Apparently, myself and two other people watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Before the Flood” special on the National Geographic Chanel. National Geographic, along with too many other once respected organizations, has become a shill for Climate Change. Truth and facts be damned.

Not only did the special repeat the fraudulent claim that 97% of climate scientists believe man is causing global warming, they made a charming animation to put a point on it. We know, of course, that more than 30,000 scientists signed a petition in opposition to that claim. That would mean 970,000 scientists believe man is destroying the world. Are there 970,000 climate scientists in this world we’re destroying?

When DiCaprio spoke before the UN he said he stood before them not as an expert. That was the understatement of the century. Leo is what I would call a useful fool. He has no scientific background to understand what he is being told, let alone question it. Obama and the United Nations are using an attractive, naive, movie star, flattered by access to the President and a UN title, to sell Climate Change to the unbelievers. He flew around the world in a private plane spewing more CO2 than he and the entire population of Hollywood would exhale in their lifetimes, and met with hand picked climate Alarmists. He dismissed all skeptics as being paid by “BIG OIL”. They showed Jim Inhofe, Ted Cruz and other members of Congress who dispute climate change, with the dollar amount “BIG OIL” donated to their campaigns. I’m sure it was an oversight that they didn’t list the Democrats that have received donations from “BIG OIL”. Inhofe is the Senator from Oklahoma and Cruz from Texas, both oil rich states which could explain why oil companies would donate to their campaigns. Isn’t it the duty of a Senator to represent the best interests of their states?

The demonization of “BIG OIL” has always been a mystery to me. Oil is directly responsible for our prosperity. Cheap, abundant energy is the life’s blood of our economy and oil companies have been providing us with cheap, abundant energy for decades, as well as, thousands and thousands of good paying jobs.

While no mention was made of the Sun’s influence on temperature, everything from endangered species to erectile dysfunction is blamed on Climate change.

Miami has been flooding as long as I can remember. It’s one of the lowest lying cities in the country with highrises built up to the water’s edge. The weight of the buildings on the long narrow strip of land Miami is built on is more likely to blame for flooding than climate change. But, Leo is sure it’s due to the polar caps melting. It doesn’t occur to him the Keys aren’t flooding or the Carolinas, or northern Florida, for that matter.

If Leo really wanted to “learn everything I can” about the issue, he might have tried speaking to some of the world-class scientist who are realists. The scientists who understand whatever effect man has on temperature is far outweighed by natural causes. Those who understand we are wasting money trying mitigate it while trapping the poorest people in poverty. Those who know the sun will go into a dormant cycle and the temperature will lower no matter what we do.

But with the star power of Leonardo DiCaprio, The Pope, The President, Al Gore and my favorite, Michael Mann of Climategate fame, the film just couldn’t draw an audience. Remember, these same people and agencies told us we were going to freeze over by 2000. We’ve been snookered before. Nice try though.


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Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. joanncedar says:

    Just to be clear…are you saying the weight of the buildings in Miami is the reason for the rise of the water level there?

  2. I’m saying it is a factor. The land is already so low it floods naturally, and the weight of so many big buildings on a long narrow land mass sinks the land lower.

    • Frank says:

      I’m having difficulty understanding your hypothesis. Yes, the land is at sea level in Miami (whereas Denver, CO is at 5,280 feet or a mile above sea level) but large buildings which are, by their very nature extremely heavy, don’t actually cause the land to “sink lower” as you stated. If that were the case, any small island in the Caribbean which have numerous large hotels and populations of over a million people would sink into the ocean.

      Maybe you meant to say something different.


  3. No, I meant what I said. This is from NEW TIMES in Miami,”As populations increase, the need for industry does as well,” Boudreau wrote. “That means more water is drawn from the ground for industrial purposes. Add the weight of an increased population and you have a recipe for subsidence. Water that once filled areas underground is now gone, and the land settles into these new hollow spaces.”

    This in TIME about Shanghai, which is also sinking. “According to a report by the Shanghai Geological Research Institute, the physical weight of skyscrapers accounts for 30% of Shanghai’s surface subsidence. “Usually groundwater pumping is the key factor,” Jimmy Jiao, a professor of earth sciences at Hong Kong University, tells TIME. “But in Shanghai, development is also important because the building density is high, and most of the high-rise buildings are sitting on the areas with soft soil.” Basically, what’s happening is, the weight of high-rise towers presses down on the earth, as if you were to put a weight on a spring or scale.”

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