Congressman Stockman brought Ted Nugent to Obama’s 2013 State of the Union speech. In 2014 he made more Members of Congress’s heads explode when he walked out of Obama’s State of the Union speech. The Congressman is an entertaining man.

After serving two terms in Congress for two different districts in Texas, in 2012 Congressman Stockman ran for the Senate against incumbent John Cornyn and lost.

As Congressman from the district with the most per capita oil refineries and downstream petrochemical plants in the world, he worked for commonsense regulatory relief for the nation’s oil and gas industries, which would lead to less dependence on foreign oil.

NASA’S Johnson Space Center was in Stockman’s district and he served on House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. He believes in keeping the United States at the forefront of space technology.

Congressman Stockman, being a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment, introduced the very first pro-gun bill in the House in 2013, H.R. 35 to repeal federal “gun free” zones. He and Senator Rand Paul introduced the “Restore the Constitution Act of 2013” which would nullify any anti-gun Executive Orders. Also as Vice Chairman of the House Second Amendment Task Force, he authored legislation to strip funding to the UN should that body try to restrict America’s gun rights.

Congressman Stockman also issued an arrest warrant for Lois Lerner. He said Obama retaliates against those who oppose his agenda. Stockman is now being investigated by the Department of Justice and having to spend thousands to defend himself.

American Freedom Alliance’s Literary Café had Congressman Steve Stockman speak about his recent trip to the Middle East, the ISIS Rampage and it’s Implications for our security. He recently returned from Afganistan, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Israel and Egypt. He told us our Nobel Peace Prize President is about to weaponize the entire Middle East. It just won’t happen during his term. And if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, they will use it. And while the Middle East is being weaponized, by the time this administration is out of office we will have no nuclear weapons.

Congressman Stockman met with the Kurds. They are capable of fighting against ISIS but Obama won’t give them weapons. They can’t waste bullets so they have to ration them. Obama keeps telling us these countries need to defend themselves, so one has to ask why he won’t give them the weapons they need to do it. Stockman visited a refugee camp and will never forget a boy he met who carried pieces of his skull with him. ISIS shot off the top of his head. Doctors were able to save his life and replace his skull with a metal plate.

Stockman said we are ignoring history. Sadly too few of us even know history. He said Churchill warned the world about Hitler and was ignored. He said we were warned about 9/11 and ignored it. We are now ignoring the threat of ISIS. The man who told us we could keep our doctor is now telling us we are at peace under his administration.

Stockman said we are upside down in our foreign policy. Most of the countries are more afraid of Iran than Israel. But Obama has threatened to shoot down any Israeli plane that flies to attack Iran.

In the past, money and supplies we sent the Kurds had to go through Bagdad and never got to them. The weapons are sold to ISIS and defiantly paraded through the streets.

The Congressman also spoke of Libya. He said Kadafi may have been a crazy man but he was killing terrorists and helping us. He said Sidney Blumenthal helped overthrow Kadafi and made millions doing it.

Our country is being “fundamentally transformed” by immigration. On top of all the illegal aliens and H1B foreign workers, Obama has brought in 100 Thousand Muslim “refugees” a month since he took office. 93 Million Americans of working age are not working. The true unemployment rate is closer to 25%.

Stockman said Obama won because he organized his communities and we need to organize ours if we want this country to remotely resemble the one we grew up in.


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Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. johnw299 says:

    Thanks for this excellent recap of David Stockman’s initiatives. I am a Texas voter not located in Stockman’s District but will begin supporting immediately.

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