Self-preservation is our most basic instinct. It’s innate in us all. The survival of our families, our communities, our culture, and our country has always been our first priority. At least that’s how things used to be.

Have we forgotten that on September 11, 2001 four planes of innocent passengers were used as weapons? Two were flown into the World Trade Center towers, one into the Pentagon, and one crashed into farmland in Pennsylvania. Those planes had been hijacked by Muslims. Our President tells us we aren’t at war with Islam, but it’s obvious Islam is at war with us. Since 9/11, American citizens have been blown up, shot, stabbed, and beheaded by Muslims. But instead of protecting us from further attacks, our government tells us we need to be nicer to the attackers.

It was a watershed moment for many, when the left blamed America for provoking those attacks. That claim alone turned quite a few leftists into Conservatives almost overnight. Instead of looking at the Quran, at Islam, at Muslim beliefs and goals, instead of recognizing that the goal of Islam is to be the only religion in the world, & Sharia the only law, our government now takes the position that we have provoked Islam & must make amends. We did not provoke Islam. Being a non-Muslim is all the provocation Islam ever needs. Yet our government continues to insist we must be nicer to the enemy. We must bring them into our country, and give them American citizenship just to prove we don’t hate them. This is rather like inviting a pedophile to play with your children. This not just the position of our government, it’s the position of nearly every Western nation in the world! As I see more and more evidence of it, I am dumbfounded. It defies the basic instinct of self-preservation. We are committing suicide.

We have been watching Europe slowly collapse under the weight of Muslim immigration. For years, native-born Muslims have been blowing up buses and subways in London. There are more and more Sharia courts, no-go zones, assaults on women, and terrorist attacks. The recent flood of “refugees” into Europe has put this death-spiral on steroids. Rather than requiring the “refugees” to assimilate, citizens are being told not to offend them, and laws are being enacted which make criticizing Islam a crime. We keep being told Islam is a religion of peace, even as Muslims mow down people on holiday, shoot people in nightclubs, assassinate cartoonists, and behead soldiers in broad daylight.

Western leaders and the media tie themselves into knots, trying to blame anything and anyone other than the true culprit that is Islam. They keep telling us we have to allow more Muslims into our countries, because “that’s who we are”. We are generous, accepting, good people, but we are suicidal is not who we are. They keep telling us America is “a nation of immigrants”. No, we’re a nation of CITIZENS, and the Rule of Law, and we have every right to decide who comes into our home. The citizens of Western countries understand that Islam is not compatible with our cultures, traditions, or religions, but the so-called leadership doesn’t seem to care. Why?

When I was growing up there were universal morals and principles we all lived by. Everyone, regardless of party affiliation, agreed there was good and evil. Everyone agreed character and ethics mattered. But over many decades, using media and the education system, the leftists have warped these basic tenets. They did this by isolating groups that were harmed by some policy or event, and focusing on that harm, even if the policy or event in question generally benefitted the majority of population and humanity in general. The benefits are never mentioned, only the harm.

This isn’t hard to do. No matter how well a law is written, no matter how many lives it improves, there will always be a down side, an exception to the rule. Penicillin saves millions of lives, but a small portion of population is allergic to it. We don’t condemn Penicillin for those who have adverse reactions, we praise it for the millions it benefits. The goal is always to benefit the most. But academia has taken just about everything in our history and highlighted those harmed without even mentioning that these events improved the lives of most.

Columbus has been demonized by the left, because the pilgrims brought diseases that killed many Indians. Our schools teach our kids that we “stole” land from the Indians and the Southwest from Mexico. They ignore the facts that we signed treaties and paid for those lands. Many people believe Columbus and the Pilgrims should never have come to America. They claim that the very existence of America is evil. Academics are teaching this to our children. To follow their logic, all countries discovered and settled by explorers are also evil. Do they believe all men should stay where they’re born, and never leave? Should we all live in the same caves our caveman ancestors lived in? Yet those same academics support open borders, and want us to accept unlimited Muslim refugees. These same people believe anyone and everyone has a “right” to come to America…..except Columbus and the pilgrims.

They also teach our kids that America’s darkest day was when we dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They don’t bother mentioning that we warned the Japanese and told them to evacuate. They don’t discuss that those bombs ended the war after four years (instead of the fifteen years we’ve been fighting in the Middle East!) and avoided thousands of additional casualties. Also never discussed are our current Rules of Engagement, which result in unnecessarily high casualties and never-ending wars. We used to go in and defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. Our goal was to WIN. It no longer is. Our self-preservation has been abandoned for fear of not offending the enemy. Our soldiers are not allowed to shoot unless they are first shot at. The enemy uses schools and hospitals for military purposes, but our soldiers are not allowed to attack them. The film “Lone Survivor” provided ample illustration of how our soldiers are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, which now trumps self-preservation.

We are being trained to ignore our most basic instinct. The world has never been more dangerous, but we are called racists and bigots for wanting secure borders and to be sure those coming to our country don’t want to harm us. We’re not to be concerned that they carry diseases America hasn’t seen in centuries, that they are gang members, drug lords, or terrorists. That their cultural, religious, and political beliefs are the antithesis of ours is of no consequence, we’re assured. Americans are being slaughtered in movie theatres, nightclubs, and department stores, but the government wants to take our guns away, so we can’t defend ourselves. The increase of Muslims in America has brought an increase in terrorist attacks, but our government insists on bringing in even more Muslims.

Self-preservation, self-defense, and self-determination are no longer of any interest to our government. Are we going to stand for it?


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Frank says:

    Nice and articulate article! A friend of mine suggested I check out your blog. It is good although, it is obvious you are sometimes “over-the-top” with your views. However, we mostly agree!

    I am afraid the upcoming election is an easy case for Clinton. Trump just cannot seem to understand he is a “Celebrity Apprentice Loser” in most minds of college educated and intelligent people. The GOP has doomed itself for the next generation (25 years) until we accept the fact we are becoming a “nut-brown nation” and not all white people anymore. There is no getting around this fact. And until the GOP starts to understand this, we are doomed to Democratic and liberal supreme court justices and presidents for the next two generations–at least.

    So, what can we do? I submit to you we start embracing people of all races, religions and cultures and open our borders as we did when your ancestors (and mine) came to the USA in the 1700’s.

    The best quote I have heard this week is: “When I was young and looking for a job, I competed with those in my state and in the our country.” Now, my granddaughter needs to actually INVENT a job where she is able to contribute to mankind.

    Nice work!


    • Sorry, I don’t agree. We are becoming a minority in our own country because Democrats want to be the majority party FOREVER. It certainly isn’t because we are intolerant. We have ALWAYS embraced people of every color. But Ted Kennedy changed our immigration policy from binging in educated, skilled people we need to bringing in unskilled, uneducated poor people BECAUSE they would be dependent on government assistance and therefore vote Democrat. It is insane to have open borders and a welfare state. If we didn’t offer benefits to illegal aliens, they wouldn’t be so interested in coming here. California spends $24 BILLION a year on illegal aliens. We have MANY MORE places that money could be put to better use.

      Apparently, you aren’t concerned about the American citizens who are being replaced by foreign workers and can’t find a job anymore. This is a win/win for the Left. It makes independent, productive Americans, dependent on government.

      We couldn’t possibly agree on much if you are for open borders and the purposeful changes in our demographics.

  2. Frank says:

    But here’s the thing…and there really is no getting around this. Open borders were here when our ancestors arrived here and open borders should still be in vogue. Longing for how things were in the 1950’s is ridiculous! We need to move forward and encourage those who come here to help all of us figure things out (As God intended). Just think about how far we have come since 2004! No Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WordPress etc. etc. We are no longer a nation of white people. We are a nation of nut-brown people and that’s the way things will go for the next century and more. It’s time you and your friends realize this obvious fact. And respectfully, I hope you do!

    I am interested in what you think of the “new” Hillary email “scandal.” All it has done so far (where we live) is cement our belief we cannot tolerate a guy like Trump to be our president. Millions have already voted for Hillary and not many for Trump. It will be Hillary in a huge landslide in my opinion because people do not want to tell their children and grandchildren they actually supported a moron like Trump.

    Happy Halloween! Scary times out there!


    • Frank says:

      You say “We are becoming a minority in our own country…” Who exactly are “We”? We the people include ALL the people…not just the blonde and blue-eyed people. God created ALL men (and women) equally. That’s a fact with which we cannot and must not argue.

  3. Yes, VERY SCARY if Hillary Clinton is elected. You’ll see why in my next blog.

  4. Frank says:

    I guess we are going to have to accept (but not like) the fact that Hillary will be easily elected. She wins: women voters, Hispanic voters, African American voters, and college-educated voters…which pretty much gives her a “slam dunk” in the electorate. No blogs you can write or I can write will change the statistics of this fact See: Nate Silver does not miss–well, he missed once in 2008 when he got one state wrong…but then went 50/50 in 2012.

    What we need is a popular and energetic leader like Obama was for the left in 2008. Unfortunately, there is no one on the horizon for us.

    I am sorry you seem to indicate that if this election goes to Hillary, the “white” vote will be gone forever. The “white” vote is already gone forever Madder!

    Hang in there. No matter what happens, the USA will be fine…as long as our party of “stupid” does not elect Trump!

    Stay healthy!


    • Gee, I guess Nate was wrong. I don’t have to accept a Hillary Presidency and the continuing “Fundamental Transformation” of America. What happened to her “slam dunk”, Frank? Apparently, Trump is more energetic and popular than you imagined. I forgive you for being so wrong.

  5. Please stop using my blog to spread your Liberal views.

  6. joanncedar says:

    They may be “liberal” views but Frank is right. He is not “spreading” anything to thousands, hundreds, dozens or even a few of your followers. (You only have 5 from what I can tell) He seems to make sense as we can no longer call ourselves an exclusively “white” nation anymore.

    If you choose to write to only those who agree with you, I submit you apply for work at Fox TV where they have the largest market on dishonesty and “conservative” views. Otherwise, I hope you are open to points of view that differ from yours at times so America can begin to heal after 8 years of obstructionism by our party–Yes, I am a registered Republican–but after Trump, we need to figure out a way to change ourselves.


  7. “Followers” are those who get my blog in an email. I get more than 2500 viewers a year on my blog page but I post it on Facebook (600 friends) and Twitter (5500 followers), plus I’m published on several on-line newspapers as well as on my nonprofit website… I’m speaking to more than a few and more than just Republicans.

    Who called America an “exclusively white country” and where did I say I wanted that? Both of you are putting words in my mouth. As I said to Frank, we have ALWAYS embraced people of other races. We are the least racist country in the world. But allowing our country to be flooded by mostly poor, uneducated DEPENDENT people is NOT in our best interests. It has nothing to do with their skin color, it’s about their numbers and the fact that most need government assistance.

    When ALL our top security advisors, the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc tell us it is impossible to vet the Middle Eastern refugees and ISIS has told us they will infiltrate the refugees with terrorists, it is stupid to bring in hundreds of thousands of them. Do you really want to become Europe and have laws passed criminalizing criticism of Islam? Do you want Sharia law? Do you want our flag and anthem banned because it offends them? Do you want our holidays banned?

    I know other points of view, thank you. It is impossible NOT to know other points of view since they are forced down our throats by every media source and by our schools. I don’t need it from people pretending to be Republicans, thank you.

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