Our President just signed a climate treaty in Paris he said is the “best chance to save the planet”.… reducing CO2 to pre-industrial levels.

You must, first, assume man COULD destroy the planet, which I don’t. The very same people who tell us man is no more significant than an ant, also tell us man could destroy the planet by exhaling. The people who shut down family farming in the San Joaquin Valley in order to protect a bait fish, are telling us we must stop raising cattle because they fart too much. We don’t need to protect cattle that provide food and leather but bait fish, moths, and polar bears are to be protected at any cost. Aren’t all indigenous to the planet…….isn’t man? If all creatures are equal, why aren’t cattle equal to bait fish?

Let’s start by pointing out what Secretary of State Kerry said at the Paris Climate Change Conference. He said no matter what we do it won’t effect temperature in any significant way. Plus the fact that America has some of the lowest carbon emissions.

So, in spite of making no difference in temperature, and in spite of us being one of the lowest carbon emitters, we are going to kill America’s economy and reduce our standard of living to pre-industrial levels. Do you have any idea what “pre-industrial CO2 levels” mean?

You are aware that before industrialization (that brought us GREAT prosperity) we heated our homes with fireplaces. Most cities have banned using fireplaces, so how are you going to heat your home when energy prices “skyrocket”? Large buildings and lavish homes had coal burning furnaces. Do you not think the smoke from fireplaces and coal burning furnaces caused more air pollution than we have now? We actually have cleaner air NOW than we did then because our prosperity allowed the general public to own appliances that don’t pollute. May I remind you, CO2 is NOT a pollutant, it is a natural nutrient necessary for life. If they banned oxygen people would revolt because they know they can’t live without it, but, apparently, they don’t understand that without CO2 there is no oxygen. For all intents and purposes, the Marxists HAVE banned oxygen.

Lets think about what this climate treaty will mean to our lives. There was no air-conditioning in pre-industrial America. Do you really want to live without air-conditioning? Or refrigeration? They are talking about banning Freon. Do you want to go back to “ice boxes”? But to what end when it has already been established that it won’t effect the temperature? More people die from lack of air-conditioning or heating than any effect the warmers say high levels of CO2 might have.

Before industrialization we traveled by horseback or horse drawn wagons and buggies. That wouldn’t be allowed now either. And when we did, we had horse manure and urine all over the streets. Even when it was swept up, there was plenty left in the dust we breathed in and tracked into buildings and homes. But at least we could travel where and when we pleased. We increased life expectancy by 20 to 30 years since the industrial revolution because industrialization allowed us to live in a cleaner environment.

You are aware that pre-industrial would mean no cars, aren’t you? We will be forced to use public transportation. I recall walking or using public transportation until I was 21, when I bought my first car. I can’t tell you how often my life was in danger walking home after work in the dark. Or, when I moved farther away, how much fun it was taking more than an hour bus trip to work for what would be a 10 minute trip by car and arriving 45 minutes early. How about bring home groceries by bus? Ah, yes, something to really look forward to.

You may have noticed that nearly ALL the construction that has been going on the last ten years or more has been to build “multi-purpose” buildings along our main streets. These buildings have commercial space on the first floor and apartments above. BTW, many of these buildings have no parking for tenants. This is the plan for us all. If you live in the suburbs and work in the city, you won’t for long. You might start watching, “Tiny House Nation” to see how we’ll be living because the UN thinks 700 square feet is enough.

What do you think pre-industrial will mean to travel? Do you think there will be as much plane travel? Do you think you’ll be able to afford it? Energy will cost too much for most of us to be able to travel. The Climate Change Conference attendees bragged that this would mean the end of fossil fuels….as if that is something to desire. However, it really only applies to Western countries because the greatest users of fossil fuels, China and India, have no intention of reducing their use of fossil fuels. And the only reason poor countries agreed to the treaty was because they were promised millions or billions to do so. It is projected to cost Western countries $16.5 TRILLION by 2030. That will do nothing but redistribute the wealth of the Western countries to the rest of the world. It will do nothing to reduce the temperature, although I guarantee you the temperature will go down because we’ve had warming and cooling periods since the beginning of time. Hmmm, wasn’t one of the goals of Agenda 21 to redistribute wealth worldwide in the name of social justice? Good job, Globalists.

What I still don’t understand is why any of us want to live like this or are willing to give up our wealth, standard of living and progress. I’ve said this before but it deserves repeating, cheap, abundant energy is the life’s blood of the economy. Wind and solar are not going to replace fossil fuels anytime in the near future, and certainly not by 2030 when they want them banned. I don’t understand why anyone, even Marxists, want their children to live with less than they did.

Hang on, folks, we’re in for a VERY bumpy ride.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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