How ironic is it that the people SO appalled by the very idea Donald Trump might not accept the results of the election, are now refusing to accept the results of the election? For the last week we’ve watched their emotional meltdown, the tears, the gnashing of teeth, the name-calling, the protests, the vandalism, the threats. Let me give you a dose of reality. That’s not going to work anymore.

Where are these protests happening? In New York, Los Angeles, Oakland and other Liberal echo chambers. Are they happening in “fly over country”? No. More people in this country identify as Conservatives than Liberals and, believe me, when Obama was elected (ESPECIALLY, the second time) we felt every bit as distraught as you do, if not more. But we believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution. We crazy Conservatives believe everyone, regardless of race, religion, or sex, should live by the same rules. We don’t believe some people should be exempt from laws the rest of us are held to or that some people should receive privileges others don’t. We feared, eight years ago, everything that made this the greatest country in the world was going to be dismantled (like the Rule of Law)……and much of it was. If you recall, Obama said he’d “fundamentally transform” America. He said Republicans were welcome to come along but they had to go to the back of the bus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25HN1kZtRIw

We didn’t run out in the streets and destroy thing. We formed Tea Parties and held rallies, we wrote and called our Representatives, we joined True the Vote and the Election Integrity Project to verify voter rolls, we campaigned for like-minded candidates. What we didn’t do is riot in the streets, burn things down, shut down freeways, destroy property or make threats. We didn’t even leave any litter after our rallies.

But Conservatives were demonized, we were called racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamophobes, and terrorists by the media and the Left. We knew being for traditional marriage didn’t make us homophobes. Wanting secure borders didn’t make us bigots. Being against unconstitutional policies make us racists. And being for gun rights didn’t make us terrorists. We watched the media try their hardest to blame terrorism on us. They expressed disappointment the terrorists weren’t named Bill and members of the Tea Party. We knew (and they did too) the only danger we posed was to their narrative.

But how are the Leftist protestors, the anti-Trumpers or BLMers portrayed? They’re simply expressing their First Amendment rights. They need “space to destroy”. Anti-Trumpers are calling for the assassination of the President elect. This isn’t just coming from random protestors in the street, it’s coming from academics, journalists and pundits on television. Be honest, what would have happened if the Tea Party had rioted in the streets and burned down things. Would they have been treated with such “understanding and tolerance”? Would they have been offered counseling or safe spaces?

Let’s talk about these protesters. Although, I’m sure there are people sincerely frightened by Trump’s election, many are paid protestors as evidenced by ads on Craig’s List and the fact that many who have been arrested neither live in the area or voted at all. A friend of mine works at a Los Angeles High School. The day after the election some of the presumably illegal alien students were fearful of being rounded up and deported. This could have served as a “teaching moment”. Teachers could have calmly explained that no one was going to round them up and explained how our system worked. But, no, the teachers led the students out to protest…….and those who didn’t want to protest, had no choice.

This election exposed not just how biased the media has been, but how truly corrupt they have become. They didn’t just spin or slant the news, they edited videos, repeated lies, gave the DNC questions before the debates, and withheld news that might harm the Left’s narrative. I knew the public was getting biased news but I didn’t realize the depth of the deception until this election.

Over the last week I’ve heard from many Liberals who were in disbelief that Trump won. These were educated, successful people who read newspapers and listen to the news and believe they are well informed. I couldn’t believe how much they didn’t know. Some never knew Hillary lied to the families of the Benghazi victims. They didn’t know she blamed the attack on a video. They didn’t know 94 million working aged Americans are out of work. They actually believe the 5% unemployment numbers are correct. They also didn’t know what the WikiLeaks emails revealed about the disrespect the DNC has for minorities or the depth of the conspiracy between the media and the Left because Mainstream Media didn’t report it.

The shock and awe felt by the Left can be laid at the feet of the media and academia. The truth has a way of bubbling to the surface no matter how hard people try to hide it. The media needs to do some serious self-examination.


About madderthanhell

Retired casting director. Mother of two daughters. Grandmother of twin boys and two step grandsons. Lived in California all my life. Co-organizer of two Tea Parties. Past member of Republican Central Committee.
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  1. Frank says:

    Never in my life have I seen such hostility between political points of view in this country. I have always believed we all appreciated the freedom we enjoyed. We all appreciated the individualism that made this country the greatest in the world. We’ve been explorers, discoverers, inventors, innovators. We have been proud of our rugged individualism.

    This is the country people risk their lives to come to because this was the only place where anyone could become successful and wealthy. This is the only country where you could move out of the “class” you were born into.

    And then we elected Trump who wants to undo all of this and send any race he doesn’t like back to where they came from.

    • This is amazing. Yes, America is great for all the reasons you described. That is what “we” Conservatives were fighting for and why Trump won. You have it backward. It was Obama who was taking away the ability of people to succeed. It was becoming impossible for businesses to thrive. the high taxes and impossible regulations were crushing businesses and jobs. You do know 94 MILLION working aged people were OUT OF WORK, don’t you? You are aware that our economy hasn’t reached 3% growth during Obama’s ENTIRE eight years, aren’t you? You are aware, aren’t you, that in California (overrun with illegal aliens) more people are on welfare than are working. People don’t become successful in that environment.

      It’s Obama who was “undoing” what made America great. What don’t you GET about wanting to know who is coming across our borders? It has NOTHING to do with race. If someone wants to come here to be an American, good, if they want to change our culture or traditions or form of government, we have the right to say no.

      • Jack says:

        It seems that Trump wants to learn how to be presidential. He talks regularly with President Obama and has expressed a willingness to learn. But then, Trump, as he did so often during the campaign, lunges for the microphone with no apparent thought for what his words might convey.

        Trump’s breathtaking learning-curve challenge was on full display in the extraordinary on-the-record discussion Trump had recently with editors, columnists and reporters at the New York Times—the first time he has really answered questions from the media in any formal, public setting since the election.

        On big, important issues like national security, immigration, climate change and health-care coverage for the poor, Trump’s responses were based on personal anecdotes and disputed arguments that are a decade old and almost irrelevant now.

        Trump’s answers to questions on climate change from columnist Tom Friedman, and a follow-up question from editorial page editor James Bennet, are the most obvious examples. Trump has said that he’ll withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, the historic global accord that nearly every world leader on the planet agreed to at the end of 2015. Friedman asked him if this was really true.

        “I have an open mind to it. We’re going to look very carefully,” Trump said. He added that “a lot of smart people” disagree with scientists on the issue; and talked at length about how his own beliefs on the climate issue were shaped by his uncle, who was a professor at MIT “a long time ago.” He referred to an incident from nearly a decade ago where someone hacked into the emails of climate scientists—which showed nothing more than the simple fact that scientists argue among themselves, genuinely believe in the scientific process and hold firm to a peer-review process that has produced a near-consensus on the fact that humans are contributing significantly to climate change. When pressed by Bennet, Trump said that there was “some connectivity” between human activity and climate change. He also compared his environmental record to the golf courses he’s built.

        Meanwhile, as journalists have reported since the election, Trump Tower has stacked the leadership of the transition teams at federal agencies and departments with people who have worked for years in political networks that deliberately confuse the public on the science of the issue.

        To say that this is a somewhat messy, unstructured way of engaging with an important issue would be an understatement. The very real question, on this issue and many others, is this: who is Trump listening to and taking guidance from as he careens full tilt through a chaotic, unpredictable effort to learn how to be a president?

        If he selects Mitt Romney as Secretary of State it means Trump is paying attention to world leaders who wish to see a steady hand at the helm of U.S. foreign affairs. If he selects Rudy Giuliani, it means Trump continues to trust those who are closest and most loyal to him, regardless of the message it might send. These choices will define the trajectory of the Trump presidency because the advisors who influence what he says publicly now matter in ways that simply didn’t during the campaign.

        I’m afraid we elected a dolt who has ADHD. There are meds for that! Merry Christmas!


    • joanncedar says:

      What was evident during the campaign is more apparent after Donald Trump’s election: Mr. Trump is deeply ambivalent about becoming president. He’d rather stay in his lavish New York penthouse. Policy is a headache. It requires concentration. There are annoying laws against nepotism.

      It all began as a game, turned into an ego trip and ended in a strange apotheosis. Trump has uncanny instincts but no firm ideas. He knows the frisson authority confers. A rich boy from Queens who made good in Manhattan, he understands the galvanizing force of playing the outsider card. A man who changed his past, purging German lineage for “Swedish,” he understands America’s love for the outsized invented life. For his victory he depended on America’s unique gift for amnesia.

      Obama is of mixed race. Who could better symbolize the looming decadence? For “Make America Great Again,” read “Make America White Again.” Trump saw that racism and sexism could be manipulated in his favor. He was the self-styled voice of the people to whom he bore least resemblance: those at the periphery far from the metropolitan hubs of the Davos consensus.

      From headline to headline Trump stumbled, ending up with the last thing he wants: a minutely scrutinized life. You can wing a campaign; you can’t wing the leadership of the free world. An unethical commander-in-chief is a commander-in-chief with problems.

      Trump knows all this. He was big on hat; now he needs cattle. That’s problematic. He does not really know where to begin. Clearly not at the State Department, which has yet to hear from him.

      It’s all a terrible mistake. Trump affects something close to a regal pout, close enough anyway to be perfected through Botox. He loves gilt, gold and pomp. He’s interested in authority, but not details. He yearns to watch the genuflections of the awed. He loves ribbon-cutting and the regalia of power. Used to telling minions they’re fired, he prefers subjects to citizens. In short, he’d be better off at Buckingham Palace.

      That won’t happen. I see a high chance of disaster within the first year of the new presidency. Trump won the game. But now the game for him could be up. Or perhaps the world will go down in flames.

      From NYT

      • Take a chill pill. The world is in no danger. What this election proved more than anything is that Obama showed clearly what the the Liberal agenda was and the people of this great country rejected it.

        I doubt the NYT or you or know what is in Trump’s heart anymore than I do. I’m willing to give him the benefit of a doubt.

  2. Frank says:

    You said the Tea Party didn’t have violent protests. “What we didn’t do is riot in the streets, burn things down, shut down freeways, destroy property or make threats. We didn’t even leave any litter after our rallies.”

    Of course they did! It was all a bunch of older white people who protested big government and of course their favorite, ObamaCare. You might want to take a look at some of your past postings.


    • Please, don’t tell me what happened at Tea Parties. I went to more rallies than I can count. Seven in DC.

      Tea Party rallies were peaceful. I know what I’ve written about the Tea Party, and I don’t know what you refer to when you say I should read what I’ve written. I organized two Tea Party groups in Los Angeles. We held numerous rallies and not one was angry or violent. I traveled to DC for every TP rally. The Sunday Obamacare was passed, I took about a hundred Tea Partiers into the tunnels that connected the Capitol and the office buildings to lobby Congressmen as they went back and forth. The Commander of the Capitol Police came to meet me and asked just that I keep my group from blocking the tunnels. I told him to tell his officers to let me know if there were any problems and I’d take care of it. He laughed and said, we were welcome there, he said he never had to arrest one of us and we cleaned up after ourselves.

      I was there for Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor. There were about 500,000 of us, singing, applauding, praying, but no signs and no hostile words……and we left the area cleaner than we found it.

      You can find the odd person who said or did something the rest of us wouldn’t approve of but we took care of it. Your video, is the exception to the rule and I suspect what wasn’t on camera was someone reigning him in.

      Your Liberal bias is SO obvious. To equate one shouting man at a Tea Party to the violence of the protests on the left is dishonest.

      Please find somewhere else to sell your globalist views.

  3. Stop using my blog to voice your Liberal ideas.

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