Last year I wrote about what a remarkable job the UIECC did in, first, putting together their organization and then organizing their first conference in a very short period of time with such notables as Dinesh de Sousa and Ann Coulter. This year they did an even more fabulous job. Not only did they have Governors Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal, they had Carly Fiorina, Larry Elder and David Spady. Those of us who attended this conference had our own preview of CPAC

Carly Fiorina was the first speaker. I have to say when Carly ran for Barbara Boxer’s seat I liked her but I wasn’t all that enamored with her. I changed my mind. I think she’s sensational. She owned the stage. She spoke of going from being a secretary in a small office to the CEO of the multi-million dollar company, Hewlitt /Packard. She spoke about small businesses being the backbone of the country and how regulations and taxes are killing them. She spoke of traveling California during her campaign for Senate and seeing in people’s eyes they have lost the sense that they have limitless possibilities. She went right after Hillary Clinton, saying, as CEO of HP she traveled the globe as well, but that it was an activity not an accomplishment. I was very impressed with Carly, however, I wish she would run for Barbara Boxer’s Senate seat instead of President.

David Spady and Steven Greenhut spoke about the outrageous salaries and benefits the state employees have negotiated for themselves and the unfunded liabilities they have created. There is no way possible to fulfill these contracts and no way to get out of them, yet no one is doing anything about it.

Larry Elder was warmly received. He explained that we can still hear him by going to his website. He was followed by the Politichicks, Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany and Dr. Gina Loudon.

The morning session ended with Governor Rick Perry. His Texas, cowboy charm was in full force. He spoke about all the gains Texas made in the last 14 years. He lowered business tax rates, raised wages. Perry said people wanted the dignity of a good job. He said Texas was responsible for most of the economic recovery and that Texas created more jobs than the government did. Perry said, “If you expect to live among us, yet plan against us, to receive the protections and the comforts of a free society while showing none of the virtues and graces, than you have your answer……NO! Never on our watch”! Perry spoke about the need to secure the border. He said he invited the President to go to the border with him to see what was happening, but the President declined saying he didn’t want a “photo op”. The President offered to meet Perry as he arrived at the airport, Perry declined for the same reason. The Governor said if Obama wouldn’t secure the border TEXAS WOULD!

During the lunch break there was lunch with the speakers for those who bought VIP tickets (they were sold out before I knew tickets were on sale). For those of us without VIP tickets, they had a very nice hot lunch and chance to network.

After lunch there was a fascinating speaker, Father Josiah Trenham, pastor of the St. Andrew Orthodox Church in Riverside. The Father is an interesting character in a long black tunic, ponytail and beard. He received his Doctorate in Theology at the University of Durham, England. He’s been married for 27 years and has ten children.
Father Trenham said we might be surprised to see a minister speaking at a political conference……and the IRS might be too. He said the IRS has denied the clergy the freedom of speech and that the clergy needed to speak out about political and social issues. He spoke about the responsibility of the church to address the moral decline of this country. I highly recommend people go to http://www.uniteie.com and watch the video of his speech. He’s very entertaining.

Our favorite comedian Evan Sayat followed Father Trenham. He said Dinesh de Sousa and Ann Coulter weren’t invited back this year, but he was. No one captures the Liberal mind better than Evan. I also recommend reading Evan’s book, “The Kindergarden of Eden”. It’s clever and funny and proves the Harvard and Yale studies are SO correct, Conservatives ARE smarter than Liberals.

The last speaker of the day was Governor Bobby Jindal. He was on fire from the start. He paced the stage saying Obama has disqualified himself as Commander and Chief. He has gutted our military and made us less safe. If he can’t identify the enemy he can’t protect us from it. He said we can’t “contain and degrade” ISIS, we have to hunt them down and kill them! He said he’d keep his eye on all the Christian extremists if Obama will go after the Islamist extremists.

Jindal also talked about his home state of Louisiana. He said he was elected to shrink government and he kept his promise. There are 30,000 fewer state employees. His state has had eight credit upgrades. He has also implemented school choice. He said Common Core has stripped local control of education and it needs to be given back.

I again congratulate those who organized this Conference. It was an informative, entertaining day and to top if off they raffled off a shotgun! God bless America!


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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