As I watched the first Presidential debates, I divided my time between yelling at the TV and tweeting the arguments that SHOULD have been made. I’m the first to admit I’m not a politician nor do I have any aspirations (God forbid) to be one. I’ve received no security briefings, nor do I have any insider information, but even I know how to answer these questions.

I listened to the NUMEROUS pundits’ opinions on who won the debate, which, BTW, were very amusing and entertaining on their own. FOX claimed Trump won handily, CNN cheered Clinton’s win. The spin left me spinning but I thought, as pathetic as both candidates were, Trump was far more pathetic than Clinton. He just can’t make a coherent argument.

Indulge me as I make a few observations and pretend I was the Republican candidate in this debate. Let me start with their stage presence. Hillary had her hair perfectly coiffed, make up professionally applied and was wearing a RED power suit. She looked Presidential. The Donald, coat unbuttoned, sky blue tie flapping in the breeze, hair?………..well, none of us get the hair, but he looked less put together than we would expect a billionaire businessman to look. He needs to stop dying his hair, we all know it’s white. And, please, PLEASE, no more self tanner.

Lester Holt, although his bias was clear in his gotcha questions for Trump, no gotcha questions on Benghazi, email server, or Clinton Foundation for Clinton, did a decent job by staying out of the way and allowing the candidates to fight it out. He was certainly better than previous moderators. I watched the debate on CNN and thought they did a good job of keeping the camera off Holt and on the candidates. So, let’s get to the debate.

The first subject was the economy, job creation, trade deals, etc. When asked what she’d do to stimulate the economy and create jobs, Hillary came out of the box as a full fledged, unapologetic communist. She’s going to force businesses to “share” their wealth and she is going to INCREASE taxes on businesses (how that helps the economy is a mystery). She is going to “invest” in green energy (like we “invested” in Solyndra?). She is going to “invest” in infrastructure. Wasn’t that what Obama’s Stimulus was supposed to do? How’s that going?

When Hillary said the economy should work for everyone, the reply should have been, “It DOES work for those who participate in it. People unwilling to work shouldn’t “benefit” from those who do”. And, no, people who work 9 to 5 on an assembly line don’t deserve the same reward as those who educated themselves, spent 10, 12, 18 hours a day for years developing a product, finding backers, building plants and bringing a product to the market. The producers don’t work 9 to 5, often don’t take vacations and don’t get overtime. They work as many hours as necessary and do whatever it takes to make their business a success. Successful people have no reason to apologize for their success.

Trump’s convoluted reply about preventing businesses from leaving and his drum beat about China taking advantage of us is something Joe Public doesn’t understand. And every time The Donald talks about punishing companies that leave the country, my head explodes. In the country our founders designed for us, we (individuals AND businesses) are free to decide what is in our best interests. Trump shouldn’t talk about punishing businesses that leave but talk about why they leave.

Lester Holt asked how The Donald would bring businesses back to America. Pretend candidate (me) would have answered like this, “Well, Lester, let’s talk about why businesses are leaving. We have one of, if not THE highest business tax in the world. But businesses aren’t paying those taxes. They build them into the price of their goods or services and you, the consumer, pays for them. Increasing taxes on businesses, and my opponent wants to increase them MORE, is a tax increase on YOU……I can tell you that. But beyond that, it makes their goods or services non-competitive with comparable products from other countries with lower taxes and fewer regulations. They force businesses to either go out of business or move to more business friendly countries. But that’s not the end of how current policies drive businesses out of the country. The Obama administration has imposed thousands of new regulations on businesses with no regard to the cost of implementing those regulations. This has also added to the price of their goods and services and made them less competitive. My plan is to lower business taxes and roll back regulations to make businesses MORE competitive and give them MORE reason to stay here.”

Has Stephen Moore, who is advising him on the economy, or Roger Ailes or Steve Bannon not explained to The Donald that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act caused the Great Depression? They need to tattoo it on his forehead.

I started throwing things at the television when Hillary blamed the financial melt down on “trickle down economics”. Hello, the eighties are calling and asking for their Progressive talking point back! Reagan caused the financial meltdown in 2008???? I couldn’t believe a man who made his fortune in Real Estate didn’t know how to respond to this.

Pretend candidate would have answered like this, “LOL! The trickle down economics you speak of caused the prosperity of the 90’s. It takes time to feel the effects of economic policies. Sadly, future administrations get the credit or take the blame for the policies of past administrations. I suspect you know the financial meltdown was caused by the Clinton administration’s expansion of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Act that required banks to increase the number of sub-prime mortgages they make. Those are mortgages made to people who are credit risks. Adding new buyers to the housing market increased the price of houses, which resulted in a housing bubble. So these people were being given loans they couldn’t afford on houses worth less than they were paying for them. It doesn’t take an economist to understand this. Joe Public understands this.

Hillary said she made a “mistake” using a private server. That she wouldn’t do it again and she takes full responsibility for it……..and people let her get away with it. The media and Liberal pundits certainly do. A “mistake”? Are you kidding? A mistake is forgetting to put the milk in the fridge. This was a willful, conscious decision to BUY a private server and HIRE people to set it up and maintain it. The only reason to do this would be to be able to delete what she didn’t want people to see. If she deleted only yoga and wedding emails there would be no reason for her to use BleachBit to make SURE they couldn’t be retrieved. Any rational person understands this yet the press never mentions it and The Donald let it pass. Hillary used her time as Secretary of State to sell influence for her OWN personal gain. This should be pointed out endlessly.

Hillary spent eight years in the WH (supposedly serving as co-President), four years in the Senate, and four years as Secretary of State. She knows what is, or should be, classified. I’m sure most of us could figure out pretty quickly what needed to be kept secret. She told the FBI she didn’t remember if she had been briefed on classified determinations. Does the media think we’re that stupid? She was Secretary of State! It was her JOB to know. She put our national security in jeopardy. And, yes, they DO think we’re that stupid. They want us to believe if she wasn’t briefed on classified determinations she wasn’t responsible for not knowing. I always thought ignorance of the law was no excuse.

Way too much time was wasted diverting from important issues. Whether or not Trump supported the Iraq war at some point doesn’t matter. Hillary now says she regretted supporting the war but she DID support it until it no longer served her. In fact, Hillary was for traditional marriage and against illegal immigration, as well, until it no longer served her. The Donald should have simply said he had been against it before it even started…..So let’s move on.

What was more puzzling to me was that The Donald knew the birther issue would be brought up but he was completely unprepared for it. Why didn’t Ailes or Bannon make sure he would be? In my opinion, when The Donald had the press conference where he tried to end the birther controversy he should have passed out the biography Obama’s Literary agent had used from 1991 to 2007 that said he was born in Kenya and say if anyone had a question about his country of birth, Obama caused it. People had valid reasons to question it but Obama finally released his BC, his term is almost over, let’s put this to bed. Then when Holt brought it up, he could have said, when your bio says you were born in a different country it isn’t unreasonable to question it, but it’s been resolved so let’s move on. The Donald’s babbling about Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary’s ex-campaign manager was incomprehensible to Joe Public. Joe Public has no idea who Sidney Blumenthal is. They don’t care about Hillary’s EX-campaign manager. The bottom line is that Obama, himself is responsible for the controversy.

When Lester Holt asked The Donald about commenting on Hillary’s looks he should have said, It doesn’t “look” good when you collapse into a van. Your numerous coughing fits don’t “look” good.

But what EVERYONE should have been talking about after the debate was Hillary’s reply to Lester Holt asking if she thought the police were implicitly racist. She said we were ALL implicitly racist. She put the entre country in her “Basket of Deplorables” (ANOTHER subject Holt didn’t bring up). I am so offended by a candidate for President (or a President) who claims the least racist country in the world is racist. This is not a racist country. The average American citizen is generous and compassionate. Blacks and other minorities have succeeded in this country beyond anything they could ever dream of in other countries. We racists elected a Black President…….TWICE!

The Donald has hired campaign managers and advisors, some of whom I admire, others……not so much, but he apparently ignores their advice. I don’t know how The Donald, with his expertise in real estate and Stephen Moore advising him, missed the opportunity to point out how Hillary’s HUSBAND’s policies, NOT “trickle down economics”, contributed to the financial meltdown. .

Well, we have what we have. Hopefully, the next debate will bring up Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, basket of deplorables, deleted emails, partial birth abortions, open borders, un-vetted refugees, Hillary’s treatment of Bill’s women, why so many in her service need immunity, why as a “champion of women” she takes money from countries that deny rights to women, etc. Hillary has a basket of her own deplorable actions much bigger than the basket she puts us in. The Donald needs to be better prepared to deflect the gotcha questions and pivot to Hillary’s illegal, un-Constitutional, un-American actions.

God bless America………we NEED his blessing.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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