Last night was extraordinary. Extraordinary in the realization of how corrupt our system has become.

Driving to Huntington Park from the Freeway, you drive through miles and miles of industrial blocks, warehouses, factories, manufacturing complexes and graffiti on every inch of every overpass and wall……a clear sign of rampant gang activity.

Huntington Park is next to Vernon and the City of Industry two other stunningly corrupt cities. It has a population of about 64.000, 90% Latino with 45% of them illegal aliens. We might as well have been in Mexico. The Mayor and city council members were all Latino.

Huntington Park made history by being the first city to openly appoint illegal aliens to city commissions. This meeting was to allow people to comment on the appointments. The council room that held about a hundred was overflowing and the overflow room with seating for 60 was full with people standing or sitting on the floor.

The first speaker was a young Latina woman who said the city council broke no law appointing the two men because they were volunteers receiving no pay and would have no effect on public policy (then what is the commission for?). The first ten speakers all supported the appointments. They spoke of how hard the men had worked during the election and what an influence they had been on them. That they just wanted the American Dream and their status shouldn’t matter.

The next speaker was a member of the city council, Valentin Palos Amezquita. He spoke eloquently, without an accent, about the value of our system and that appointing these illegal aliens to commissions has brought negative publicity, across the country, to the city. Mr. Amezquita was the only opposing vote on the council.

After the first ten supporters the pro and con sides were pretty even. Those supporting the appointments gave pretty much the same arguments, the men worked hard and it shouldn’t matter if they are legal or not. We are all immigrants. Illegal aliens pay taxes and work hard, etc. etc. etc.

Those who opposed the appointments were more interesting. Shirley Husar of Urban Game Changers made a passionate argument against rewarding illegal immigration in any way and how offensive it is to compare illegal immigration to civil rights.

A young Latino said he lived in Huntington Park 35 years and worked hard but had never met these men. He said he was a legal citizen and appointments need to go to legal citizens. He said there was a right and wrong way to do things and rewarding the wrong way was unfair to him and others.
A 40ish Latino businessman told them he had to admit they had accomplished something……they had destroyed the city. He said they owe millions and yet bought out the current police chief’s contract ($178,000 a year) to hire another at $200,000 a year. He said they all needed to be recalled.

Several questioned whether all the city council members were, themselves, legal citizens. A Latino woman said they made the city the laughingstock of the country. One young woman said she was an illegal alien and unafraid (why would she be afraid? This administration isn’t going to deport her). She said she graduated from college (paid for by the taxpayers) and that it shouldn’t matter if these men were legal or not. I guess she didn’t learn anything about our form of government during the years the taxpayers educated her. Several people who spoke bragged about being illegal.

I spoke about America having always been a country of laws, not men. We have respected the Rule of Law and Constitution for over 200 years and that a country without the Rule of Law, without borders is not a country. I said the countries these people came from would not allow a foreign non-citizen to work in any capacity in the government. I said they came here for the American Dream but if we didn’t enforce our laws there would be no country to dream in.

One woman confronted the council saying she knew two of them didn’t live in Huntington Park. She said she knew because she had driven them home. She said one lived in Walnut Park and one in San Bernardino. She seemed to know a great deal about the dealings of the city and said it was more corrupt than Bell.

The last woman who spoke had done her homework. She cited numerous laws, both State and Federal, the city council was violating.

This is what open borders and rampant illegal immigration has done to this state and the country. There are many small cities like this one being governed by people who were not born here. There is little or no oversight. They set their own salaries, appoint and hire other like minded people and squeeze out people who object. Nearly half the citizens of this city are illegal. Of course, the city council members are going to serve the interests of those illegal residents, but that doesn’t serve the interests of the country.

Illegal immigration has turned California into a Latino majority and a permanent Democrat majority that is encouraging even more illegal immigration. Governor Brown and the Mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco have said they welcome as many illegals as want to come, while at the same time, rolling back our access to resources .

Most of us have believed jobs had to go to Americans before foreign workers. But more and more American workers are being replaced wholesale by foreign H1B workers and illegal aliens. 40% of the illegals living in America overstayed their visas and the government looks the other way.

It’s time to stand up and demand a return to the Rule of Law and a Constitutionally limited government. If we don’t, the entire country will go the way of California.

We MUST elect a President who will secure our borders and restore the Rule of Law.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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