop to full term and then survive birth). Love how the GOP is always cast as the party of No, the party of racists (but NOT the party with a “plantation” of poor people sitting around with their hands out waiting for another freebie). And love how the GOP sits quietly as all this happens and says nothing.

  4. Yep. Republican leadership makes me SO mad. They have our consent to do what is necessary to stop this despotic President and they don’t do it.

  5. How funny you are. A Liberal Harvard professor did a study hoping to find Conservatives less informed than Liberals and found the EXACT OPPOSITE. News flash for you, there are more people who identify themselves as Conservative than Liberal. You are the one out of step, not people who believe the founders created the most stable, successful country in the world and want to continue being successful.

  6. jack waller says:

    Michael…while I know neither of us will be here on earth in the next 75-90 years, you can bet on the fact that New York will no longer exist (it will be under water) and neither will Miami (it will be under water. How do you explain these facts?

  7. I can’t prove something that isn’t true. The sea is not rising any faster than it has over hundreds of years. I live on the beach, the tide is no higher than it’s been the last 50 years.

  8. I’m glad you like me but I’ve done too much research into this. You haven’t said anything I haven’t heard before. I’ve spoken to MANY scientists, astronauts and world leaders. I care DEEPLY about future generations and I don’t want them living under global governance which is the ONLY way “Climate change” could be handled IF it were real.

    Obviously, you don’t believe in God. Because if you did, you wouldn’t believe God would make such a big mistake that he would have us exhale a gas that could destroy the world. Yes, we are pebbles and pebbles have no effect on the universe.

    The more CO2 the better. It makes the planet lush and green. I’m working toward the biggest carbon footprint I can make.

    And for the future, don’t bother trying to turn my blog into a forum for your dominions. I will spam any further comments from you.

  9. Jack says:

    It really is too bad we can’t just have an honest debate…instead, like the Tea Party you refuse to compromise and discuss the issues upon which we agree and disagree and block or spam those who are just looking to see both sides of any given issue. Good luck with that!

    • Whose not willing to debate? We (80% of American citizens) want the border secured before ANYTHING else is even discussed. The Comprehensive Immigration bill passed by the Senate is no different than the 1986 Immigration bill. We already have laws on the books but they haven’t been enforced. If Liberals gave a rats ass about the poor illegal immigrants, they would have SECURED THE BORDER a long time ago. Am I sympathetic to the plight of the illegal alien? Sure. But we can’t support the entire world and the Mexicans and South Americans are NOT more deserving than the Christians being beheaded in the Middle East.

      We didn’t even have immigration for about 50 years until Ted Kennedy brought it back. And immigration is to benefit the country NOT be a burden to it. I may be sympathetic but I’m MORE sympathetic to the Americans who have lost jobs to illegal aliens and to our children who are being denied a good education and to my grandchildren’s future.

      It’s the Left that refuses to discuss anything but a Comprehensive bill. We the People have made it clear we don’t want ANY 2000 page bills. If a bill is longer than three pages it’s hiding things we don’t want.

      My blog is my blog, not yours. You have been using my blog as a podium for Liberal talking points. My readers and I have heard them all a thousand times. The Left even uses the same words and terms.

      FYI, we elected Conservative representatives NOT to compromise. Compromise has moved us WAY too far left, and in case you didn’t understand what the last election meant, we REJECT socialism and Liberal polices. You act as if Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrats are willing to compromise. They haven’t compromised on anything. There are more than 400 bills on Reid’s desk that were bi-partisan that he won’t debate or bring to a vote. Obama told the Republican leadership when he was sworn in, “I won, you lost and I don’t need your input”. You are talking about a President who has only met with Mitch McConnell twice and never meets with his cabinet or has security briefings in person. We don’t even know if he reads his security briefings.

      I find it laughable that you bemoan the Tea Party not being willing to compromise……can you show me where this President has compromised on anything?

      • Jack says:

        Michael…it is only reasonable to compromise polarized principles in order to get anything done in Congress. We live in the Minneapolis area and a bridge here collapsed a few years ago…yet the Republicans continue want to give tax breaks to the 1% instead of fixing our nation’s infrastructure. I AM in the 1% and do not mind paying extra for infrastructure, fire and police departments, education etc. We don’t need all the money we have and give millions to ALS, CAD and Alzheimer charities each year. The Tea Party, while having good intentions, are filled with people who just simply hate Obama. (Mitch McConnell et al) We finally convinced the very Conservative 6th district in MN to get rid of the idiot Michele Bachmann. And now, they are seeing all the damage she has done and how she embarrassed the state of MN.

        The Tea Party hates Obama (I am certain we can agree on that) If Obama was white, there would be no problem. Imagine if John “McWar” and Sarah Palin had been elected??? We would be in several world wars at this time. I wrote to McCain and told him to get back in an airplane, bomb a country that never attacked us, get captured again…and this time, the enemies keep the guy. I was a fighter pilot in Viet Nam (so I may be about the same age as you) It was virtually impossible to get shot down, be captured and then survive during those days Michael. McWar is a criminal who bilked millions out of their life savings in his Keating Scandal…but because of his wealth, he got off with a warning.

        I am not trying to “blog” here. I simply enjoy your perspective on things and am wondering if we could simply start a conversation that includes compromise, common sense and a willingness to see each other’s points of view.

        You have proven to have knowledge regarding Climate Change, tax issues and immigration. Let’s just see how we can sort out how we think and feel about such things.



  10. I don’t know where to begin. Michele Bachmann embarrassed you? You who elected Jesse Ventura and Al Franken……who don’t have a brain between them? While Michele raised five of her own children and 23 foster children, ran a business, served in State legislature, she ALSO became a tax attorney and argued cases in court for the IRS, served in Congress and ran for President. Yeah, she’s a real idiot and you should be embarrassed. Yeah, Jesse and Al are so much smarter.

    It’s statements like that that make you not worth talking to. Add to that your “the Tea Party hates Obama” and primarily because he’s Black. First if all, he’s not Black, he’s malato. Actually, his color is the one thing I do like about him. But does the Tea Party hate him? That is a Liberal meme that has no basis in fact. No, we don’t hate him, we hate socialism, we hate that he is lawless, we hate his policies, not him. Having said that, I would point out he is the most arrogant, narsissistic man I’ve ever seen in the WH. And yes, we would feel the same way if he were a white Republican.

    Where do you get that Republican’s don’t want to fix infrastructure? Look at all the Liberal run states compared to Republican run states. Your state is run by Liberals. If your bridge collapsed ask your previous Governors why. Obama spent nearly a trillion in stimulus that Wes supposed to go to infrastructure. As HE said, he guessed the “shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready. Yeah, very funny. He spent a trillion of my grandchildren’s money and we have NOTHING to show for it.

    The reason money isn’t being spent on infrastructure is because it’s being spent on more social services to make more people dependent on government and buy their votes. If it was being spent on infrastructure it would create jobs that would employ more people making them less dependent on government. Your party can’t have that.

    If you are really part of the 1% and want socialism, you are a useful fool. I’m sorry but your comments reveal your bias and disinterest in the truth. You may disagree with Michele Bachmann’s politics but to call her an idiot and embarrassment shows your idiocy, not hers.

  11. Jack says:

    It is obvious you do not have many followers of your blogs. i wish you did…but you don’t. I am an extreme conservative just like you…but for some reason, God gave me the ability to accept differing points of view while you just block or spam those who do not agree with your point of view. That’s sad Michael. I think you have much to offer and could easily engage those who agree and disagree with your point of view. I hope you allow ALL those who wish to follow you the opportunity to engage in meaningful debates and discussions with you. If not, your blog will be blocked by reasonable people. Your choice Madame.

  12. As much as I SO appreciate your concern, I have plenty of people who read my columns. This site is just where I post them all. I’m published on numerous Conservative sites and I have my own “The Greer Report” on American Freedom Alliance.

    You are no more a Conservative than Obama is. You are “extreme” however. No Conservative would call the Tea Party radical. Nor would they be for amnesty or the fraud of global warming. Nor would they be so ignorant about what the stimulus was for (I read the stimulus bill, did you?) or why money isn’t spent on infrastructure. I’m betting you are also for gun control. We don’t accept the word of others, we do our own research.

    I don’t generally block or spam people who comment negatively on my columns. I certainly accept that others may have a different opinion, but if you are going to write 10 paragraph comments, start your own blog.

    Your whole sob story about illegal aliens went on far too long. My ancestors founded this country. They aren’t “immigrants” to a country they founded. If you don’t understand that the immigration now is about changing the demographics of this country from an educated white majority to an uneducated brown majority, you don’t want to. If you don’t understand this is about a permanent Democrat majority, you don’t want to.

    I find your comments uninformed and not worth the time to explain.

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