People, people, people, you need to do a better job of training your guns. Do you know they are sneaking out of your house and shooting people?

Why are we blaming guns when it was an Islamist terrorist, who happened to use guns, who killed 49 people in Orlando. He could have just as easily used a bomb. The 9/11 terrorists used planes. The Boston terrorists used pressure cookers. It’s terrorists who are killing people, not guns, pressure cookers or planes. But we’re not talking about keeping terrorists out of the country, we’re talking about taking law abiding people’s 2nd Amendment rights. In fact, if Congress passes a bill that prevents anyone on the “No Fly” list from buying guns, we’ll be losing our 2nd, 4th, 5th , and 6th Amendment rights.

I understand people thinking there is no good reason for anyone on the “No Fly” list to have a gun. OK. Do you know what criteria is used to put someone on the list? Neither do I and they won’t tell us. People are assuming everyone on the list deserves to be on it, but do they? Let me point out Teddy Kennedy was on the list. And as a very high profile Senator and the brother of both a President and an Attorney General, it took him six months to get off the list. He could afford to take private planes in the meantime but most of us can’t. If you find yourself erroneously listed do you know what procedure there is to get off the list? No? Neither does anyone else because there isn’t one.

I want you to think long and hard about this. If Congress passes a law to prevent anyone on the “No Fly” list from owing a gun, what prevents the government from expanding that list to include anyone it wants to? There is nothing in any of the recent bills that would prevent that. Let me point out that the DOJ and DHS have a list of groups they consider potential “terrorist threats”. That list includes the Tea Party, Pro-Lifers, Returning military, anti-amnesty groups, among other Constitution supporting groups. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/14/homeland-security-report_n_186834.html
You can bet if Congress passes such a law, these groups will be on the list. This would be a twofer for government globalists. They take our guns AND prevent us from traveling.

But let’s also look at that list objectively. Is it not taking people’s rights without due process? We have always passionately defended due process. We have released murderers for being denied their due process. We’ve let them go for not reading them their Miranda Rights. The people on this list haven’t been charged with a crime, or been found guilty, they haven’t faced their accuser, they haven’t had a speedy trial. They are guilty until they can prove they are innocent. They can’t even know who put them on the list or why. Call me crazy, but wasn’t the complaint from the Left about Guantanamo that the prisoners were being denied due process?

Can you explain to me what an “assault weapon” is? If you switch out the scary black stock for a wood one, you’d call it a rifle. Those who are determined to take our guns use terms designed to mislead and misinform. They call AR-15’s “assault weapons” or “Weapons of war”. The AR-15 isn’t used by the military. It shoots one bullet per trigger pull just like every hand gun. I love how people who have never shot a gun or gone hunting want to tell us what we “need”. Limiting the number of bullets you can have in a clip is an inconvenience not a determent. The Orlando shooter changed clips numerous times during his siege. It takes less than a second.
These laws simply turn law-abiding citizens into criminals. There is no law you can pass to prevent criminals from getting and using guns.

The gun grabbers also claim we need better background checks. Really? Besides seeing if you have committed any felonies? What would that look like? Are we also going to have doctors and psychiatrists break their patient/doctor privilege? Are we going to interview your friends, neighbors and family? And what if they don’t want you to have a gun because they don’t believe anyone should have one? Or you are estranged? Or someone has a grudge against you? These are things our Constitution was designed to protect us from.

I also want you to think about this. We have had guns in this country since the pilgrims arrived. Nearly every citizen, but certainly every household, owned a gun. A kid could go into a gun store and buy a gun. Teenagers had gun racks in the backs of their pick-ups filled with guns in high school parking lots. People didn’t go around shooting people when they knew others were very likely to have guns too.

The next time you are out for dinner, look around the room and ask yourself, if a terrorist came in right now, how many people would be killed? I’d guess, pretty much everyone in the room. If you were dining in Texas the likelihood would be that at least four or five people would be carrying a gun. Under those circumstances, how many do you think would die? Not so many, right? Or would the terrorist have even gone there knowing people were armed?

So what has changed? It isn’t guns. They’ve changed very little. They may look scarier because gun owners think it’s cool (and so do movie goers) but they still shoot one bullet at a time. Machine guns/automatic weapons have been illegal for decades. Mass shootings haven’t increased because of an increase in the number of guns, they’ve increased with the increase in the number of Muslim migrants. Why is the outrage directed at guns and not at Islamic terrorists? We had very few Muslims living in America until very recently. The number has grown geometrically and so have terrorist attacks. I know, I know, most Muslims are not terrorists, but how do you tell which ones are and which ones aren’t? Even though the FBI investigated the Orlando terrorist three times for making terrorist threats, they didn’t believe he was dangerous. The co-workers of the San Bernardino terrorist didn’t think he was dangerous either. We may not be at war with Islam, but Islam IS at war with us.

Our FBI and CIA have told us there is no way to vet the Syrian “refugees” being brought into our country. ISIS has said they will infiltrate our country through the refugees. Why can’t we have a rational conversation of the wisdom of bringing in people whose culture is the antithesis of ours? The solution certainly isn’t throwing out our Constitution or turning law-abiding citizens into criminals.

As long as we are living in these perilous times, I’m keeping my gun.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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