I don’t want to hear another lecture from this President on who we are. He has no idea who we are. We certainly aren’t who he says we are.

He didn’t grow up in the continental United States. His formative years were spent in Indonesia. His introduction to religion was Islam. He grew up surrounded by Marxists. His understanding of Christianity came from Rev. Wright who said he didn’t know if the President was ever converted.

We’ve never been a “politically correct” country. We are a free speech, tell it like it is, country…….even if it offends someone because it is impossible to speak the truth and not offend someone. And it’s impossible to make informed choices unless you know the TRUTH. Political correctness denies the truth. This was made abundantly clear when the neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists said they had been so concerned by their suspicious behavior they wanted to report it to authorities. However, they didn’t because they were afraid they would be accused of racial profiling. They didn’t want to be labeled bigots.

I’ve never accepted political correctness. I’ve been saying for years that politically correctness will KILL us and recent events prove that’s true. I will not be politically correct so let’s begin with this. This is a white, Judeo-Christian majority country….at least for now. This administration is trying their best to “fundamentally transform America” by bringing in as many illegal aliens (yes, they’re called ILLEGAL ALIENS) and “refugees” from the Middle East as possible. There is nothing wrong or evil for wanting to maintain a white Judeo-Christian majority. There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve your culture, traditions, rule of law and political system. We have always been accepting of diversity but to import millions of people whose culture is the antithesis of ours is insanity.

We’re told now that the oldest Constitution in the world, that created the most successful, freest, richest country in the world is to be dismissed because it was written by “old white men”. Never mind the results, it if was written by white men it doesn’t count. And PLEASE, someone tell me what in the Constitution is racist? “All men are created equal”? Is that racist? What in the Constitution prevents anyone of any race or color from succeeding?

I’ll tell you who we are, Mr. President. We’re fiercely independent people. We are pioneers, explorers, and inventors. We believe in the Rule of Law. We’re tolerant, generous people. We are the first on the scene of any disaster. We’re courageous and hard working. We sailed across an ocean to a land we’d never seen and crossed it in covered wagons. We built cities and businesses. We invented miraculous things that made life better and longer.

We are NOT dependent children who need a “safe space” to protect us from reality. We are NOT racists or bigots. Nor are we stupid. We know the “I” in ISIS stands for Islam. We know “gun free zones” are shooting galleries for terrorists and crazies. We know a good man with a gun can stop a bad man with a gun from committing “mass shootings”. We know ISIS is NOT “contained”. We know they’re not the “JV team”. We know Islam is not the religion of peace. We know when he refers to ISIS as ISIL he is acknowledging their control of the entire area, not just Iraq and Syria. And we know this President is not keeping our country safe because he won’t recognize Islam is at war with us.

Tashfeen Milak passed the “vetting system” this administration has in place, so to say Syrian refugees will be vetted is not comforting to us…..because, again, we’re not stupid. Accepting all who want to come here isn’t “who we are”. We had no immigration from 1928 to 1964, until Ted Kennedy changed our immigration laws. We had no immigration during those years to assimilate those who had come. Our laws were to bring in people that filled OUR needs not the needs of the immigrant and BTW, that is the immigration policy of every other nation. Kennedy changed that to “family unification” and restarted immigration, which we’ve come to believe can’t be stopped. But it can, especially when it is for self preservation.

This President tells us we’re in no danger as 14 people are murdered at a Christmas party by someone they believed was a moderate Muslim. Speaking in France (where 130 people were murdered a few weeks ago) he tells us these mass shootings don’t happen in any other countries. He tells us Climate Change is the greatest threat we face in the future while Islamists are killing people NOW!

When every terrorist attack has been committed by Islamists, this President adds Imams to the military Chaplin corps, Islamists to government positions, removes any reference of Islam from military and intelligence manuals and lectures us frequently to be accepting of Islam. He lectures us about demonizing “good Muslims” while he demonizes good gun owners, good Christians, and good Americans as he works to remove our Constitutional right to free speech, free expression of religion and gun ownership. He shows no concern for the demonization of Christianity or Judaism. Although, 57% of Hate Crimes are committed against Jews and anti-semitism is growing, he chastises us for being anti-Muslim. He makes no mention of Christians being beheaded, burned alive and drowned in the name of Islam. And he condemns Americas as being arrogant, racist, Islamaphobs, clinging to our guns and Bibles.

This President won’t even identify the enemy as “radical Islam”. Actually, I wouldn’t either. They aren’t “radical” they are orthodox. They are devout believers in the literal interpretation of the Quran. Our concern about bringing in more “refugees” from the Middle East isn’t “Islamaphobic” it’s common sense…….logic, reason, critical thinking, wisdom, if you will. At the risk of being politically incorrect, may I remind us that only a small percent of Germans were Nazi’s, but the Germans who were not Nazi’s did nothing to prevent the slaughter of millions of Jews, did they?

With helpless people being targeted in “gun free zones” this President tells us we need fewer guns. He tells us we need to learn from France and Australia….which, we know, is gun confiscation, though he won’t say it. France has the strongest gun laws in the world. Guns have been confiscated from all citizens. Police don’t even carry guns. Did that prevent 130 helpless people from being gunned down by terrorists? People willing to give up their guns are expecting the police to protect them. How can unarmed policemen protect them from terrorists?

Yes, Mr. President, we are people who cling to our guns and our Bibles and will continue to do so because…… THAT’S who we are.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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4 Responses to WHO WE ARE

  1. tbdancer says:

    Another well written column that pretty much says everything that needs to be said about this sorry piece of work who is nearing the end (thank God) of his freeloading career in politics. Will be glad to see the whole pack of those lay-abouts and their dogs exit the property and a large tent placed over the White House (and anywhere else they set foot) for the exterminators to remove any trace of cooties.

    Seriously, being afraid to speak out is ridiculous. If you as a citizen of this country are armed with facts, you can refute anyone who calls you a racist, bigot or homophobe. If you are well versed in your principles, values and core beliefs (h/t to Rush Limbaugh, referring to conservativism), you don’t need to fear the name-calling of those who only HAVE Alinsky’s Rules to fall back on. Yeah, sometimes you have to “speak their language,” which means the four-letter words strung together (I taught inner city high school for 30 years and know the words–and because I am a creative writer, I can string them together in new and unusual ways), but it does get the message across in ways the brain-dead low-information type can understand.

    Obama likes to toss off things like “the Crusades” when dissing Christianity. Not many journalists checked his assertion that it was the Christians who started the attacks on the Muslims “back in the day.” The Crusaders marched to defend the attacks on their religion by Muslims who were trying to kill the infidels. Obama has protected himself with hand-picked reporters and while his little sand castle is crumbling away because at LONG LAST the “tide” is coming in, his legacy will become clear and Jimmy Carter will become the SECOND worst president ever.

  2. Shari Goodman says:

    Michael, excellent commentary which I will share with my organization and FB. Kudos for your clarity and the courage to take a stand.

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