American Freedom Alliance fellow, Dr. James Enstrom spoke to the Santa Monica Republican Women Federated at Amici’s Restaurant in Santa Monica this Wednesday. Enstrom, a highly respected professor, researcher at UCLA for 30 years has been waging war on the fraudulent Climate Change regulations destroying businesses and bankrupting Californians. Recently, Enstrom was in the Wall Street Journal and

Dr. Enstrom asked if we knew what watermelon, in the theme of his talk, referred to. A woman replied that it was green on the outside but red on the inside. It represents the green agenda covering the true red (or Marxist) agenda.

Dr. Enstrom said it reminded him of the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Where pods were placed near people as they slept and a replica of them grew from the pod and replaced them. The pod people had no emotions. They marched in lock step and followed directions. Dr. Enstrom said there are many people and groups working to see that we become those pod people, walking in lock step. People like Businessman Tom Styer, Senator Barbara Boxer, and groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists, Sierra Club, LA Times, NY Times, CARB (California Air Resources Board) South Coast Management Agency.

Enstrom said we need three things to turn things around; One, Common sense and truth, Two, The Bible and Three, Congress.

We are being lied to by sources we used to trust and we need to know how we are being lied to in order to do anything about it. Enstrom gave us some examples.

He spoke about “fine particulate matter” that is 1/25 the diameter of a human hair. CARB claimed that there were 8000 deaths a year due to “fine particulate matter”. A study done by Dr. Enstrom and confirmed by ten peer reviews showed no deaths. We have extended our life expectancy by eight years over the last twenty years. Dr. Enstrom demonstrated how much “fine particulate matter” we inhale during our lives. He held up a packet of coffee sweetener.

Then there is also “course particulate matter” which is dust. We have lived with dust forever. In fact, before paved roads and grassy lawns we lived with much more dust than now. Most of us have never heard of the Owens Lake Dust Project. Owens Lake is a dust bowl. Few people live in the area and most spend most of their lives indoors. Although no health hazard has been found, sprinklers were installed and waste 30 Billion gallons of water a year sprinkling the area to keep the dust from blowing around. That is enough water to serve San Francisco for a year. About 20% of your water bill is for EPA regulations. I find it interesting they won’t allow us to sprinkle our lawns but they will waste 30 Billion gallons sprinkling dirt. Wouldn’t it make more sense to plant grass that absorbs CO2 and sprinkle the grass? Wouldn’t that prevent dust from blowing around?

As of October first, the EPA changed the ozone emission levels from 75 parts per billion to 70 parts per billion. This puts about 80% of the cities out of compliance. 70 parts per billion is nearly what happens naturally. Any air conditioning or refrigeration will cause non-compliance.

Enstrom has been waging war against CARB for a long time. When they came out with their ban on diesel engines he knew the study they used couldn’t be correct. He looked into the “scientist” who did the research and found he bought his degree from an internet site. The “scientist” and his study were frauds, however, it was Enstrom who lost his job (after 30 years of being highly respected) for no longer conforming with the views of UCLA. He fought back, sued and was reinstated.

CARB, under the leadership of Mary Nichols, is corrupt. It had been proven before the vote to ban diesel engines that the study was done by a man with a fraudulent degree, but the information was withheld from the members. One member was so disgusted by this that he resigned from the board. But little has been said about it in the news and CARB continues to make regulations that drive businesses from California and bankrupt people.

I’ve been asking since I saw the blatant lies in Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” why it was necessary to lie or embellish if what they were saying was fact. Dr. Enstrom gave us examples of lengths they will go to to convince us only government control will save the world.


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Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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