Both Trump and Rubio are calling Cruz a liar. Really? What has Cruz lied about? Let’s look. 

Trump said yesterday that Senator Cornyn said Cruz was the most dishonest person he’s ever worked with. The trouble with that is Cornyn said DAYS earlier he NEVER said that……and Trump knows that. Wouldn’t you call that a Trump lie? And since he’s saying that to win more votes, isn’t that what he accused Cruz of doing in Iowa? 

And let’s talk about what happened in Iowa. Cruz lied about nothing. MSNBC said Carson was suspending his campaign. Cruz staff simply forwarded the MSNBC report to their precinct captains. But do we really think Iowa caucus voters are that stupid? Did the people who went out in the SNOW to precinct walk, phone bank, fund raise etc. for Carson just change their vote without checking to see if it was true? They have cell phones don’t they? And who would think a candidate would suspend their campaign on ELECTION DAY? I’d like to hear from some Carson voters who changed their vote. Trump says HE would have won Iowa if that hadn’t happened. REALLY? Why? Trump says Cruz stole votes from Carson, so if that hadn’t happened Carson would have gotten more votes not Trump. PLUS, Carson did BETTER than expected in Iowa. Cruz won by 6, 233 votes more than Trump and Carson had 17, 373 votes which is more than projected. Does anyone actually believe 6000+ people changed their vote? 

Trump says Cruz is nasty. Who is the one making nasty personal attacks on other candidates? With all the personal attacks Trump has made against Cruz, Cruz has not responded in kind. He has stuck to issues and policies. Trump says Cruz is lying about Trump’s position on healthcare and abortion. Cruz is offering his OPINION based on what Trump HAS SAID. Trump never gives details about what he’ll do so he leaves PLENTY of room for speculation. Trump has said he would replace Obamacare with a “better” government program that would cover everyone…….doesn’t that sound like single payer? Trump has said for years he was a very strong supporter of abortion, including partial birth abortion. He says he now is pro-life but still supports government funding of Planned Parenthood even though abortion is their PRIMARY function. They are a PRIVATE institution, and there are plenty of other clinics that perform whatever other “good things” Planned Parenthood does. There is nothing dishonest about Cruz’s opinion. Trump has changed his position on many things including changing his party affiliation five times. What evidence does anyone have that he won’t change his position again? 
In face, he says he can and will change his position “very quickly” if necessary.

And let’s look at Rubio. I’ve become VERY disillusioned by Rubio. Rubio keeps saying Cruz wanted amnesty. Rubio’s name was ON THE BILL!! Cruz filibustered AGAINST it.  Jeff Sessions was on radio and TV yesterday saying Cruz has never been for amnesty and was one of the only ones fighting against it. Sessions explained the amendments they tried to attach as poison pills were fought tooth and nail by Rubio. Sessions said Cruz even went over to the House and tried to convince more members to vote against it because it was EXPECTED to pass the House too. Sessions said Cruz’s efforts and the fact that Eric Cantor was voted out of office are the reasons it didn’t pass. Sorry, but it’s Rubio who is lying……and that disappoints me greatly. 

Rubio is saying the Gang of 8 bill was never intended to pass. WHAT A CROCK!! It PASSED the Senate and was poised to PASS the House. Rubio says he expected the House to make it “better”. How do you make any “comprehensive” bill “better”? Any “comprehensive” bill is CRAP! The whole point of “comprehensive bills” is to be able to enforce the parts they want and ignore the parts they put in it to “sell” it to the voters. We missed that bullet by a hair. 

But what disappoints me most is that Rubio said Cruz lied about what Rubio said in Spanish to Latino voters when asked if he would reverse Obama’s Executive Action amnesty. I don’t understand people denying something that has video to back it up.  Rubio SAID he wouldn’t immediately replace the EO amnesty but that it would have to end at some point, HOPEFULLY replaced by “COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM”.  Hasn’t Rubio been telling us he learned Comprehensive Immigration Reform could never pass because people don’t trust government? But he tells Latino’s he hopes to pass a comprehensive bill? Is he lying to Latino’s or is he lying to us.

I just learned ANOTHER reason Rubio can’t be trusted. He met with the ICE Council President Chris Crane (only after he was pressured to) the day before introducing the Gang of Eight bill. No one in law enforcement had been consulted. Crane wanted to bring a few associates with him but was told to come alone (so no one could verify his account). Rubio’s office was filled with staff. Crane went through his concerns and Rubio looked surprised and asked staff members if the various things Crane mentioned were in the language of the bill. He assured Crane these things would be changed before the bill was introduced. Crane left feeling Rubio was as committed to the changes as he was. Rubio then went right out and introduced the bill with no changes.

I hear people I believed were Conservative say they support Trump because they believe he’ll get things done. But how? Trump is the biggest crony capitalist there is. He amassed his fortune buying favors from government officials. He used government subsidies and bank loans and then defaulted on them. And we’ve seen how vindictive Trump is. He’s not going to get rid of the IRS because he’ll use it to grant favors or punish people just like previous Presidents have. Trump said he’d use Executive Orders but he’ll just do better ones. I thought Conservatives were Constitutionalists. When has Trump even mentioned the Constitution? He doesn’t complain that this administration isn’t upholding the Constitution or that we need to return to Constitutional principals. He just says this administration is acting stupidly. I’ve seen no reason to believe Trump cares any more for the Constitution than Obama does…….and that scares me. 

This is the most important election in our history. It will decide if America survives as we know it. It will decide if the Constitution survives. It will decide if Liberty survives. I pray for us. 


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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