I think we would all agree that decisions made in anger are seldom good decisions. When we’re angry we aren’t inclined to listen to reason and there is no question we are angry. As Edmund Burke wrote,” no passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning past fear.” Anger is fueled by fear.

We’ve been watching the cultural and moral rot of this great country as well as cultural and demographic shift due to unchecked illegal immigration. We’re angry because we have made it quite clear we wanted our borders secured and illegal immigration stopped, including visa overstays. We have effectively stopped the last two attempts to pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” by melting the phone lines and fax lines, and swamping the email accounts of our representatives but our borders are still not secured. We’ve watched wages stagnate and Americans lose jobs to foreign workers. Disney, of all companies. fired their entire IT department and made them train their foreign replacements. We’ve seen illegal alien and refugee rights protected as citizen’s rights are restricted.

Here in California we’ve seen the state go from a balanced two party state to a solid one party state due to being ground zero for illegal immigrants who are mostly poor, uneducated, and dependent on government. California is a perfect example of what happens when you have open borders and a welfare state. When Ted Kennedy changed our immigration laws from needs based immigration to chain migration he did it to bring in new Democrat voters. In the war of ideas, the Left couldn’t change voter’s minds, so they’ve been changing the voters. We asked, begged, pleaded and demanded our borders be secured. To appease us in 2006 Congress passed a bill to build 700 miles of double fence. In the last 10 years less than 50 miles have been built. We don’t want sanctuary cities or illegal alien criminals released on to our streets but our government doesn’t care. And now the border patrol has been told to stand down. They are not allowed to stop or arrest illegal aliens crossing our border. Washington is fundamentally transforming this country and we’re ANGRY!

We’re angry because our Constitution and the Rule of Law is no longer being taught, defended or enforced. We’re angry because the Supreme Court no longer upholds the Constitution. We are no longer being governed by the consent of the governed. Our children aren’t being taught civics or the Constitution or why our form of government is the longest lasting, most successful system in the world.

We’re angry because our children are being taught Capitalism is bad and Islam is good. We’re angry because our parental rights are being eroded. We’re being told we are partners with the government in raising our children. We have to sign parental approval for our kids to go on a field trip but not for them to receive birth control or have an abortion. We’re angry because our religious rights are being taken from us. Our right to free speech, our right to own a gun, our right to private property, fundamental Constitutional rights, are nearly gone. Our right to chose where our children go to school and what they learn is being restricted. We’re angry because we’re being forced to have unisex bathrooms and locker rooms to please less than 1% of the population. 99% of us being uncomfortable or in danger doesn’t matter. And while the Left insists on coed dorms and bathrooms, they want signed consents for sex. We’re angry because instead of our colleges being places where ideas are freely exchanged, free speech is allowed only in “free speech zones” and “safe spaces” are provided for the offended.

We’re angry because we know government isn’t the solution. Since President Carter created the Department of Education our educational system has gone from the best in the world to nearly the worst. Schools have become indoctrination centers teaching the official government doctrine. Truth and facts no longer matter. Christmas and Easter holidays are now Winter and Spring holidays. Christmas pageants and Christmas carols banned. Tag, dodge ball, swings, slides, and best friends banned. We can’t keep score and everyone gets a trophy. Players who are too good are sidelined and teams that win too many games are thrown out of leagues. We don’t want this and no one cares. Even if your school doesn’t like or agree with the policies, they have to follow them or lose their federal funds. The ACLU sues schools to stop teams from praying before games but do nothing about Imams conducting Muslim prayers in our schools.

We’re angry because our once great military is being used as a social justice experiment. God is banished and atheists are in the foxholes. Imams replace chaplains. The military now has to allow gays, transgenders and women in combat. Our military was the greatest because we had the highest standards for them. No more. Our soldiers can’t shoot at or bomb buildings that might have civilians in them and our enemy knows this. They set up operations in civilian buildings and use civilians as shields. Soldiers can’t shoot unless shot at. That’s insane in combat. Our rules of engagement are designed to get more of our soldiers killed or maimed and drag out wars for decades instead of months. World War II was four years, we’ve been in the Middle East 15 years and counting.

We’re angry because we’re being lied to our faces every day. “You can keep your doctor and your plan”. “Common Core is about rigorous standards”. “Benghazi was a spontaneous protest due to a video”. Even when there is video of someone making a statement, they’ll deny it and the media does nothing. We are angry because the media no longer even gives the pretense of being unbiased. Even media we thought represented the Conservative point of view no longer can be trusted.

The majority of us don’t believe we are causing global warming but we’re being forced to reorder our lives and lower our standard of living anyway. We’re told CO2 is a pollutant when we know it’s a natural gas necessary for life. We’re told we have to confess to having White privilege and being racists even if we don’t believe it. We’re called homophobic and haters if we believe marriage is between a man and a woman (the standard since man/woman existed) when we don’t hate anyone. We’re called Islamaphobic if we’re against bringing in refugees whose culture and religion is the antithesis of ours. While Islamists are beheading, burning, drowning Christians we’re told Islam is the moral equivalent of Christianity. We’re being told we have to give up our culture, traditions and way of life or we’re haters and bigots.

For the first time in our lives, Conservatives have protested and formed groups to fight back. We’ve done our civic duty and walked precincts, phone banked, fund raised and elected people we thought would stop the policies that were causing our destruction. Then we see those people go to Washington and not only do nothing to stop the destruction, but actually stand behind the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority leader in their decision to not oppose Obama…….and we’re damn angry!

We’re angry and afraid because we are losing the greatest country on earth. But anger and fear is aided and abetted by exaggeration, distortion, and falsehoods. Facts no longer matter. We simply decide how we want to see the world and then go out and find experts and evidence to back our beliefs.

I always thought conservatives were for Constitutionally limited government and fiscal responsibility. But we have a candidate who has never mentioned the Constitution or limited government while claiming to be the most conservative candidate in the race. In fact he has no intention of abolishing the Department of Education or the IRS. He’s for funding Planned Parenthood and expanding ethanol subsidies. He has supported partial birth abortion and single payer healthcare. He recently said he would unleash the law to sue the media for saying unfavorable things about someone. He’s for touchback amnesty. And while claiming to be the anti-establishment candidate, he has funded the establishment for decades.

But instead of making a case for Liberty, free markets and capitalism, instead of pointing out the policies that have brought us to this place, we are fighting among ourselves. Some of us are so angry at being bullied by the Left we just want our own bully to fight back.

But are we going to decide the fate of this nation out of anger and fear?


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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