Saturday I drove to Santa Barbara for a brunch where the Director of News Operations at the Santa Barbara News-Press, Don Katich was going to speak about the newspaper’s recent battles for free speech.

Santa Barbara is my home town. I was raised in Santa Barbara, I graduated from Santa Barbara High School, I was married in Santa Barbara and my children were born there. I love Santa Barbara and anything that happens there is of interest to me.

A few months ago the Santa Barbara News-Press was attacked and vandalized by pro-illegal alien protestors. They spray painted, “The border is illegal not the people who cross it”, next to the front door and paint bombed the rest of the building. What did the paper do to warrant such an attack? They printed a headline that said, “Illegals line up for drivers licenses”. The grievance army has become so emboldened, anything they perceive as offensive warrants the complete destruction of the offender.

A few weeks after the attack there was a rally in support of the News-Press. I attended that rally and so did the pro-illegal alien crowd. They did their best to provoke the News-Press supporters. They shouted down speakers, they shouted epithets, they got in people’s faces. I’m constantly frustrated by people here illegally demanding rights they aren’t entitled to……..and our government allowing it. No wonder they feel empowered.

The Santa Barbara Woman’s Federated arranged a brunch at the La Cumbre Country Club for Don Katich to explain the New-Press’s position on this attack on free speech. Valerie Watson from the Woman’s Federated introduced Don and after listing his many accomplishments, she said he was also a member of the NRA, to great applause.

Don began his talk by saying how sad it was that exercising your 2nd Amendment rights would receive applause.

Don let us know the News-Press is not going to change it’s position. “Illegals” is the accurate term, it’s a term used by the Federal government and a term the News-Press has used for years. They have every intention of continuing to use it.

Don spoke of many examples of free speech being attacked in Santa Barbara. He cited an attack on a pro-life teenager by an assistant professor on the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. The young woman was physically assaulted and her display destroyed by the UCSB employee who was never held accountable for the assault.

Mr. Katich spoke of the 1st Amendment being our greatest gift and the basis of all our other rights. He said once the Rule of Law becomes subjective, tyranny follows.

He said he believes in American Exceptionalism as evidenced in our Bill of Rights and Constitution. He said it is the newspaper’s job to report the news truthfully, not to be politically correct.

He told us about the fight in 2006 the new publisher had with the union (I didn’t know reporters were unionized… wonder so many are Liberal) over control of the content of the paper. They didn’t walk out over wages, hours or conditions.

The new publisher wanted to end the Liberal bias that existed. The union members walked out and sued for control of the content. Fortunately, a judge ruled that the publisher had control, not the employees.

Don said the future can’t be controlled by kissing ass, but by kicking ass. He said it’s time to be informed, be involved and be BOLD.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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